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......... .............. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POSTS OF GDS .........................Shri Kamalesh Chandra Committee recommendations are being implemented from 01-07-2018 after the Cabinet approval on 06th June 2018....


Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO ..09849466595.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

PLI-RPLI :: Regarding extension of date for revival drive for lapsed PLI & RPLI Policies up to 30-08-2020 ............

Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes w.e.f 01-07-2020 to 30-09-2020

Relaxation provisions in Small Savings Schemes ............

DoP :: Minimum number of visits of Senior Functionaries in the field ..........

Confederation - Circular dtd.29-06-20 : Decision of the National Secretariat meeting held on 28-06-20 ............

Ref: CONFD/NS/2020-21                                                                       Dated – 29.06.2020


The National Secretariat Meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers was held on 28.06.2020 through Video Conference. Com. Ravindran B. Nair presided. About 21 office bearers attended. Senior leaders Com. K. K. N. Kutty and M. Krishnan were present.

Before Commencement of the meeting, one minutes silence was observed paying homage to the Jawans who were martyred on the India-China border and also to the departed leaders.

Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, presented a brief report on the agenda items and also about the activities taken place during the period after the Nagpur national Conference. Thereafter the agenda items were taken for discussion. Detailed discussion took place on all agenda items. Many other issues faced by the Central Government Employees, especially COVID-19 related issues, were also discussed.

The following decisions are taken.

1.        Review of the 26th National Conference held at Nagpur

The Conference was well organised and the arrangements made were excellent. About 36 affiliates and 13 state level COCs attended. 213 delegates and 13 visitors attended (Male – 238, Female-18). The Conference was jointly inaugurated by Com. Tapan Sen (General Secretary, CITU) and Com. Amarjeet Kaur (General Secretary, AITUC). The National Secretariat congratulated the COC, Vidarbha Region, Nagpur under the leadership of Com. Nilesh D. Nasare, for making best arrangements for the successful conducting of the meeting.

2.   Setting up of a committee for finalisation of Accounts for the period from 2016 to 2019.

Secretary General reported that the Accounts for the period from 2016 April to 2019 March could not be presented in the national Conference, as the then Financial Secretary, Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, had not attended the Conference. Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee has emailed the Receipt and Expenditute statements for the period from 2016 to 2019 to the then President. Com. K. K. N. Kutty on 7th February 2020. As it was not signed by the Financial Secretary nor it was audited, the Conference decided to appoint a committee of incoming office bearers and outgoing President and Secretary General. The Conference further decided that after finalisation of the accounts, it should be audited by the internal auditor of Confederation and presented before the National Council for adoption. Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, reported that he had written to Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Ex-Financial Secretary to hand over the accounts alongwith all connected documents to him. But no reply was received. He has also contacted Com Vrigu Bhattacharjee over phone and requested to hand over the accounts. But, Com. Vrigu Bhattachajee was reluctant to hand over the accounts to the newly elected Secretary General. The issue was discussed at length in the National Secretariat and following decisions are taken.

(a)   Secretary General, Confederation, shall write another letter to Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Ex-Financial Secretary, to handover the accounts from the period from April 2016 to January 2020 along with all connected records, citing the decision of the national Secretariat held on 28.06.2020.

(b)   If Com. Vrigu Bhatacharjee, Ex-Financial Secretary, still refuse to handover the Accounts to the Secretary General, then the Secretary General Shall circulate the skeleton of Accounts sent by Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee to Ex-President on 07.02.2020, which is not signed by the Financial Secretary nor it is audited, to all National Executive Committee members to verify whether there is any discrepancies in the accounts. After getting reply from national Executive Committee members, the accounts will be finalised by a Committee of following office bearers, for presentation in the next National Executive Committee meeting to be convened by Video Conference.

Committee Members
1.      Com. Ravindran B. Nair, President, Confederation
2.      Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General
3.      Com. S. B. Yadav, Financial Secretary
4.      Com. K. K. N. Kutty, Vice President & Ex-President
5.      Com. M. Krishnan, Vice President & Ex-Secretary General

The National Secretariat decided that after completing the above formalities, the Accounts should be presented before the National Executive Committee meeting by not later than 15.08.2020.

3.        Financial review and strengthening of funds position

After detailed discussion it is decided that the Secretary General and Financial Secretary shall issue notice to all affiliates and COCs directing them to remit up to date quota and to clear all arrears of quota and dues within one month. The Financial position will be further reviewed in the next national Executive meeting to be held before 15.08.2020.

4.      Freezing of DA and DR and other related issues.
5.      Charter of demands of Confederation.

Both the above agenda items were discussed together. It is decided that protest programmes should be organised, exclusively on Central Govt. Employees demands, by Confederation. In the revised Charter of demands adopted by the Nagpur National Conference, the following demands are to be added.

(a)   Withdraw the orders, freezing the DA and impounding of arrears of Central Govt. Employees & Pensioners till June 30th 2021.
(b)   Stop the unjustified increasing of prices of Petrol and diesel. Reduce the price by reducing the excise duty by Central Government.
(c)    Settle all COVID-19 related issues pertaining to the Central Govt. Employees (detailed note will be attached). Treat the period of absence during lockdown as duty. Grant wages to casual, part-time, contingent and contract workers including daily-rated mazdoors, during the lock-down period. (It is reported that in Tamilandu Postal Circle no wages are paid during lockdown period to Casual/Contract workers inspite of Finance Ministry & DOP orders.)
Secretary General and President is authorised to re-draft the Charter of demands and Circulate among all National Secretariat member for approval before publishing in website. The date of the protest programme is to be decided by President and Secretary General, preferably in the 3rd or 4th Week of July 2020. Next phase of programme will be decided by the National Executive Committee meeting to be held before 15.08.2020.

6.        Organizational Review

The National Secretariat felt that the disruptive activities initiated by the Ex-Financial Secretary has not affected the overall functioning of Confederation. Efforts are to be made to sort out the issues and to bring back the misguided comrades and to further strengthen the functioning of all affiliated organisations and COCs. It is decided that indiscipline and anti-organisational activities from any corner should not be compromised or tolerated.

7.        Date of next National Executive Committee meeting

The meeting authorized President and Secretary General to fix and notify the date of next National Executive meeting by not later than 15.08.2020.

8.        Central Trade Unions Programme on 03.07.2020

The meeting decided to organise the protest programme against the anti-people and anti-worker policies of the Central Government at all important Centres on 03.07.2020. The Central TUs has included the DA freeze and impounding of arrears as one of the main demands. All affiliates and COCs are requested to ensure participation of Central Govt. Employees in the joint protest programmes of Central Trade Unions.

9.   It is decided to prepare a detailed note on the present situation and the issues faced by the Central Govt. Employees for wide circulation among Central Govt. Employees through Websites and Social media. Com. K. K. N. Kutty, Vice President will prepare the draft.

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General.

Fraternally yours,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General



Thursday, June 25, 2020

Verification of membership of Service Associations for recognition under CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993 in Department of Posts - ....... granted recognition will be expired on 21-09-2020 ...

Financial power of different authorities for Sanctioning of Claims - SB // SC

  1. For all Protected Savings Scheme in RD, sanctioning authority is Head Postmaster, 
  2. For the Claim of Certificates of above Rs 5000 of Time Scale Sub Offices based on legal evidence,  the sanctioning authority is the Divisional Head. 

Protected Savings Scheme PSS :Conditions

1. Full maturity amount limited to maturity value of Denomination of Rs.100/-.
2. Age of Depositor not below 18 years and not above 55 years on the date of opening.
3. First 24 installments deposited before Death.
4. No loan made during first 24 months.
5. Two years should be completed from the date of opening of the account as on date of death
6. Account not discontinued as on date of death.
7. Claim should be preferred within one year from the date of death 


NFPE :: Writes to Dept on " Appointment to the ward of deceased Postal Employees due to COVID-19 disease" -- including GDS


NFPE :: Writes to Dept on "Imposition of unrealistic targets to open IPPB accounts & payments under AePS in Corona affected areas / containment zones" .....


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

COVID-19 --------- ALERT

Maharashtra Governor Shri Koshyari donates 1 lakh for Postal Staff affected by Covid - 19

Governor Koshyari donates 1 lakh for Postal Staff affected by Covid - 19
Amount includes prize money from letter writing competition and personal contribution*
Maharashtra Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari today made a personal donation of Rs.1 lakh to the Maharashtra Posts for the treatment of the postal staff affected by the Corona virus Disease, Covid – 19. 
A cheque of Rs. One Lakh addressed to the ‘Maharashtra Postal Circle Welfare Fund’ was handed over by the Governor to the Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra Harish Chandra Agarwal at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai on Tuesday (23 June). 
Assistant Post Master Shrinivas Vyavahare was also present.
The amount of Rs. 1 lakh includes the sum of Rs.25000 received by the Governor as Prize money from the department of posts and his personal contribution of Rs.75000. 
The Governor had won the first prize in the letter writing competition for his essay in Hindi ‘Bapu, Aap Amar Hai’
The letter writing competition was organised by the Department of Posts on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
The competition, named ‘Dhai Akhar’ was held in November 2019 in Inland Letter and Envelope category for participants below 18 years and above 18 years of age. 
According to the officials of Posts, more than 80000 participants had taken part in the competition held to promote the culture of letter writing.


RPLI - PLI :: Introduction of monthly statement for monitoring prompt payment in PLI / RPLI death claim cases in r/o Armed Forces Personnel & death caused by COVID-19 ....

RPLI-PLI Targets for the year 2020-2021 - Tamil Nadu Circle - DO letter

Confederation - National Secretariat meeting on 28-06-2020 through Video conferencing ....



Saturday, June 20, 2020

Solstice ring of fire solar eclipse, June 21, 2020

“Looking at it directly can cause severe damage to the eye and vision. There are special goggles made for looking at the Sun. These goggles filter the sunlight for safe viewing”
Posted On: 20 JUN 2020 11:25AM by PIB Delhi
·         By TV Venkateswaran
        A rare celestial event, annular solar eclipse, popularly called as ring of fire eclipse will be visible this Sunday. The first solar eclipse of this year takes place on the summer solstice, which is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. While people living along the path annular eclipse passing through Anupgarh, Suratgarh, Sirsa, Jakhal, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Tapowan and Joshimath will be able to see the annular phase, people in rest of India can witness a partial eclipse.

       When Moon comes between the Sun and Earth, the shadow falls on the surface of the Earth. The Sun is entirely covered by the Moon for a brief period. Those places that are engulfed by the dark, dense umbral shadow of the Moon experience the total solar eclipse. In the regions that plunge into the soft diffused penumbral shadow of the Moon experience the partial eclipse. In all solar eclipse the Sun, Moon and Earth may not be perfectly aligned, and then we only have a partial eclipse. When the three celestial bodies happen to be in a straight line, we have Total solar eclipse.

    "Annular solar eclipse is a particular case of the total solar eclipse. Like the total solar eclipse, the Moon is aligned with the Sun. However, on that day, the apparent size of the Moon happens to be a wee smaller than the Sun.  Hence the Moon covers the central part of the Sun, and the rim of the Sun appear like a 'ring of fire' in the sky for a very brief moment" explains Samir Dhurde of The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune.
         The distance between the Earth and the Moon at the moment of the eclipse can dictate the type of eclipse that will take place. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is always changing due to the egg-shaped elliptical orbit of the Moon. This means that there are times where it is closer to the Earth and appears slightly bigger in the sky and times where it is farther away and appears somewhat smaller in the sky. Coincidentally, during the eclipse that takes place on June 21, 2020, the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun by 1%.
           At the onset of the solar eclipse, Sun gives a characteristic appearance of a bitten apple. A small part of the Sun is covered by the disc of the Moon. After that, slowly and steadily the disc of the Moon embraces larger and larger part of the Sun. On a narrow track that the Moon's shadow traces on Earth during an annular solar eclipse, people can see the Moon traversing on the Sun and covering the central part. As the Moon is not able to block out the entire Sun, a bright ring of sunlight around the Moon will be visible. This is how this type of eclipse earned the nickname the "ring of fire" eclipse.
          "If we miss this opportunity, in India we have to wait for about 28 months for the next solar eclipse.  The next solar eclipse , which will be a partial solar eclipse, visible from India will take place on October 25, 2022. It would be visible in the western part of India" said Aniket Sule, Chairperson, Public Outreach & Education Committee of the Astronomical Society of India.
          Sun is a very bright object, and looking at it directly can cause severe damage to the eye and vision. There are special goggles made for looking at the Sun.  These goggles filter the sunlight for safe viewing. "Often the Public Outreach and Education Committee of Astronomical Society of India and other astronomical institutions/ planetariums and other science popularisation agencies usually make arrangements for safe viewing of the eclipse. However, due to the lockdown this time, we are not able to make solar filters available. Further, we strongly advise people not to gather in large numbers to view the eclipse given the pandemic situation. There are easy tips for viewing the eclipse from the safety of your home" says Arvind Paranjpye, Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai.
        Allying rumors that the eclipse will mark the end of coronavirus,  Aniket Sule said "Solar eclipse is caused when the Moon comes in front of the Sun for a short time. As seen from Earth eclipses occur somewhere in the Earth 2 to 5 times a year. Eclipses do not impact microorganisms on Earth. Likewise there no danger in eating of stepping out during an eclipse. No mysterious rays come out of the Sun during an eclipse." 
Tips for viewing the eclipse:-
Do not use sunglasses, goggles, exposed x-ray sheet or lampblack over a glass. They are not safe. Nor is viewing the Sun's image on the surface of the water.  
Welders glass #13 or # 14 can be used to see the Sun directly with naked eyes.
Make a pinhole in a card sheet and hold it under the Sun.  At some distance, keep a screen of white paper.  Image of the Sun can be seen on this sheet. By adjusting the gap between the sheet and the screen, the image can be made larger.
Look at the shadow of a bush or a tree. With the gaps between the leaves acting like a pinhole, numerous images of the eclipsed Sun can be seen on the ground. 
You can use a strainer for making pinhole images.
Cover the 'compact' makeup kit mirror with black paper, with a small hole at the centre. Reflect the image of the Sun on a distant wall in shadow. You can get a projected image of the eclipsed Sun.
Info tips
Bhuj will be the first town in India to see the beginning of the eclipse 9:58 a.m.  The eclipse ends 4 hours later at Dibrugarh, Assam at 2:29 p.m. Ghersana at the western boundary of India will be the first to witness the annular phase of the eclipse at 11:50 a.m. It will last for 30 seconds. Kalanka peak in Uttarakhand will be the last major landmark to see the annular eclipse at 12:10 p.m. lasting for 28 seconds.
Annular  Eclipse of  2020 Jun 21
Table 1
Sites where the annular eclipse will be seen.
Site                 Begins            Max                 End          duration
Dehra Dun     10:24 AM       12:05 PM       1:50 PM         14.0
Gharsana      10:12 AM       11:50 AM       1:36 PM         29.8
Kalanka         10:28 AM       12:10 PM       1:55 PM         28.0
Kurukshetra   10:21 AM       12:01 PM       1:47 PM        30.4
The Moon will cover about 99.5 % area of the Sun.
Table 2                                             
Sites where partial eclipse will be seen                                                            
Site               Begins              Max              End            %cover                                     
Agra                10:19 AM       12:02 PM       1:50 PM         90       
Ahmedabad  10:03 AM       11:41 AM        1:32 PM          82       
Amritsar         10:19 AM       11:57 AM       1:41 PM          94       
Bengaluru    10:12 AM       11:47 AM        1:31 PM           47       
Bhuj                09:58 AM       11:33 AM       1:23 PM          86               
Chennai        10:22 AM       11:58 AM       1:41 PM          46       
Dibrugarh      11:07 AM       12:54 PM       2:29 PM         89       
Gawahati      10:57 AM       12:45 PM       2:24 PM         84       
Hyderabad    10:14 AM       11:55 AM       1:44 PM         60       
Indore             10:10 AM       11:51 AM       1:42 PM        78       
Jaipur             10:14 AM       11:55 AM       1:44 PM         91       
Japal              10:15 AM       11:56 AM       1:44 PM         59       
Jodhpur         10:08 AM       11:47 AM       1:35 PM         91       
Kandla           09:59 AM       11:35 AM       1:24 PM          85       
K’kumari        10:17 AM       11:41 AM       1:15 PM         33       
Kochi              10:10 AM       11:38 AM       1:17 PM         40       
Kolkata           10:46 AM       12:35 PM       2:17 PM         72       
Leh                 10:29 AM       12:06 PM       1:47 PM         87       
Lucknow        10:26 AM       12:11 PM       1:58 PM         88       
Mt. Abu          10:05 AM       11:44 AM       1:34 PM         87       
Mumbai          10:00 AM       11:37 AM       1:27 PM         70       
Naini Tal       10:25 AM       12:08 PM       1:54 PM          96         
Nanded          10:11 AM       11:53 AM       1:42 PM         66       
New Delhi    10:19 AM       12:01 PM       1:48 PM           95       
Port Blair        11:15 AM       12:53 PM       2:18 PM        39       
Pune              10:02 AM       11:40 AM       1:30 PM         67       
Rajkot             09:59 AM       11:35 AM       1:25 PM        82         
Shilong          10:57 AM       12:46 PM       2:24 PM         83       
Srinagar         10:23 AM       11:59 AM       1:40 PM         86       
Trivandrum     10:14 AM       11:39 AM       1:15 PM        35       
Udaipur          10:07 AM       11:47 AM       1:36 PM         86       

NB/KGS/(India Science Wire)
(Release ID: 1632833)