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Thursday, April 9, 2020

COVID-19 :: Health Advisory .....

Spitting of paan / any chewable tobacco or non-tobacco product, sputum etc., in public places & institutions is hereby BANNED -- Telangana State Govt.

Railways on the forefront to safeguard India from COVID-19 --

In a bid to mitigate the pandemic, Indian Railways has produced about 6 lakhs reusable face masks and more than 40000 litres hand sanitiser All Railway Zones, Production Units and PSUs are involved; Some Zones have taken lead in this regard like WR, NCR, NWR, CR, ECR and WCR Face masks and hand sanitizers are being made available to all staff coming on duty; These are also being provided to contract labourers

In continuation of the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Indian Railways is making all out efforts to supplement the health care initiatives of Government of India. In this direction Indian Railways is producing reusable face masks and sanitizer in-house in all its Zonal Railways, Production Units and PSUs.

Indian Railways produced total 582317 nos. of reusable face masks and 41882 litres hand sanitiser in-house in its Zonal Railways, Production Units and PSUs till 7th April 2020. Some of the Indian Railway Zones have taken lead in this regard like Western Railway(WR) with 81008 no. of reusable face covers and 2569 litres hand sanitiser, North Central Railway(NCR) with 77995 no. of reusable face covers and 3622 litres hand sanitiser, North Western Railway(NWR) with 51961 no. of reusable face covers and 3027 litres hand sanitiser, Central Railway(CR) with 38904 no. of reusable face covers and 3015 litres hand sanitiser, East Central Railway(ECR) with 33473 no. of reusable face covers and 4100 litres hand sanitiser and West Central Railway(WCR) with 36342 no. of reusable face covers and 3756 litres hand sanitiser.

Since freight operations are running 24X7 to maintain essentials and goods supplies, operation and maintenance staff are working round the clock. To ensure safety of these staff and boost their morale, following is being ensured at all workplaces:

(i) Removable face covers and hand sanitizers are being made available to all staff coming on duty. These are also being provided to contract labourers. Railway workshops, coaching depots and hospitals have risen to the occasion are locally producing sanitizers and masks to supplement supplies.

(ii) All personnel are being encouraged to use reusable face covers to maintain better hygiene. 2 sets of reusable face covers are to be available with personnel. All personnel are being counselled to wash face covers well with soap every day. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have issued detailed advisory in this regard which has been circulated to all.

(iii) Soap, water and washing facilities are being provided at all work places. With local innovations hands free washing facilities have been provided.

(iv) Social distancing is being ensured. Awareness in this regard is being regularly spread amongst all staff like trackmen and locomotive pilots.
(Release ID :201114)


Special Deposit Scheme for Non-Government Provident, Superannuation and Gratuity Funds ..... Gazette Notification

RPLI-PLI:: Extension of PLI/RPLI premium payment period due for March 2020, April 2020 & May 2020 upto 30-06-2020 without penalty / default fee .....

Instructions regarding posting of Registered Newspapers in view of disruption caused by Covid-19 & subsequent lockdown .........

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

DST approves funding for developing a gel for nasal passage as prevention for COVID 19

Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST says, "The nasal gel being developed in conjunction with other protective measures, will provide a strong extra layer of defense"
Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), a statutory body of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), is supporting a technology by the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (DBB), IIT Bombay for capturing and inactivation of novel corona virus, the causative agent of COVID-19.

The funding will help the team from the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay develop a gel that can be applied to nasal passage, which is a major entry point of the corona virus. This solution is not only expected to protect the safety of health workers, but can also lead to reduction in community transmission of COVID-19, thereby helping disease management.

Given the contagious nature of COVID-19, health providers including doctors and nurses are at maximum risk while taking care of COVID-19 patients, particularly asymptomatic ones who cannot be detected and pose a greater risk in spreading the disease.

The team is planning a 2-pronged approach to limit transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of COVID-19. Primarily, since viruses replicate within host cells of the lungs, the first component of the strategy will be to inhibit binding of viruses to host cells. While this is expected to reduce host cell infection, viruses will still remain active, therefore, raising the need to inactivate them.

Secondly, biological molecules would be incorporated, which would inactivate the trapped viruses in a manner similar to that of detergents. Upon completion, this approach will lead to development of gels that can be locally applied in the nasal cavity.

Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST said, "Our health care workers and others working in the front-line of fight against the virus deserve a fool-proof, 200% protection. The nasal gel being developed in conjunction with other protective measures, will provide a strong extra layer of defense",

Prof. Kiran Kondabagil, Prof. Rinti Banerjee, Prof. Ashutosh Kumar and Prof. Shamik Sen from the Dept. of Biosciences & Bioengineering at IIT Bombay will be part of this project. The team has expertise in the areas encompassing virology, structural biology, biophysics, biomaterials, and drug delivery and it is expected that the technology would be ready in about 9 months.

 (For further details, contact Prof. Kiran Kondabagil,, Mob: 9619739630.)

(Release ID :201090)


GDS :: Standard format for issue of offer of engagement (Provisional) order of Provisional Engagement and Final Engagement order for engagement to the GDS posts ....


IPPB :: Enhancing the limit per end user for making withdrawal transactions through AePS ...

Change of Working hours to the Postoffices in Visakhapatnam Region (AP Circle)