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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dr.B.R.AMBEDKAR - Remembarance on his 125th Birth Anniversary

B.R. Ambedkar was a leading activist and social reformer who gave his life working for the upliftment of the Dalits and the socially backward class of India. A messiah for the downtrodden, he continuously fought for eradication of caste discrimination that had fragmented the Indian society and made it cripple. 

Born in a socially backward family, Ambedkar was the victim of caste discrimination, inequality and prejudice. However, fighting all odds, he attained higher education thus becoming the first ever untouchable to attain the same. No sooner after completing his studies, he launched himself politically fighting for the rights of the depressed class and inequality practiced in the society. He was a crusader of social equality and justice. 

Academically trained as a jurist, he went on to become the first Law Minister of Free India and the framer or chief architect of the Constitution of India. In his later years, he acted as a revivalist of Buddhism in India, by converting himself to the religion to free himself from the perils of caste differences and unfairness practiced by the Hindus.

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ALSO KNOWN AS -            Babasaheb Ambedkar, Bhim Rao Ambedkar
NATIONALITY -                    Indian    
RELIGION -                           Buddhism
BORN ON -                           14 April 1891 AD
BIRTHDAY -                          14th April  
DIED AT AGE -                     65
BORN IN -                             Mhow
DIED ON -                             06 December 1956 AD
PLACE OF DEATH -             Delhi
FATHER -                              Ramji Maloji Sakpa
MOTHER -                            Bhimabai
SPOUSES -                          Savita Ambedkar (m. 1948–1956),
   Ramabai Ambedkar (m. 1906–1935)
CHILDREN -                         Bhaiyasaheb Ambedkar
EDUCATION -                      London School of Economics (1922)
                                             London School of Economics (1916 – 1917)
                                             Columbia University (1913 – 1915)
                                             Elphinstone College (1908 – 1912)
                                             University of London
FOUNDER/CO-FOUNDER - Buddhist Society of India, Independent Labour Party,      Scheduled Castes Federation, Samata Sainik Dal
AWARDS: 1990 -                  Bharat Ratna

Top 10 Facts  - Know About B.R. Ambedkar

·         Ambedkar played a key role in establishment of Reserve Bank of India in 1935.
·         He had suggested the division of both Madhya Pradesh and Bihar for better governance way back in 1955.
·         He wanted to sponsor Sanskrit as the official language of the Indian union.
·         Ambedkar contested Lok Sabha election twice but both the times he lost the election.
·         His autobiography ‘Waiting for a Visa’ is used as a text book in the Columbia University.
·         He was opposed to the whole idea of reservation of jobs and constituencies and didn’t want the reservation system to exist at all.
·         He was the first Indian to complete a doctorate degree overseas.
·         Ambedkar was the one who insisted on having the working hours reduced from fourteen to eight hours in a day.
·         He strongly opposed Article 370 of the Indian constitution which gives special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
·         He played a key role in forming the National Employment Exchange Agency in India.