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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GDS Circle Welfare Fund -

The guidelines for grant of Financial Assistance & Grant of Loan under Circle Welfare Fund for GDS has been issued by the Directorate vide lr. No.19-31/2012-WL/Sport dated 02-12-2013.
 : (Important points ) :
= All the regularly appointed GDS as on record will become the members  under this scheme.
= The GDS will have to fill in an application in prescribed format (Form-I) for joining in the CWFGDS and to submit the same in the Divisional office.
= Leave substitutes & provisionally appointed GDS in leave arrangement are not eligible for the benefits of the Fund.
= @ Rs.20- per month, a lumpsum of Rs.240- will be deducted in the monthly salary of every April.
= From Govt. side @ Rs.100- per year for one GDS will be added to the Fund.
= Applications should be sent through the Divisional Office.
= A Regional level / Circle level committee will decide the sanction of grant / loan
= Every quarterly months all the applications will be persuaded for sanction but not for death relief sanctions.
= Terms & conditions will be applied for sanction of grant / loan.
= Recovery of Rs.120- has been made in the salary of October 2013 for six months (i.e, from October 2013 to March 2014)
= Funds are also has been allotted to the Circles vide Lr. No.19-31/2012-WL/Sport dated 14-10-2013.

= CWFGDS has three components for sanction of grant to GDS:

(i) Financial Grant :

Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance to families of deceased GDSs to meet immediate expenses following death, irrespective of whether death occurs during duty / outside duty hours
Death due to terrorist activity / dacoity while on duty
Financial assistance in case of death of GDSs due to riots, attack by robbers & terrorists while not on duty.
Financial Assistance in case of death of GDSs while being on duty due to accident
Funeral expenses on death of GDS (payable in cases in which last rites of deceased GDS are performed by brothers or sisters or near relatives in the absence of any other next of kin)
Financial Assistance in case of major surgical operations in ailments, like Cancer, brain hemorrhage, kidney failure / transplant, heart surgery etc,.
Financial Assistance in case of accident of GDS while being on duty requiring hospitalization for more than three days.
Financial Assistance for nutritional diet to GDS suffering from TB (only once for a maximum period of six months, provided the GDS has put in at least six years of service & treatment is taken in Govt. hospital
Indore treatment- Rs.400- p.m
Outdoor treatment-
Rs.200- p.m
Grant of scholarship under educational schemes to the children of GDS (as per existing terms & conditions)
Rs.1,000- p.m
Technical Education
Degree = Rs.280-pm
Non-Technical Degree
BA/BSc/BCom/Degree in Fine Arts = Rs.150-pm
ITI certificate course =
Rs.940- p.a
Incentive for excellence in academic achievement for 10th & 12th class
 position in Circle/Region
1st Position = Rs,1000-
2nd Position=Rs.8000-
3rd Position=Rs.7000-
4th Position=Rs.6000-
5th Position = Rs.5000-
Scholarship for physically handicapped children of GDS (for maximum 8 years & as per the existing terms & conditions)
Rs.200- p.m
Maternity Grant to woman GDS
Equivalent to three months TRCA with DA for the birth up to two children only.
Financial assistance in case of natural calamities like fire, floods etc.,

(ii) Repayable Loan at 5% rate of Interest :

For construction of one room with flush toilet facilities for housing the Branch Post Office
For purchase of Computer / Laptop to encourage computer literacy amongst GDS
For purchase of moped / scooter / motor cycle which will also facilitate travel while discharging duty like exchange of BO Bag, visit to Account office etc.,
for (i) item : two regular department officials are necessary for surety
for (ii) & (iii) items two regular GDS officials are necessary for surety.
Applicant should have atleast 5 years of regular service and left with 8 years of service.
For (i) item : recovery will be made in 56 equal installments @Rs.1000- per month
For (ii) & (iii) items : recovery will be made in 21 equal installments @ Rs.1000- per month.

(iii) One time repayment at the time of retirement:

Less than 5 years
No amount payable
5 years from the date of start of contribution
10 years from the date of start of contribution
15 years from the date of start of contribution
20 years from the date of start of contribution
25 years from the date of start of contribution
30 years from the date of start of contribution
35 years from the date of start of contribution
40 years from the date of start of contribution
More than 45 years from the date of start of contribution

Those who are not availed any grant or loan in the career, eligible for one time sanction

: Prescribed application forms for CWFGDS :