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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Postal department to spin off life insurance business into separate unit

The postal department plans to spin off the postal life insurance and rural postal life insurance operations into a separate business unit (SBU) for which it has moved a Cabinet note, Communications Minister Manoj Sinhasaid Wednesday. "For postal Life Insurance and rural postal life insurance we have moved a Cabinet note. In the first phase it will involve creation of an SBU and in second phase a full fledged insurance company," Sinha told reporters on the sidelines of an event to mark the second anniversary celebration of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB).

The Minister hoped that the Cabinet approval would be received in next fortnight or so.

Sinha said IPPB has rolled out 1.26 lakh access points over the last five months and over the next week or 10 days the number is expected to rise to 1.36 lakh.


Aadhaar is optional for purchase of RPLI / PLI Policies - DPLI

GEORGE FERNANDES: (3rd June 1930 – 29th Jan 2019)

George Mathew Fernandes, a former Union Minister of Defence in the Vajpayee Government, died on Tuesday, 29th January 2019 in New Delhi. He was 88. He was a former Trade Unionist, Politician, Journalist, Agriculturist and a Member of Rajya Sabha from Bihar. .Fernandes, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, had swine flu for the last few days. A Veteran Parliamentarian who was first elected to the Lok Sabha in 1967, Fernandes served several times as a Union Cabinet Minister, holding portfolios such as Communications,. Industry  and Railways, besides Defence. Fernandes won nine Lok Sabha elections from 1967 to 2004.

       Arrested during the emergency, Fernandes was the Industries Minister in the first non-Congress Government that came to power after the Janatha Party defeated  Mrs. Indira Gandhi - whom Fernandes once called a “Congenital liar”.

          A native of Mangalore, Fernandes was sent to Bengaluru in 1946 to be trained as priest. In  194, he moved to Bombay, where he joined the Socialist Trade Union movement. Becoming a trade union leader, Fernandes organized many strikes and bandhs in Bombay in the 1950s and 1960s while working with the Indian Railways. He defeated S.K..Patil of Indian National Congress in the 1967 Parliamentary elections from the South Bombay ( now South Mumbai) constituency. Close after the struggle of Loco men under the leadership of All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) IN August, 1973, Annual Conference of All India Railway Men’s Federation (AIRF) was held. Sri Fernandes who was inducted from Central Railway by the National Railway Trade Uion (NRMU) gave the slogan of UNITED STRUGGLE  for achieving the basic demands of Railway men., Sri Fernandes was that time Convener of United Council of Trade Unions (UCTU) which had already been heading some state wise industrial struggle and popular among the working class. He was the Chairman of Socialist Party. Sri Peter Alvares, who was a Member of national Executive of Socialist Party and had been functioning as President of AIRF opposed this slogan. Fernandes won the election against Peter Alvares as President of AIRF.

          In this background the AIRF gave call of holding a convention in Delhi on 27thFebruary 1974 for considering the steps to be taken for securing justice. The response was beyond expectation. National Coordination Committee of Railway men’s  struggle (NCCRS) was formed. AIRF, AILRSA, AIREC, AITUC, CITU, BRMS and around 125 Railway Trade Unions joined hands with the biggest labour strike ever seen by the country, since the leaders called for conciliation were arrested strike pre-opened from 8th to 2nd May 1974.14 lakh employees participated and entire Railway traffic paralyzed . Around 1 lakh employees were removed from service under 14(ii)/149. 50,000 Casual Labourers were terminated without any notice, 30,000 employees kept under suspension – various type of harassment. The Railway Bureaucracy was able to mobilize a section of reformist leadership of AIRF and weaken the struggle. Finally the strike ended on May 28th, making a number of “alive martyrs’’ contributed by one or other. The leadership was under the illusion that successful strike even for 7 days would force the Government to come to a settlement. They never took into account the fact that the authorities were equally prepared for holding out in any strike for about 3 weeks or even more. Later in June 1975 internal emergency was declared by Smt. Indira Gandhi and the political background was changed.
           Fernandes went underground during the emergency era of 1975, giving a call to railway men to oppose emergency. The second leadership of AIRF disowned his instruction and as per the direction from Railway Board, George Fernandes has been removed from the post of President at the Annual General Body meeting held at Guwahati in his absence.

He was challenging Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for imposing a state of emergency but in 1976 he was arrested and tried in the infamous Baroda dynamite case.

           In 1977, after the emergency had been lifted, Fernandes won the Muzaffarpur seat in Bihar in absentia and was appointed as Union Minister for Industries. During his tenure as Union Minister, he ordered American multinationals  IBM and Coca Cola to leave the country, due to investment violations. He was the driving force behind the Konkan Railway project during his tenure as Railway Minister from 1989 to 1990. He was a Defence Minister in the NDA Government  (1998 – 2004) when the Kargil Was broke out between India and Pakistan, and India conducted its nuclear test at Pokhran. A veteran Socialist, Fernandes has been dogged by various controversies including Barak Missile Scandal and the Tehelka affair. He was accused in the 2002 coffin scam, following allegations that 500 poor quality aluminum caskets were bought from the United States at rates 13 times more than the actual price, to transport the bodies of slain soldiers, after the Kargil war…..


Friday, January 25, 2019

Republic Day greetings .....


Central Head Quarters: 1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110 001

No.CONF/GEN/2016-19                                                                                        Dt.20-01-2019


Dear Comrades,

National Secretariat Meeting of Central Govt Employees & Workers will be held on 15thFebruary 2019 (15-02-2019-Friday)at NFPE office, 1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 100 001 at 03.00pm.

All National Secretariat members are requested to attend the meeting

The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.


1.2019 January 8th & 9th All India Strike  -- Review

2.Confederation 10 points Charter of demands – Future course of action.

3.NPS – Building up of joint movement of like-minded organizations and future course of action.

4.All India Trade Union Camp – Finalizing venue and dates.

5.Financial Review.

6.Any other items with the permission of the Chair.

Yours fraternally,


Copy to:-
1.Com.K.K.N.Kutty, President, Confederation.
2.All National Secretariat members  - Refer previous intimation through whatsapp/SMS.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Identification of 3 officials including GDS & MTS for Aadhaar Enrolment and Updation in Post Offices -Aadhaar enrolment and Updation Centres ...

Examining the issue of providing Combined Duty Allowance to single handed Branch Post Offices

AIPEU-GDS : Mumbai North / West Division - Conference on 20-01-2019

A joint divisional Conference of Mumbai North/West Division has been held on 20-01-2019.
Com.Raj Kumar Nagnath Atkare, Circle Secretary, AIPEU-GDS, Maharashtra Circle attended and addressed the Conference.


Huzurabad Branch (Karimnagar Division-Telangana Circle) biennial divisional conference on 20-01-2019

The joint biennial divisional conference of AIPEU-GrC., AIPEU Postman & MTS, AIPEU-GDS has been held on 20-01-2019 in Shri Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Kalyana Mandapam, Yellandakunta under Jammikunta SO, Huzurabad HO, Karinnagar Division.

The joint conference presided by the presidium of Gr.C., P4 & GDS. After flag hoistation by com.S.S.R.A.Prasad, Circle Secretary, Gr.C., at Jammikumta SO, an attractive bike rally has been conducted with the participants of the conference lead towards the venue at Yellandakunta.

Com.P.Pandurangarao, G/S, AIPEU-GDS.,  Com.CH. Srinivasarao, President, AIPEU-GDS, Telangana Circle, Com.Om Prakash, Circle Secretary, P4., and many other leaders of NFPE & Circle Office bearers of Gr.C., attended and addressed the meeting. The neighbouring division comrades were also attended.

AIPEU-GDS : Nanded Division (Maharashtra Circle) - Biennial conference on 06-01-2019

It is reported to AIPEU-GDS CHQ that the biennial divisional conference of Nanded Division has been held on 06-01-2019 and a new set of organizing body elected unanimously for the divisional union of Nanded for the ensuing period.
AIPEU-GDS conveyed heartfelt greetings and congratulations to the organizing body of AIPEU-GDS, Nanded Divsion and sincere thanks to all the GDS members & NFPE leaders for their support and cooperation to AIPEU-GDS, Nanded.

General Secretary

AIPEU-GDS : Aurangabad (Maharashtra Circle) division

It is reported to AIPEU-GDS CHQ  that the biennial Conference of Aurangabad Division (Maharashtra) has been held on 25th Dec 2018 and a new set of office bearers were elected unanimously for the ensuing period for AIPEU-GDS, Aurangabad division

AIPEU-GDS CHQ conveys heartfelt greetings and congratulations to the organizing body of the divisonal Union, AIPEU-GDS, Aurangabad and all the GDS members & NFPE leaders of Aurangabad for their support and cooperation to the AIPEU-GDS in the divison. =P.PandurangaraoGeneral Secretary

RPLI- Bonus rates for 2015-16

Change in procedure on issue / discharge of Kisan Vikas Patras (KVPs) and National Saving Certificates (NSCs)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Seasonal & Festival greetings ...........


The Constitution (One hundred and third Amendment) Act, 2019 for "Economically weaker sections"

Postman Statue inaugurated & the area named after 'Postman Circle' in Belagavi (Karnataka) on 13-01-2019

The Postman is the most familiar face and an important member of the society. When people speak about the Department of Posts what they visualize is the ‘Postman’.

Postmen remained familiar to us for more than a century and remembered for all the good reasons of joy that they bring along; be it the villages, metro cities or even the remotest parts of our county – they make their presence felt, everywhere, every passing day and touch upon the hearts of millions. Postmen carry great responsibilities in delivering letters, parcels, money orders, gifts and now even the banking services door-to-door.

They leave no stone unturned to ensure delivering mail and bring love, joy and affection, in fact, the messenger of all that are part and parcel of the society.

This event of installing the Postman Statue may be the first in India and also in the world. This is a great event in the history of Belagavi city and its beautification. It may also be the great event in the Postal Department’s history to honour the postman staff by installing a Postman statue in recognition of their untiring services rendered.

The Supdt. of Post Offices, Belagavi Division and its staff have decided to recognize the services rendered by the Postman staff all these years and have decided to install a Postman Statue in front of the Head Post Office.
The Department in consultation with the Cantonment Board have decided to name the circle as “POSTMAN CIRCLE” (junction near Head Post office, Amba Bhavan) and the erstwhile Telegraph Road will be renamed as “HEAD POST OFFICE ROAD”.

All the officials and officers of the Department of Posts of Belagavi division have contributed towards the cost of the Postman Statue. Member of Parliament, Belagavi Suresh Angadi, has allotted Rs.5,00,000/- towards the installation of the platform and its beautification to the Cantonment Board. Both the Cantonment Board and the HESCOM authorities have helped the Department of Posts in the beautification of the circle.

The Postman Statue is made of bronze and weighing 350 Kg and has a height of 8 feet and made by noted artist Vinayak Manohar Patil. It took the artist 6 months to make the statue.

The event of installing the Postman Statue is also a step in beautifying Belagavi City. In the later stage, a small garden and lighting will be done around the statue and the circle.

All the members of the public were also invited to grace the function at Belagavi Head Post Office on 13th Jan. 2019 at 1100 hours.

Seasonal & festival greetings ...........

The AIPEU-GDS CHQ conveys heartfelt greetings to all on the occasion of various season's festivals through out the country this month.


General Secretary

Payment of Old Age Pension (Money Order) through Post Offices in Tamil Nadu Circle


Dear Comrades,

It is reported to the AIPEU-GDS CHQ that the following divisions conducted biennial conferences (jointly with Gr.C & P4 & individually) in their Circles.

Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh Circle) 16-012-2018

Bhimavarm (Andhra Pradesh Circle) : 16-12-2018

Prodduttur (Andhra Pradesh Circle) : 06-01-2019

Aurangabad (Maharashtra Circle) : 25-12-2018

Nanded (Maharashtra Circle) : 06-01-2019

A new set of organizing bodies have been elected unanimously for the ensuing period in the respective divisions.

The AIPEU GDS CHQ conveyed heartfelt greetings and congratulations to the Office bearers elected in the divisions and sincere thanks to the NFPE leaders of the respective divisions for their earnest cooperation and support for AIPEU-GDS.

General Secretary

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Revolutionary greetings to all for the success of two days strike

Dear Comrade CHQ office bearers, Circle Secretaries & Circle Office bearers, Divisional / Branch Secretaries, office bearers, Mahila Committee Members, all active GDS comrades in the divisions ...
Heartfelt greetings and sincere thanks to all of you for the grand success of nationwide two days strike.
Very good reports received from all units about the percentage of participation of GDS members of AIPEU-GDS. 
Red salute and revolutionary greetings to all participants of the two days strike.
The unity of GDS and departmental employees resulted in thundering success of the two days strike.
Once again thanking all of you with fraternal greetings.

General Secretary