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......... .............. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POSTS OF GDS ..................... 4th All India Conference of AIPEU GDS - 8th & 9th October 2022 -- Kasaragod - Kerala ......


... ... Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO .. 6294343737 / 9748659815.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


GDS : Giving preference to Casual Labourers in selection to GDS posts - Implementation of recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee .......

................ it has been decided by the Competent Authority that, GDS vacancies should not be notified for Casual Labourers from the date of issue of this OM.


Collection of out station cheques, upto RS 1000= Rs 30/-

Beyond Rs 1000 per Rs 1000/- = Rs3/-

Issue of Duplicate passbook (in the shape of Postage stamps)= Rs10/-

Transfer of a/c from one PO to another PO = free

Supply of ledger copy, For every 30 entries= Rs2/-

Certificate of Balance in SB/RD/TD accounts = free

Certificate of annual interest paid in TD accounts = free

Registration of Nomination or Variation of Nomination other than first
(in the shape of Postage stamps) = Rs1/-

Issue of Fresh Passbook in lieu of used up = free

Issue of Fresh passbook for spoiled one= Rs10/-(in shape of postage)

Issue of Certificate of SAS Commission = Rs1/-

Transfer of PPF account from one P.O to Another = free

Issue of Duplicate Passbook of PPF account = Rs1/-

Issue of duplicate passbook of SCSS account -

For first time= Rs10/-

For 2nd and all subsequent time= Rs20/-

Issue of Certificates of Holding of Savings accounts or savings Certificate = free

Issue of Certificate of accrual of annual interest = free

Transfer of SCSS account from one PO to another

1.Where amount of deposit is less than one lakh= free
2.Where amount of deposit is above  = lakh
(a) for first transfer per lakh= Rs5/-
(b) for second transfer per lakh = Rs10/-

Issue of duplicate NSC (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Conversion of NSC from one denomination to another (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Transfer of NSC from one person to another (per certificate)= Rs5/-
2nd registration of nomination or variation of nomination of NSC
(per certificate) = Rs5/-

Pledging or pledge releasing of NSC Certificate (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Transfer from deceased holder to heir of NSC ( per certificate)= Rs5/-

Certificate of discharge of NSC (per registration NO).= Rs5/-

For attestation of specimen signature of SB depositor for purpose other than SB work per attestation= Rs10


Sunday, October 27, 2019


Prasad to FinMin: Consider IPPB for DBT disbursal

New Delhi: Taking a note of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's speech in 2018, Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has asked the Finance Minister to extend her support in creating awareness about the benefits offered by India Postal Payments' Bank (IPPB). In a letter to Sitharaman, the Telecom Minister said, "The IPPB is not only utilizing the reach and credibility of over 1.5 lakh post offices across the country, but the postal bank is also offering inter-operability of all accounts through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) and a reliable network for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) disbursements."

Stressing on the viability and user-friendly features of the IPPB, Prasad has asked Sitharaman to consider IPPB for the disbursal of government benefits of the Finance Ministry and departments of the ministry. "The doorstep delivery facility of the IPPB making banking a hassle-free affair for senior citizens and other as customers are availing all banking amenities at their home. Since, the IPPB is a 100 per cent government-owned bank, its offering accountability of service," the minister said.

The Finance Minister has been urged to open her account in the IPPB. Meanwhile, the Telecom Minister on Friday opened his account in the IPPB at Patna circle. Notably, Sitharaman had appealed to people in 2018 to make use of the IPPB to reap the benefits offered by the Centre and state governments. Sitharaman, the then Defence Minister, had endorsed the benefits of the IPPB after formally launching the scheme in Tamil Nadu last year.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Deewali greetings ................

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Updation of Name, Gender and Date of Birth in Aadhaar - modification of process ....


All India Conference of All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘C’ was held at Gachibowli Stadium Campus, Hyderabad (Telangana) from 20.10.2019 to 23.10.2019.

On 19.10.2019 C.W.C. was also held at the same venue in which the agenda of A.I.C was approved.

A.I.C. commenced with Flag hoisting at 10 AM on 20.10.2019. The National Flag was hoisted by Com. C. C. Pillai, Ex Secretary General, NFPE & Ex-General Secretary, R3. NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE & General Secretary, R-III. P3 Flag was hoisted by Com. J. Ramamurthy, President P3.

After that Floral tribute was offered to the martyrs. All Leaders present there paid their tribute by offering flowers on Martyr’s Column.

Inaugural Session started at 10:30 AM on 20.10.2019. Com. J. Ramamurthy President presided over the meeting.

Welcome speech was delivered by Com. S. S. R. A. Prasad, General Secretary Reception Committee and Circle Secretary, P3 Telangana.

Com. R. N. Parashar, General Secretary also welcomed all leaders & guests present on dias and all delegates and Visitors attending the A.I.C and gave an introductory speech.

All leaders, Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, All India leaders, General Secretaries of affiliated unions and all CHQ office bearers, Circle Secretaries and Women Committee Members were honoured by the Reception Committee by presenting flower bouquets, shawls, bags, Badges and mementos.

Com. K. K. N. Kutty, President Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, greeted the A.I.C and delivered a brief speech on the common issues related to 7th CPC & Central Government Employees.

The open session was formally inaugurated by Com. Swadesh Dev Roy, National Secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (C.I.T.U) in his speech he elaborated the issues related to working class, peasantry and common man. How the Government policies are effecting the life of Common man. The neo-liberal economic policies being pursued by the present Government are not in the interest of Common man whether it is Government Employees, Public Sectors Employees, State Government Workers or farmers. These policies have been framed to make the corporate Sector benefitted. The country is facing serious economic crisis and unemployment problem. He appealed the working class to fight unitedly to resist the retrograde economic policies of the Govt.

Shri P. K. Bishoi, Member (Personal) & Designated Secretary (Posts) also graced the occasion as Chief Guest. In his address he assured the employees to protect their interests and settle the problems which are being faced by the employees. He appealed to the Postal Employees to work in the interest of the Department.

Shri Charls Lobo Chief PMG, Karnataka holding additional charge of Telangana Circle also addressed the open session.

Shri K. Nageshwar, Ex-MLC Telangana also delivered his speech and criticized the anti working class policies of present central Govt. He stressed the need to fight unitedly by all working class to resist the anti common man and pro-corporate policies of the Government.

The open session was addressed by Coms. C. C. Pillai, Ex-Secretary General NFPE & Ex General Secretary R3, Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Financial Secretary, Confederation & Secretary General, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE & General Secretary R3, D. B. Mohanty, General Secretary, P4, P. Suresh General Secretary R4, S. B. Yadav, General Secretary, Postal Accounts, Smt. Jasmine Jalal Begum, General Secretary, AIPESBCOEA, J. L. Venkat Subbu, General Secretary Admin Union, P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU GDS Union, R. Sivannarayana, Ex-President P3, P. Mohan, General Secretary, Casual Labourers Union and some other leaders.

Delegate session was started at 4 PM on 20.10.2019 after getting the agenda approved by the house Com. J. Ramamurthy delivered Presidential Speech.

Com. R. N. Parashar General Secretary initiated the discussion on agenda by narrating the present position on each issue.

All Circle Secretaries discussed the various issues notified in agenda in detail it went on upto 21st October A/N. After that delegates were called for to give their views on agenda items and the problems being faced by them at the ground level. 76 delegates took part in deliberation who gave an important feedback on the issues.

After that General Secretary summed up the discussion. He elaborately described each issue raised by the delegates and clarified the position of action taken by CHQ and the Department. He thanked all Leaders, Member (P) & designated, Secretary (Posts) Chief PMG Telangana and other officers who attended the open session. He thanked all CHQ office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Women Committee members, Divisional Secretaries and all delegates and visitors who attended the A.I.C. for their guidance and co-operation extended to run the affairs of CHQ.

Special Thanks were given to Com. K. V. Sridharan Ex-General Secretary, AIPEU Group ‘C’ who has always extended his support, co-operation and guidance to the CHQ.

General Secretary conveyed thanks to Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation, Ex-Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary P3 who could not attend the A.I.C. due to some domestic problems but he has always extended his co-operation, guidance and support to run the affairs of CHQ.

After that Credentials were readout. 711 delegates out of 836 were present. All Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers were also present. The house was declared duly composed by the President and all business transacted was declared under composed house and approved by the house.

After that agenda items were got approved by the President one by one.

As per agenda election was held and new set of office bearers was elected unanimously which is mentioned as under.

The session was presided by Com. G. Janakiram, Working President.

President                                -           Com. N. Subramanian (Tamilnadu)

Working Presidents                 -         Com. G. Janakiram (Karnataka)
-                 Com. Sudheer Mane (Maharashtra)
Vice Presidents                       -          Com. R. K. Chaubey (Madhya Pradesh)
                                                -           Com. Nanda Sen (West Bengal)

General Secretary                  -          Com. R. N. Parashar (Uttar Pradesh)

Deputy General Secretary      -         Com. Janardan Majumdar (West Bengal)
Asst. General Secretaries       -         Com. P. K. Muralidharan (Kerala)
                                                -           Com. A. Veeramani (Tamilnadu)
                                                -           Com. S. S. R. A. Prasad (Telangana)

Financial Secretary                -         Com. Balwinder Singh (Delhi)

Asstt. Financial Secretary       -        Com. Naresh Gupta (Haryana)

Organizing Secretaries           -         Com. Rajasekaran (Andhra Pradesh)
                                                -           Com. Bruhaspati Samal (Odisha)
                                                -           Com. A. M. Sekar (Tamilnadu)

Chairperson               -           Com. Geeta Bhattacharjee (Delhi
Convenor                   -           Com. P. Rema (Kerala)
Joint Convenor          -           Com. Mausumi Majumdar (Assam)
Members                    -           Com. K. K. Jagadamma (Kerala)
                                    -           Com. K. Pushpeshwari (Telangana)
                                    -           Com. A. Valarmathi (Tamilnadu)
                                    -           Com. J. Renuga (Tamilnadu)
                                    -           Com. M. Shanti (Tamilnadu)
                                    -           Com. Chaitra Gowda (Karnataka)
                                    -           Com. Mangala Bhagwat (Karnataka)
                                    -           Com. Sunita Dwivedi (Chattisgarh)
                                    -           Com. Ritu Nuniya (Rajasthan)
                                    -           Com. Mausami Bhattacharya (West Bengal)
                                    -           Com. Namrata Swamy (Maharashtra)
                                    -           Com. Yogita Patil (Maharashtra)
                                    -           Com. Alma Minz (Madhya Pradesh)
                                    -           Com. Charissa Myrthong (North East)

At last General Secretary thanked the Reception Committee for organizing the A.I.C in a good manner for which Com. S. S. R. A. Prasad, Com. Raj Kumar, Com. Suresh, Com. Ravinder Reddy, Com. Vishwanath and other members deserve the appreciation.

Vote of thanks was given by Com. S. S. R. A. Prasad General Secretary, Reception Committee.

At last President Concluded the A.I.C. by delivering brief speech.

The AIPEU GDS CHQ conveyed heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all the CHQ office bearers of AIPEU GrC. in their 32nd AIC.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

AIPEU GrC (NFPE) : 32nd All India Conference - Hyderabad - Telangana Circle

DAY - 1 : 20-10-2019 (Sunday)

The 32nd All India Conference of AIPEU GrC has been held from 20th to 22nd October 2019 in  the premises of Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad, Telangana Circle.

The open session commenced after flag hoistation and floral tributes to martyrs at the venue. The meeting presided by Com.J.Ramamoorthy, All India President, Gr.C CHQ. Com.S.S.R.A Prasad welcomed all the Leaders, Guests, Invitees, Delegates and observers of the conference.

Welcome speech by Com.K.K.N.Kutty, President, Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers. 

Meeting inaugurated by Com.Swadesh Dev  Roye, National Secretary, CITU & Dy. General Secretary, WFTU.

Today's speakers :
  • Shri P.K.Bisoi, Member (P), Postal Services Board
  • Shri Charles Lobo, Chief Post Master General, Karnataka & Addl Charge to Telangana Circle. 
  • Dr.K.Nageswar, Ex-MLC,
  • Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Financial Secretary, CCGEW & Secretary General, Civil Accounts
  • Com. C.C.Pillai, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE
  • Com.Usha Bowenpally, Chairperson, Mahila Committee, CCGEW
  • Com.Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE & G/S R-III
  • Com.Jasmin Jalal Begum, General Secretary, AIPSBCOEA
  • Com.S.B.Yadav, General Secretary, AIPAEA
  • Com.R.Sitalakshmi, Ex-General Secretary-P & Dy. Secretary General, NFPE
  • Com.P.Mohan, General Secretary, AIPCCPCWF
  • Com.S.L.V.Subbu, General Secretary, AIPAOEU



Thursday, October 17, 2019

India Post (Indian Postal Department) Recruitment for 5473 GDS Posts 2019 (Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana circles)

India Post (Bhartiya Dak Vibhag) Postal Department of India has published Advertisement for below mentioned Posts 2019. Other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply are given below in the advertisement.

Gramin Dak Sewak (BPM & ABPM for 
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Chhattisgarh Postal Circles)

State / Category wise Vacancy Details: 
  • Andhra Pradesh- 2707 Posts
    • Gen-1178 Posts,
    • ST-165 Posts,
    • SC-286 Posts,
    • OBC-593 Posts,
    • EWS-384 Posts,
    • PWD-101 Posts
  • Chhattisgarh-1799 Posts
    • Gen-667 Posts,
    • ST-552 Posts,
    • SC-232 Posts,
    • OBC-54 Posts,
    • EWS-222 Posts,
    • PWD-72 Posts
  • Telangana-970 Posts
    • Gen-439  Posts,
    • ST-85 Posts,
    • SC-119 Posts,
    • OBC-176  Posts,
    • EWS-114 Posts,
    • PWD-37 Posts

Total No. of Posts: 5473

Educational Qualification:
  • Candidates who have passed Their High School/Matriculation level exam from a recognized Board along with Basic Computer training Certificate of at least 60 days duration course will be considered for this recruitment.
  • Language Knowledge- Candidates must have knowledge of the local language of their postal circle in Speaking & Writing will be preferred for this recruitment.
  • Cycling Knowledge– Candidates must know cycling will be preferred too for this recruitment.

Age Limit: (As on 15-10-2019)
Minimum –18 Years
Maximum – 40 Years

Age Relaxation (Upper Age Limit):
OBC – 43 Years
SC/ST – 45 Years
SC/ST – 45 Years

Application Fee:
Gen/OBC – Rs.100/-
SC/ST/PH/Female – Exempted
Candidates have to submit their Fee at the Head post office

Pay Scale: 
Branch Post Master (BPM)-Rs. 12,000/- per month
Assistant Branch Post Master (ABPM)-Rs. 10,000/- per month

Selection Process: Candidates will be selected based on merit.

How to Apply: Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website.
Andhra Pradesh | Chhattisgarh | Telangana

Apply Online: Click Here

Important Dates:
Registration Date:
Starting Date: 15-October-2019
Registration Last Date: 14-November-2019

Apply Online Date:
Starting Date: 22-October-2019
Last Date: 21-November-2019
Fee Payment Last Date: 21-November-2019

Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.