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........ CITIZENS DUTY & SLOGAN ::: It shall be the duty of every Citizen of India to defend the Country and render National service when called upon to do so ... SLOGAN ::: "That loyalty to the Country becomes ahead of all other loyalties. And this is an absolute loyalty since one can not weight it in terms of what one receives" (Lal Bahadur Shastri) ..... face book page link for 4th AIC of AIPEU GDS ... ......... .......

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......... .............. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POSTS OF GDS ..................... 4th All India Conference of AIPEU GDS - 8th & 9th October 2022 -- Kasaragod - Kerala ......


... ... Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO .. 6294343737 / 9748659815.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Monday, December 12, 2022

SB Order No.22 of 2022 dtd.12-12-2022 :: Deployment of functionality patches in Finacle CBS for checking availability of Mobile Number ....


GDS Transfer portal is set to be launched.

 Detailed guidelines have been issued vide

Directorate letter No.17-31/2016-GDS dated 28.11.2022.


View pdf here

Points to note before applying for GDS Transfer

1. Minimum one year GDS service is required. (after deducting the period of unauthorized absences)

2. Maximum 10 posts under ONE division can be given as option

3. Any one eligible Post that is available will be allotted, as per your order of preference

4. Can apply from 08.12.2022 to 14.12.2022 by online

5. Transfer can be withdrawn before 14.12.2022

6. In entire GDS service, male GDS can avail 2 transfers & Female GDS can avail 3 transfers

7. After approval, if GDS does not join in the new post, then one transfer chance will be considered to have been availed.


Digital Library :: A repository of Government of India orders, rulings, letters related to Department of Posts



PLI :: Procedure to pay Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Premium online ....


Instructions on non-booking and transporting by air, the mail consisting batteries and other prohibited articles ... (09-12-2022)


Confederation of CG Employees & Workers --- Circular dtd.09-12-2022 ..........


PPF A/C :: Opening / operations of PPF account by a Power of Attorney holder - clarification ... (16-04-2004)



Joint National Convention -- Declaration (08-12-2022)





A Convention of State Govt. Employees and Central Govt. Employees has been held today at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. It has been convened by All India State Govt. Employees Federation and Confederation Federation and Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers. The gathering exceeded our expectations.

Com. K. Hemlata, President, CITU inaugurated the convention. In her speech she criticised the policies of the Central Government and stressed on wider unity to halt the policy offensives.

Com. A. Sreekumar Secretary General, All India State Govt. Employees Federation placed the declaration (as posted below) of the convention and R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers delivered speech on behalf of the declaration and Future series of Programme.

From NFPE, Com. Janardan Mazumdar, Secretary General, Com. P. V. Rajendran, Ex-President, Com. D. B. Mohanty, General Secretary, P4, Com. P. V. Khadse, President NFPE and Com. Mukhtar Ahmed, General Secretary, R4 delivered their speech. Nearly 40 comrades delivered their speech. It has been ended with Presidential’s speech.

Joint National Convention at New Delhi on 08-12-2022



Com.K.K.N.Kutty ... passed away (07-12-2022)

Respectful homage to our beloved leader Com.K.K.N.Kutty 


Dr.B.R.Ambedkar : Remembering with profound regards on their 66th death anniversary.... (06th December)


APY :: SoP for Revival / linking of new SB account in lieu of closed SB account in respect of APLY Policies ... (30-11-2022)


PLI-RPLI :: Clarification regarding payment of GST on incentive paid to the Sales Force of PLI & RPLI ---- (30-11-2022)


PLI-RPLI :: Regarding non-acceptance of PLI/RPLI proposals due to technical issues faces in CIS ... (30-11-2022)