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Friday, May 31, 2013


As per the orders issued by the Government of India in 2001 for abolishing posts as per screening committee recommendations, only 2/3 direct recruitment vacancies should be abolished. Promotional Posts should not be abolished. Based on this order NFPE Kerala filed a case in CAT Ernakulam against abolishing Postmen & Group ‘D’ posts, as these posts are promotional posts of GDS employees. Department argued that promotion from GDS to Postman/MTS is direct recruitment and not promotion. But CAT has not accepted Department arguments. CAT, Ernakulam bench delivered a Judgement that promotion from GDS to Postman/MTS is not direct recruitment but promotion. CAT Directed CPMG not to abolish Postman/MTS posts and to fill up all the posts by promoting GDS.

Department went on appeal to High court Kerala. But High Court confirmed CAT order. Accordingly in Kerala circle all the promotional posts of GDS were filled by promoting GDS. 

Based on the same order now P4 CHQ and GDS (NFPE) have filed a case in Principal CAT and obtained stay order from abolishing Postmen & MTS posts.

Some comrades are asking why abolition of PA/SA posts cannot by stayed. Department is not abolishing the promotional posts in the PA and SA cadre (LGOs vacancies). But they are abolishing direct recruitment vacancies only.

Eranakulam CAT order is not applicable to Direct recruitment vacancies. It is applicable to promotional vacancies only. In the PA/SA cadre there is no promotional vacancy for GDS in the oustide quota (Direct Recruitment Quota). This is the legal position. There is no chance for getting stay order for PA/SA direct recruitment post as it is not promotional post. This is the legal advice received by us.

NFPE and CHQ has protested against the abolition of Posts, but Department of posts is taking a stand that even though they have tried best to get exemption from abolishing direct recruitment posts, the Government of India has not granted any exemption and hence the Direct recruitment vacancies recommended by screening committee up to 2008 have to be abolished. From 2009 onwards there is no abolition of posts and all the vacancies can filled up as per the orders of the Department.

Regarding postmen and MTS abolition, the abolition is stayed on Technical grounds stated above because the CAT Ernakulam has clearly ruled that promotion from GDS to Postman & MTS is not direct recruitment.

This argument cannot be raised in the case of PA/SA direct recruitment vacancies.

Courtesy  : NFPE


The copy of Stay order granted by CAT (Principal Bench), Delhi on abolition of Postman & MTS posts :

28-05-2013 GDS (NFPE) Dharna Photos -

CHQ received some photo graphs on 28-05-2013 Mass Dharna Program conducted in Divisions are published here under:






A meeting has been arranged in SRMU office, Egmore, Chennai to conclude the functioning of  Reception Committee formed for conducting the 1st All India Conference of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) on 21st & 22nd March, 2013 in Dharma Prakash Kalyana Mandapam, Purushawakkam, Chennai – 84. A Souvenir has been released on the eve of 1st AIC, a memorable &  remarkable one.

It was on 31st December 2012, the Reception Committee formed in the presence of  Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE under the Chairmanship of Com.K.V. SriDharan, Com.K.Raghavendran as General Secretary along with the participation of NFPE leaders, Circle Secretaries of affiliated unions of NFPE, State Coordination Committee leadership of Tamil Nadu Circle for various Committees constituted under the Reception Committee, unforgettable contributions of ITEF and many other sister unions in Tamil Nadu. AIC conducted just after 2 ½ months and concluded after a period of 1 ½ months, total with in a period of 5 months, the responsibility shouldered for GDS by the Leadership proved their unity & ability in all capacities and released a Souvenir on this historic occasion.

The meeting Presided by Com.K.V.Sridharan, Chairman, Reception Committee and welcome address made by Com.K.Raghavendran, General Secretary, Reception Committee. Com.P.Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) attended and unveil the copy of Souvenir.

Many leaders witnessed the meeting viz., Com.Sundaram (ITEF), Com.Kanniayan (R3), Com. S.Ragupathy Asst.Secretary General NFPE, Com.Srivenkatesan, President, Gr.C., Com.Gopu Govindarajan, P-IV CHQ, Com.Rajendran, Circle Secretary, P-IV., Com. S.Appanraj Ex-General Secretary SBCO,Com. N.Gopalakrishnan Working President P3 CHQ, Com. A.Veeramani Asst.General Secretary P3 CHQ, Com. K.Rajendran AGS R4 CHQ, Com. R.Dhanaraj Deputy GS GDS[NFPE] CHQ,  Com. Angel Sathiyanathan Chairperson Mahila Committee, Com. R.Manimekalai, Circle Convenor Mahila Committee, Com. R.Sankaran Circle Secretary R3, Com. Ragupathy Umashankar Circle Secretary Admn, Com. R.B.Suresh Circle Secretary Postal Accounts, Com. G.Kumar Ex-President P3 North, Com.K.Sudhakar, Gudur Division, Asst. Circle Secretary, Gr.C A.P Circle, (specially invited to the meeting  and honoured by the Reception Committee for his generous contribution on advance payment to the Reception Committee)  Com. R.Santhanam Assistant Circle Secretary R4 and many GDS leaders representing from Divisions attended and graced the occasion.
All the leaders who contributed their services for successful holding of GDS AIC were honoured by the Reception Committee besides the designers of the Stage and premises of AIC Com.Prem & Com.Lakshmi were honoured.

Audited accounts have been submitted by the Reception Committee with a surplus of about  Rs.1.5 lakh and the amount has been distributed among the organizations as our CHQ Rs.50,000/- and the Circle Union GDS, Tamil Nadu Rs.30,000/-, NFPE Rs.20,000/-, NFPE State Coordination Committee Rs.28,500/-, Confederation State Committee Rs.15,000/- etc,.

The Chairperson declared that the functioning of  Reception Committee formed for GDS AIC is concluded and meeting came to an end with the vote of thanks by Com.R.Kumar.

Chairman & General Secretary, Reception Committee  & invitees on the dais
Souvenir copy unveiled 
Leaders honoured by Reception Committee

Vote of thanks by Com.R.Kumar

It is informed that the copies of Souvenir will be sent by post  to all NFPE Leaders, GDS CHQ office bearers, Patrons, Sponsors, Donors etc., by the Reception Committee.

AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) CHQ  once again conveys its heartfelt greetings and indebtedness to the Reception Committee and all leadership of Tamil Nadu for their  benevolence  towards GDS Union.


Incidental Charges to GDS for the period of imparted trainings - new rates sanctioned

In the recent past, the GDS BPMs/GDSDA are under go for training  on various aspects leaving their work places to divisional head quarters or to some other places away from their subdivisions/divisions for  certain period of days. It was reported that the remuneration / incidental charges paid to such GDSs are @ Rs.40 per day or some thing which was very meager and GDS are suffered a lot on bearing the expenditure for such training period. In some places the said period has been treated as on duty, some were suggested for paid leave / LWA etc.,

Our CHQ brought this items to the notice of the Directorate through letter No.AIPEU-GDS(NFPE)/DG/CHARGES-GDS/2012, Dated 30-10-2012 and now it has been reiterated with new sanction by the Directorate with the following order.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Reports received by CHQ from various Circles that the first phase of progam Mass Dharna in front of Divisional Offices conducted successfully in many divisions. Even though  day temperature is high in most parts of the country, GDS comrades gathered in large number to stage Dharna in the premises of Post Offices / Divisional offices.

CHQ conveys revolutionary greetings and thanks to all GDS comrades and NFPE Leaders of all affiliated unions for extending their total support & cooperation to make this program successful.

Further requesting to mobilize the GDS members to hold second phase of program “Mass Dharna” in front of all Circle Offices / Regional Offices on 25-06-2013.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CAT (Princpal Bench) Delhi granted Stay on abolition of Posts (Postmen & MTS) during the period 2005 - 2008 in DoP


Department of Posts ordered abolition of 17093 posts of various cadres. 

Out of which about 7500 posts were related to Postmen & MTS. 

AIPE Union Postmen & MSE/Gr. ‘D’ filed a case 
No.1736/21.05.13   in CAT (P.B) Delhi 
along with 
NUPE Postmen & MTS and 

The Hon’ble CAT Delhi has granted stay against the abolition of posts of Postmen & MTS.

Next date of hearing is fixed as 11.6.2013.

Orders will be exhibited in web-site on receipt.

If there is any imposition of orders of abolition of posts in any Circle. They can take up the matter with the authorities concerned on the basis of CAT (PB) Delhi orders..


Monday, May 27, 2013


Dear Comrades,


"Mass Dharna" 
infront of all Divsional Offices
to protest against the   
non-settlement of GDS demands.

CHQ is requesting  the Office bearers & Circle Secretaries,  Organizers & NFPE leaders of each Circle to  conduct the program in a very effective manner by mobilizing the GDS members in all the Divisions/Branches. 

 All are requested to make the program successful.


Saturday, May 25, 2013


  Postal Board has sent the proposal for introducing Health Insurance Scheme to GDS, to Finance Ministry for approval.

   GDS Bonus ceiling limit raising – Finance Ministry has again returned the file with adverse comments.

   Casual Labourers Committee recommendations have been considered by the Postal Board and proposal of the Postal Board is being sent to Finance Ministry for approval. 

       Kerala CAT also directed the Department to communicate its decision on the Casual Labour committee’s recommendations to the CAT.

Mass Dharna 
will be conducted in front of 
all Divisional offices 
demanding immediate settlement of 
GDS demands.  
Dharna will be organized by 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Comrades,

You are well aware that the 9th Federal Council of NFPE is scheduled from 9th to 12th June, 2013 in Hyderabad.

The Reception Committee made an appeal to offer financial contributions / advertisements from the Members, Leaders, Well-wishers to conduct the Council meeting in a grand manner.

The contributions may be sent through .... 

Money Order /e-MO 

addressed to :

B-1, P& T QRS.
HYDERABAD - 520 020

For online deposits / transactions :

A/C No.860010110008489

For further details :

General Secretary
e-mail :

Financial Secretary:



Thursday, May 23, 2013


Dear Comrades,

As it was decided in our 1st All India Conference held  in Chennai,the first phase of program on GDS demands is :




All the CHQ office bearers, Circle Secretaries Divisional Secretaries are requested to mobilize the AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) membership to make the program successfull.

NFPE & affiliated unions are directed their Circle Secretaries, Branch/Divisional secretaries   to extend all support to make the  programme successfull.


All Branch/Divisional Secretaries
All Circle Secretaries
All CHQ office bearers

Dear Comrades,

As per the decision of the 1st AIC of the AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) Mass Dharna in front of all Divisional offices will be conducted on 28.05.2013 Tuesday as the first phase of the agitational programme culminating in indefinite strike. NFPE calls upon all Divisional/Circle/All India unions to make it a joint programme of NFPE, extend full support and also to make it a grand success.

(M. Krishnan)
General Secretary, P3
Secretary General, NFPE


1.    Departmentalization of Gramin Dak Savaks and all benefits of Departmental employees extended to GDS as recommended by Justice Talwar Committee.
2.    Constitute 7th CPC and refer GDS wage revision also to the consideration of Pay Commission; Merger 50% of DA with TRCA for all purposes.
3.    Restore the historical prorata wage structure of GDS MD and GDS BPM on par with Postman and Sorting Postman pay scales respectively as recommended by the 6th CPC by rectifying the mistakes committed by the Nataraja Murthy Committee.
4.    Withdrew the new GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011 and restore GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001.
5.    Ensure minimum statutory monthly pension of Rs.3500/- to GDS and grant other retirement benefits like gratuity etc., based on the formula applicable to departmental employees and under Gratuity Act 1972 besides family pension facility to GDS.
6.    Enhance the bonus quantum ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- and end the discrimination.
7.    Reduce cash handling norms from Rs.20,000 to 4,000 and also stamp sale norms.
8.    Ensure full protection of existing TRCA when there is fall in the work load. TRCA should not be reduced under any circumstances.
9.    Remove the outside recruitment quota for Postman Recruitment and 100% Postman vacancies be given to GDS.
10.  Remove the 50 points compulsory conditions and provide compassionate appointment for all eligible dependents in the families of deceased GDS.
11.  Introduce a medical reimbursement scheme for GDS.
12.  Grant full trade union facilities including special casual leave and Foreign Service facilities to GDS Union Representatives.
13.  Enhance to 6 months maternity leave to female GDS instead of 3 months and grant child care leave.
14.  Grant full transfer facility to GDS and ensure protection of the existing TRCA on transfer.
15.  Grant revised TRCA slabs up to 125 points to BPMs based on the workload as on 01.01.2006.
16.  Grant three time bound financial up gradations to all GDS on 10th, 20th and 25th year.
17.  Grant all advances to GDS at par with Regular departmental employees.
18.  Stop combination of duties of GDSMD with that of BPM as it will result in restriction of business hours of BO thereby causing loss of revenue.
19.  Enhance age limit for the departmental examination for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistant from GDS at par with Postman cadre.
20.  Modify date of superannuation of GDS as the last working day of the month.
21.  Remove the ceiling limit of Rs.50 for cash allowance for conveyance of cash from BO to AO and vice versa.
22.  Grant of LTC and home town LTC facilities to GDS.
23.  Remove the discrimination in grant of welfare assistance to GDS in respect of prolonged illness, Book awards, educational assistance etc,.
24.  Provide norms for MNREGS work at per with SB transactions and also cash conveyance from BO to AO and vice versa.
25.  Relax the embargo of fixing of minimum TRCA in respect of new appointees, Minimum should be the entitled TRCA drawn by the earlier incumbent. No fresh statistics need to be compiled.
26.  Fix norms for  all new items of work entrusted to GDS and until then grant enhanced incentives.
27.  Payment of rent for BO to be borne by the department and till that time grant enhancement of Office Maintenance Allowance (OMA) @ Rs.500 per month.
28.  Redeployment of GDS should not be done beyond 5 kms and full protection of TRCA should be given; in case of redeployment from one post to another, eligible women GDS working as GDSMC/MD/Pkr will be given opportunity to the posts of GDS BPM when fallen vacant in the name of transfer.
29.  Prompt issuing of SDBS cards to all GDS employees.
30.  Grant Children Educational Allowance and small family incentive to all GDS.
31.  Fill up all GDS posts in RMS and convert all GDS MM posts as MTS.
32.  Make an early payment of RPLI incentive and remove the minimum condition and the maximum limit in the grant of NREGS incentive. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our CHQ received information on the formation of following divisions in various circles in the recent past.

Mizoram division : North East Circle

The general body meeting held by members of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE), Mizoram Division on 21-12-2012 and the following set of office bearers for the divisional organizing body.

President            : Com.Dimkhanthanga
Vice President   : Com.Burmathanga
Divisional Secy   : Com.Laldinmawia
Asst. Divl. Secy  : Com.H.Zaithanmawia
Treasurer            : Com.Vanlalruati
Asst. Treasurer : Com.Lalchhanhimi
Orgg. Secy.         : Com.Lalniliana

Beawar Division : Rajasthan Circle

Beawar Divisional conference was held on 17-02-2013 and a new set of office bearers were elected unanimously.

President            : Com. Naval Kishore shrimali, GDS, Andheri Deori (Beawar HO)
Secretary             : Com. Shri Ram Singh, GDS, Beawar HO)
Treasurer            : Com.Narendra Singh Parihar, GDS Shahpura Mohlla SO

Karur Division : Tamil Nadu Circle

On 03-03-2013 Karur Divisional Conference held at Pasupatheeswara Iyappa Seva Sangam, Karur a new set of office bearers were elected unanimously.

President            : Com. S. Imamsha, BPM, Pathiripatti a/w Thogamalai
Secretary             : Com.B.Mohanavel, GDSSV, Karur HO
Treasurer            : Com.R.Sakthivel, GDSMD, Verisanampatti

Com.K.C.Ramachandran, Asst. General Secretary (CHQ) attended as Chief guest and addressed the meeting.

Muzaffarpur Division, Bihar circle

The general body meeting of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) was held on 17-03-2013 and an ad hoc committee has been formed for Muzaffarpur Divisional Union.

Convener            : Com. Nanda kishore Prasad Singh, BPM, Jamalabad, Umanagar
C0-convener      : Com.Satish Kumar singh, BPM, Balmi, Motipur
Treasurer            : Com. Lalan Jha, GDSSV, Muzaffarpur HO

Com.Chandra Narayan Chaudhary, Circle Secretary & Orgg. Genl. Secretary (CHQ) attended & addressed the meeting. It was decided to hold the divisional conference with in 3 three months.

Medak Division : Andhra Pradesh Circle

The Divisional conference of Medak Division was held on 24-03-2013  at NGOs Bhawan, Medak and divisional organizing body elected unanimously for AIPEU-GDS(NFPE), Medak division.

President            : Com.Lalpathi, BPM, Nagsanpally, a/w Yousufpet
Secretary             : Com.T.Satyanarayana, GDSMD, Machavaram SO
Treasurer            : Com.M.Srinivas, GDSMD, Ramayampet SO

Dharmanagar Division : North East Circle

On 31-03-2013 the general body meeting of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) members was held at Head Post Office, Dharmanagar & a new set of office bearers were elected for the Divisional Union, Dharmanagar.

President            : Com. Ajit Bhattacharjee, GDSMD, Kameswar Garon, Rajbari
Secretary             : Com. Haradhan Majumder, GDSMD, T/Ganganagar, Rajbari
Treasurer            : Com. Rintu Dey, BPM, Rakhalganj, Kadamtala.

Com.Supravapal, Circle Secretary, North East attended and addressed the meeting.

 Surat Division : Gujrat Circle

The general body meeting of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) members was held on 14-04-2013 in KIM Post Office, Surat and a new set of office bearers were elected unanimously.

President            : Com. Mahendra D. Solanki, GDSMC, Velachha SO
Secretary             : Com. Smt. H.K.Baraiya, GDSSV, o/o BDO, Surat
Treasurer            : Com. Smt. Ramilaben G. Chaudhary, BPM, Dungri BO, KIM

 Com.Asha Ven Joshi, Circle Secretary & Working President (CHQ) attended as chief guest and addressed the meeting.

Raighar Division : Chattisgarh Circle

The General Body meeting of AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) members was held during April, 2013 in Raigarh and a new set of office bearers were elected for Raighar Divisional Union.

President            : Com. Narain Patel, BPM, Chatamura, Raigarh
Secretary             :Com. Bhekharam Patel, GDS, Tarapur, Raigarh
Treasurer            :Com. Tek Ram Sahoo, BPM, Urmaria, Raigarh.

The CHQ conveys its heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all the comrades and office bearers for their heartiest cooperation for AIPEU-GDS(NFPE).