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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Minutes of the Departmental Council (JCM) meeting held on 20.12.2016 under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts)

CLICK HERE  FOR FULL COPY OF MINUTES (106 items & 67 pages)

Issues related to GDS taken up in the meeting :


Sl.No.4 - Item No.4 :
Non supply of Postage stamps and stationeries to Post offices – reg.

S.No.5. Item No.6 :
Issue of Departmental Identity Cards to all staff, including GDS – Reg.

Sl.No.10- Item No.11:
Enhancement the amount of immediate death relief from welfare fund.

Sl.No.19 – Item No.23 :
Spot payment of incentive to SPM / BPM for securing RPLI business

Sl.No.45 – Item No.51
Problems arisen due to implementation of Core banking solution

Sl.No.49 – Item No.59:
Maintaining Waiting list of qualified GDS\ MTS for promotion to Postman Cadre

Sl.No.52 – Item No.58
Revision of Postmen Norms assessment of scientific measurement of beats

Sl.No.55 – Item No.61:
Minor Changes in Postman Remarks for Returned Articles Speed Post & Register and all Accountable Articles

Sl.No.56 – Item No.62:
Delegation of Powers of Limited Transfers of GDS Staff to PMG:

List of participants for the JCM (DC) meeting held on 20.12.2016

Official Side:-

1. Shri B. V. Sudhakar - Chairperson
2. Shri T. Murthy - Member (O)
3. Shri Tilak De - Member (Tech.)
4. Smt. Meera Handa - Member (Plg.)
5. Shri A.K. Dash - Member (P)
6. Smt. Saroj Punhani - JS & FA
7. Shri S. Dashora - DDG (Estates &MM)
8. Shri Manish Sinha - DDG (PAF)
9. Dr. Alok Pande - DDG (FS)
10. Shri Ashish Kumar - DDG (Tech.)
11. Shri Harpreet Singh - DDG (MB)
12. Shri Abhinav Walia - DDG (PO)
13. Smt. Smriti Sharan - DDG (Estt. & SR & Legal)
14. Shri Vineet Pandey - CGM(BD) & CVO
15. Shri Vishvapavan Pati - CGM (PLI)
16. Smt. Sheuli Burman - GM (PLI)

Staff Side:-

1. Shri R.N. Parashar - Leader, Staff Side
2. Shri D. Theagarajan - Secretary General, FNPO
3. Shri Giri Raj Singh - Secretary, Staff Side
4. Shri D. Krishna Rao - Member
5. Shri T.N. Rahate - Member
6. Shri J. Ramamurthy - Member
7. Ms. R. Seethalakshmi - Member
8. Shri Subhash Chakraborty - Member
9. Shri Pranab Bhattacharjee - Member
10. Shri T. Satyanarayana - Member
11. Shri N. Ramappa - Member
12. Shri P.K. Muralidharan - Member
13. Shri Shivkant Mishra - Member