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Friday, September 30, 2016

Newly elected officebearers for NFPE (2016-2019)


Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi- 110001.
Dated the    28th   September, 2016.
1.            All Heads of Postal Circle.
2.            All Postmasters General.
3.            Director of Postal Staff College, Ghaziabad (UP).
4.            CGM, PLI Directorate, Chankyapuri PO, New Delhi.
5.            CGM, (BD&M) Directorate, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi.
6.            Postmaster General, Foreign Mails, Mumbai.
7.            All Directors, Postal Training Centres.
8.            Directors Foreign Mails, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi.
9.            All Directors/Dy. Directors of Accounts (Postal).

Subject:-         List of new office bearers of National Federation of Postal Employees elected in 10th Federal Council of the said federation held at Guwahati (Assam) from 07-09-2016 to 09-09-2016.

                                       I am directed to state that fresh election of National Federation of Postal Employees has been conducted and a list of new office bearers elected in 10th  Federal Council of the said union held at Guwahati (Assam) from 07-09-2016 to 09-09-2016  is as under:-
Name of the Office Bearer (Shri/Smt.)
Official Designation & Working Place
Sh. Giri Raj Singh
SA (MACP-III) R-3 (Delhi).
Working President
Sh. A. Manoharan
(P-3 Tamilnadu)
Vice Presidents
1.    Sh. K.K. Sharma
Mail Man, S.J. Stg. Office Air Mail Stg. Dn. New Delhi.
2.    Sh. Umashankar Chakraborti
Supervisor (HSG-II), O/o DPLI Kolkata.
3.    Sh. S.B. Yadav
Sr. Accountant, O/o DA (P) Lucknow (U.P.)
Secretary General
Sh. R.N. Parashar
APM Accounts, Mathura HO (U.P.).
Deputy  Secretary General
Smt. R. Seethalakshmi
Post woman, Bangalore City H.O.-560002 (Karnataka).
Asstt. Secretaries  General
1.    Sh. S. Raghupathy
ASPM, Perambur Barracks P.O., Chennai (TN)
2.    Sh. Janardhan Mazumdar
PA, Princep Street PO Kolkata (WB)
3.    Sh. M.V. Janardanan
Postman, Kannur H.O. (Kerala).
Financial Secretary
Sh. Raj Kumar
Stg., Postman, Karol Bagh P.O., New Delhi – 110005.
  2.       This is for information and taking necessary action as per existing instructions on the subject.
Yours faithfully,

(Amit Pankaj)
ADG (SR & Legal/ Pension)

Copy to: 1.Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees, 1st Floor,   North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001.
                2 All Sections in the Department of Posts.
(Amit Pankaj)
ADG (SR & Legal/ Pension)


            Xth Federal Council of National Federation of Postal Employees was held at Guwahati (Assam) from 7thSeptember to 9th September, 2016. A galaxy of Trade Union leaders admired the struggling nature of NFPE moving on the path with a slogan “Unity for struggle and struggle for unity”. The Federal Council reviewed the Political, economical and social condition of India and its impact on working class. It was discussed in detail that during the period under review, higher administration of the Department of Posts and Government of India tried to make some structural changes in the Department of Post which was fought by NFPE and defeated and NFPE established its might. There is significant change in the mindset of Bureaucracy and our membership has gained faith a lot in union which has been reflected in last membership verification.

            The Federal Council reviews the recommendations of 7th CPC and it was the view of most of the delegates that the recommendations of 7th CPC are most retrograde and disappointing. More anomalies are appearing in implementation of the 7th CPC. The Committees formed  on allowances, advances, NPS and  so called High Power committee to review the minimum wage  and consequently change in pay  matrix , have to submit their reports within 4 months i.e. upto 31st  Oct, 2016.

            It was the view of most of the delegates that NJCA should take proper action to achieve the demands and without breaking the unity, Confederation and NFPE should also chalk out their separate programme of action in phased manner.

            It was also discussed and decided that we as NFPE should also launch agitational programmes in phased manner to achieve our sectional demands i.e. Cadre restructuring  for left out Categories, Filling up of vacant posts, enhancement of ceiling of bonus to GDS . GDS Committee,streaming the functioning of NCJCM, DCJCM and RJCM. Regularization and wage revision of casual labourers, All Cadre related problems, problems arising out of implementation of CBS and CSI and to oppose the move to outsource any function of Postal services.

            Policy and programmes resolution was also adopted in the Federal Council unanimously in which it is decided that the NFPE being in the main stream of working class will fight against the neo-liberal economic policies which are adversely affecting the life of all working people and common man.

            This Federal Council viewed with grave concern the growing right Wing offensives under NDA Government and aggressive activities of the communal forces and deliberate efforts to divide the people including workers on the basis caste and religion and took unanimous decision to defeat such move by organizing united struggles and shall stand finally with the secular and democratic forces.

            Thus the Xth Federal Council has given a very common  message to the Postal workers  particularly and common worker in general  that NFPE will march forward on the path of struggle to save the interests of workers and achieve the  genuine and justified  demands by united struggle.

            The Xth Federal Council has also adopted a resolution on common and specific demands of Postal Employees and decided further course of agitaional programmes in phased manner

            NFPE calls upon the entire Postal, RMS, and MMS employees to get ready for future struggles to achieve the genuine demands and resists the attacks and dangers unlashed by the Department of Post and Government of India which are against the Postal Workers.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

PJCA - Agitational programmes culminating in two days nationwide strike on 9th & 10th November 2016 – Serving of notice

Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings Schemes (from 01-10-2016 to 31-12-2016)

RICT Phase - I Rollout --

Letter to Govt. & DoP by CCGEW for grant of Bonus with revised ceiling limit of Rs.7000- to Causal Labourers



Regarding grant of enhanced bonus of 7000 to GDS, Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE discussed with Chairman, GDS Committee, Shri Kamalesh Chandra today (29.09.2016). Chairman informed that he had recommended for payment of bonus to GDS at the enhanced calculation ceiling of Rs. 7000/- and the file returned to Postal Board. (Last time Nataraja Murthy Committee has recommended that GDS should not be paid enhanced bonus and their bonus should be reduced to 50% of the departmental employees). Now that, GDS committee has recommended 7000, Postal JCA has demanded Postal Board to issue bonus orders of GDS with calculation ceiling of 7000/- without any further delay.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


M. Krishnan. Ex-Secretary General, NFPE
Secretary General, 
Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers

On 24th September I was at Chennai, on the way to Gudur (AP) to attend the Circle Conference of AIPEU Postmen & MTS Union. At about 09.25 PM, Com. R. Seethalakshmi, General Secretary, P-IV union called me and informed – “Com. Des Raj Sharma passed away.” After a few minutes Com. V. A. N. Namboodri also called. On the previous day, i.e., on 23.09.2016, at 11.30 AM myself and Com. Seethalakshmi had visited Com. Des Raj Sharma at his house at Karol Bagh, New Delhi and was with him for about 2 hours. He had a heart attack and had undergone angioplasty surgery for removal of five blocks. He was recovering fast. He discussed with us about Com. Adi and his association with many great leaders of P&T Trade union movement. He recollected his experiences while he was in the movement and also after his retirement. As he was continuously talking, I asked his wife who was sitting near, whether doctor has advised to restrict talking. His wife told no such restriction. When we were about to leave, both of us told him to take care of his health as per the advice of the doctor. Then Com. Des Raj Sharma smilingly made a comment – “Don’t worry about my health. Doctor has given me another five years guarantee. Now I am seventy one”. But while completing the sentence his sound was shaken and eyes were full of tears. May be, he was aware that death is nearing. We tried to console him and wished him long life. Next day when the sad news came I was really shocked.

Com. Desraj Sharma was a symbol of dedication, commitment and an uncompromising fighter. He truly represented the tradition of Postmen, Group D & ED staff union lead by Com. Adi. He worked as a CHQ office bearer under the dynamic leadership of the legendary leader Com. K. Adinarayana for a long time. He stood firmly with Com. Adi during the periods of trials and tribulations. It is Com. Adi who moulded Com. Desraj Sharma as a leader.

Com. Desraj Sharma never compromised with the enemies of NFPE and sometimes openly burst out against those who want to break the unity of NFPE. In the Kolkata Federal Council, it is the P-IV union which saved NFPE from a split and also helped NFPE to get recognition. He succeeded in vacating all the stay orders against conducting the Federal Council and also ensured rock-like unity among the P-IV Federal Councilors. He was outright and never say one thing and act another. The enemies of NFPE were afraid of Com. Desraj Sharma and they turned their guns against him always

After his taking over as the General Secretary of P-IV union, he concentrated in streamlining the organisational functioning of the union and helped the Branch/Divisional and Circle Unions to overcome their weaknesses. He effectively intervened and settled all the organizational disputes existed in many circles and consolidated the organizational unity and militancy of P-IV union. He championed the cause of not only Postmen and Group-D but his service was fully dedicated to the cause of GDS employees and for their emancipation. As Deputy Secretary General of NFPE he fought for safeguarding the unity of NFPE and also for settling the genuine demands of the entire Postal employees. He was also in the forefront of all activities of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. In the negotiations with the administration he never compromised and was very particular about result-oriented settlement.

Com. Desraj Sharma cannot be compared with any other leader of Postal Trade union movement. “Desraj Sharma is Desraj Sharma”. He will remain forever in the minds of the Postal employees and Central Government employees.

Long Live Com. Desraj Sharma!
Long live, Long live!

SDBS - Payment of Severance Amount to the beneficiaires of SDBS & NPS

Revision of Inspection Questionaire for MNREGS at BOs & SOs

Friday, September 23, 2016

NFPE & AIPEU-GDS struggle programme on sanction of Bonus to GDS with revised ceiling limit from 2014-15

All CHQ Office bearers
All Circle Secretaries
All Division & Branch Secretaries

Make the programme of action demanding bonus to GDS with revised ceiling limit @ Rs.7000- from 2014-15, a grand success.

NFPE & AIPEU-GDS decided to conduct a phased programme of action demanding the sanction of Bonus to GDS cadre with revised ceiling limit of Rs.7000- from 2014-15 at par with regular departmental employees.

For the last 10 days expectation on sources of information that the Bonus for GDS with revised ceiling limit would be finalized by DoP & MoF. Now it is learnt that the issue is referred to the GDS Committee for further disposal of the case. This may take some more days which caused more resentment among GDS employees and created confusion on the subject.

Aggrieved with the situation, NFPE & AIPEU-GDS decided to start struggle programme in a phased manner.


NFPE National Secretariat calls upon all Branch/Divisional/Circle Unions and Co-ordination Committees to hold protest demonstrations in front of all Divisional offices and Circle offices on 3rd October 2016, protesting against the abnormal delay in granting enhanced bonus to GDS and also demanding immediate issuance orders for payment of enhanced bonus for the year 2014-15.

Kerala Circle :
It is reported that NFPE & GDS conducted protest demonstration programme infront of divisional offices on 15th Sep 2016.

West Bengal Circle :
It is reported that NFPE & GDS unions hold protest demonstrations at divisional offices observed during last week.

Tamil Nadu Circle:

The NFPE COC announced two stage programme of action demanding grant of enhanced bonus to GDS.



General Secretary

Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General and Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE met Member (P) Postal services Board on 23.09.2016 and discussed the GDS bonus ceiling enhancement case. Member (P) informed that as GDS Committee is functioning it is decided that the case is to be referred to GDS Committee for favourable recommendation. Accordingly the file has been sent to Chairman, GDS Committee.

Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE discussed the case with Shri. Kamlesh Chandra, Chairman, GDs Committee. Chairman assured that Committee will examine the case and give its recommendation without any delay. As Nataraja Murthy Committee has made adverse recommendations, Shri Kamlesh Chandra has told that he has to study the whole case before taking a decision. The issue will be again discussed with Chairman, GDS Committee when Secretary General, NFPE and Com. Panduranga Rao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS are meeting the Chairman in the first week of October 2016.

After getting recommendation of the GDS committee, the file is to be sent to Finance Ministry for approval.


NFPE National Secretariat calls upon all Branch/Divisional/Circle Unions and Co-ordinating Committees to hold protest demonstrations in front of all Divisional offices and Circle offices on 3rd October 2016, protesting against the abnormal delay in granting enhanced bonus to GDs and also demanding immediate issuing orders for payment of enhanced bonus for the year 2014-15.

P. Panduranga Rao                                                                                                            R. N. Parashar
General Secretary                                                                                                       Secretary General
AIPEU GDS (NFPE)                                                                                                                      NFPE


Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretay General and Com. Giriraj Singh, President discussed the following issues also with DG (Posts), Member (P), DDG (Estt.) and JS & FA on 22nd and 23rd September 2016.
1.      GDS Bonus case
2.      Cadre Restructuring for left out categories
3.      Declaration of result of Membership verification
4.      GDS Membership verification
5.      Filling up of vacant post sin all cadres.
6.      Immediate holding of JCM Departmental Council meeting.

R. N. Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE

Monday, September 19, 2016

AIPEU-GDS Srikakulam Division Conference (A.P Circle)

The AIPEU-GDS Srikakulam Division Biennial conference has been held on 18-09-2016 under the Presidentship of Com.V.S.R.Murthy Naidu, President, GDS, Srikakulam Division. About 250 GDS comrades attended and many of them participated in the deliberations.

Com.M.Srinivasarao, Circle Secretary, AIPEU-GD S attended as Cheif guest and Com.A.P.Papaiah, Orgg. Circle Secretary also attended and addressed.

A set of organizing body has been elected unanimously for the ensuing period of AIPEU-GDS, Srikakulam Division. All the Comrades with one voice assured the divisional organizing body on getting the 100% of GDS membership for AIPEU-GDS in Srikakulam Division.



Shri B.V.Sudhakar, Secretary, Posts - in Warangal (Telangana Circle)

An interaction meeting with Postal employees of Warangal & Hanmakonda Divisions by Shri B.V.Sudhakar, Secretary, Department of Posts in Hanmakonda on 18-09-2016. About 300 employees participated and many of them made deliberations on various issues related to respective cadres. Hon'ble Secretary had a patience hearing and replied to all elaborately in the speech.

Shri N.Sammaiah, Circle Secretary, AIPEU-GDS, Telangana Circle submitted a memorandum on GDS issues and requested Secretary, Posts cause to resolve them in favour of GDS. Apart from the issues, Circle Secretary raised the issue of Bonus to GDS with revised ceiling and Verification of Membership for GDS cadre. Secretary, Posts responded positively and assured to use their good offices at the earliest.

 Hon'ble District Collector, Smt.V.Karuna in the meeting with Secretary, Posts

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Holidays to be observed for Central Govt Offices during the year 2017


Aadhaar card now must for Government Schemes, Benefits

NEW DELHI: The use of Aadhaar card+ is set to become mandatory for all central and state government subsidies and benefits which require funding from the central exchequer with the Centre notifying the unique identity (UID) regulations.

While the law had empowered the Centre to mandate use of Aadhaar, the rules clearly stipulate that any agency, such as the oil ministry dealing with cooking gas+ or HRD's scholarship schemes, has to ensure all beneficiaries are enrolled under UID+ . For this, they have been asked to tie up with registrars or enrol individuals themselves.

"Ministries will have to notify schemes for which Aadhaar number is required. In case someone does not have Aadhaar, he will be asked to enrol for the same. If you are asking for Aadhaar and if enrollment facilities are not in a convenient location, the agency has to ensure that people are not left in the lurch," said Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of the UID Authority of India (UIDAI).

Pandey also said the regulations strongly address privacy concerns over Aadhaar misuse+ by incorporating a three-year jail term for an offence. "The big brother concern has been dealt with. If a government or private entity uses Aadhaar number for some other purpose... if a company shares the data, it becomes a criminal offence," Pandey said.

The particular clause has been inserted to address concerns raised by civil society groups that mandating Aadhaar will exclude genuine beneficiaries, who do not possess a UID, from government schemes. The rules mean the onus will now be on agencies like oil companies or banks to make sure beneficiaries have Aadhaar numbers to access benefits ranging from subsidies and pensions.

Though the Supreme Court had earlier held Aadhaar could not be made mandatory for government schemes while extending "voluntary use" of UID numbers to MGNREGA, pensions, cooking gas, PDS, EPF and Jan Dhan accounts, the new law and its regulations will help the Centre expand the ambit of UID to virtually all government schemes.

The data security rules make it incumbent for UIDAI, registrars, enrolling agencies, companies and authentication service providers to observe a strict protocol. "The rules require every entity seeking to use Aadhaar to preserve information for a certain number of years and be subject to an audit," Pandey said, adding that an entity seeking Aadhaar will need consent to disclose the information each time it wants to share the data.

The regulations also provide more leeway for capturing biometric information. In cases where fingerprints are not easily registered, like in the case of elderly persons, iris scans will do. This has been added to existing flexibility for persons with disabilities or injuries.

Top CommentIts good that India is moving towards the digital world. I also appreciate Modi government that they didn''t scrap the Adhar card as they were saying when UPA government introduce. 

Samij sr Pandey said with over 105 crore enrolments and six lakh added daily, nearly 98% of adults had been registered and 75% of those in the 5-18 year age segment were also part of the world's largest bio-metric ID programme. This significantly reduces the possibility of exclusion on a large scale and makes seeding schemes with Aadhaar easier