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Monday, March 31, 2014

A renowned leader for NFPE, Odisha Circle - Com.R.N.Dhal retired from service on 31-03-2014.

AIPEU GDS (NFPE) CHQ conveyed best wishes & heartfelt greetings to Com.R.N.Dhal and wish his retirement life will be healthier & peaceful. 
Further requested hopefully to continue his services for the organizations of NFPE and exploited class in Odisha. 
A brief history of Com.Rabindra Nath Dhal:
    Born on 2nd March, 1954, Com. Dhal joined in the Department of Posts on 3rd November, 1973  in sorter cadre ( now called Sorting Assistant. ) in Rourkela RMS under RMS K Division, Jharsuguda. After his transfer to RMS N Division Cuttack under Rule-38 of Postal Manual, Vol. IV, he came in contact with Com. Banshidhar Mohanty, the then Circle Secretary,  R – III and Com. Joginath Jena, Divisional Secretary, R – IV and started his Trade Union career. 
        He was elected the Branch Secretary, R – IV in 1983 and the Branch Secretary – R – III during 1986-87.He was elected Asst. Circle Secretary R-III and R – IV in 1985.Consequent upon retirement of Com. Banshidhar Mohanty on 31.10.1988, 
    Com. Dhal shouldered the responsibility of the Circle Secretary, R –III and continued as an uncontested leader till his retirement.  He became the Asst. general Secretary of R-III, CHQ in 2005 in Chennai AIC and  became the Leader , RJCM ( Staff Side ) in 2008.    He has been nominated to Odisha Circle Staff Welfare Board for 3 terms. He shouldered the responsibility the Odisha State CoC of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers in 2004 and that of the NFPE in 2008 as Asst. General Secretary. He worked efficiently as the General Secretary of Confederation’s Odisha State CoC since 2011. 
     Under his able leadership, not only NFPE and Confederation were / are  functioning in a well organized manner, due to his hard work, devotion  and sincerity, the AIPEU GDS ( NFPE ) has been  formed in many divisions in Odisha Circle since 2012.
        He initiated to form All India Postal & RMS Pensioners’ Association, Odisha Circle Branch on 28th December, 2013. 
    He is also the Joint-Convener of Odisha Shramik Karmachari Ekta Manch and Cuttack City CoC. 
    He has remained always a friend not only to the Group-C/Group-D/MTS/GDS but even to the Part-time Casual / Contingent Paid/Daily-wage workers. 
    His contribution to the Postal and RMS workers of Odisha Circle during  Super Cyclone in arranging  Bank Loan to the destitute will be remembered for ever. 
        In the same spirit he also continued fighting for sanction of pay advance in favour of the Phailin  affected GDS of Odisha Circle.
     He does not believe in any class prevailing in the society except the working class and has  always opted for plain living and high thinking. He has neglected his family but never neglected the union and its members/workers.

Red salute to Com.R.N.Dhal.......

The 33rd Joint Circle Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union-Group-C, AIRMS Mail Guard & MTS Gr.-C, Odisha Circle branch concluded successfully on 30.03.2014 at Kalavikash Kendra, Cuttack.  A women employees convention is also conducted in this conference.

source (with courtesy) :: AIPEUP3BBSR

Now, postal department to deliver pamphlets at voters' doorsteps in Allahabad -NEWS

ALLAHABAD: With election campaigning catching pace, candidates and their supporters need to be ready to face the heat, literally.

The soaring mercury is set to trouble those campaigning door-to-door in both urban and rural areas. At such a time, the postal department is set to give some relief to political parties with a novel method. According to a new scheme, the department will deliver pamphlets of candidates in their chosen area through Direct Post.

The director of postal services for the Allahabad region, Krishna Kumar Yadav, said as it would not be possible for candidates to reach each and every house in their constituency and also follow restrictions on processions and road shows, the postal department scheme would help them in canvassing for votes.

While social media has limited access in rural areas and there are limits enforced by operators on text messages on mobile phones, direct post may be the best choice for candidates campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections.

Under the scheme, candidates and parties can hand over election pamphlets to the post office and a postman will deliver them to all the houses in the area specified by them. The cost is just Rs 1.5 per pamphlet but there should be at least 1,000 of these for a package.

The director further said that with increasing commercial activity, the need for direct advertising of products and services is growing.

Direct Post is the unaddressed component of Direct Mail and would comprise unaddressed postal articles like letters, cards, brochures, questionnaires, pamphlets, samples, promotional items like CDs, coupons, posters, or any other form of printed communication not prohibited by the Indian Post Office Act, 1898, or Indian Post Office Rules, 1933.

For local distribution, India Post would charge Rs 1.5 per article for the first 20 grams and Rs.2 per article for distribution anywhere in the country. However, for every additional 20 grams or less, in both local and inter-city cases, Rs 1 extra would be charged, Yadav added.

Source : Times of india

Move to sensitise Postal staff on customer care - NEWS

The Postal Department has launched an exercise to train the Postmasters and frontline staff on customer care.
At the inaugural of a two-day training programme on market intelligence being organised in association with Integral Institute of Advanced Management (IIAM), MVP Colony, Director of Postal Services Vennam Upender said on Saturday that they were training their staff to equip themselves to cope up with the competition.
About 50 employees from Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and East Godavari are participating.
IIAM Dean and Secretary S.P. Ravindra said the Postal Department was known for its branding and acceptability and its market reliability was unparallel anywhere in the world due to constant endeavour to improve efficiency parameters. IIAM Director R. Ramachandra Naik and senior faculty Hargopal spoke.

Source :The Hindu

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reporting of Death cases to the Directorate promptly ..

Click here   for the order copy

Age relaxation for certain women* is applicable only for recruitment through SSC & Employment exchange only

A reply from the Dept. of  Post to the letter addressed by Gr.C CHQ for the applicability of recent DoP&T order on age relaxation for appointment of widows, divorced women & women judicially separated and who were not remarried for the present direct recruitment of PA/SA 2014, the DoP clarified that the DoP&T order is applicable to the cases of appointment through "Staff Selection Commission & Employment Exchange" only.

The concession is not extended to the recruitment from open competition.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

India Post trying to increase biz -- NEWS item

India Post plans to network 25,000 urban post offices by the end of this year and open 2,800 additional ATMs by March 2015
 India Post is trying to increase business by pushing customers to open post office savings accounts upon maturity or early withdrawal of their small saving schemes. This comes at a time when its chances of securing a banking licence from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) appear bleak due to inadequate infrastructure for banking operations.
While India Post, which has about 155,000 branches across the country, has a wider reach, compared with 98,000 bank branches, it has only 287 million accounts, compared with 903 million bank accounts. Considering the entity’s banking aspirations, more regular customers are significant.
“The process is complicated. They (India Post) have applied under the new guidelines. So, they have to satisfy the new criteria. Also, they will have to do what private banks do,” said a finance ministry official.
After the formal launch of core banking solutions (CBS) for networking 100-odd branches last month, post offices have apparently stopped issuing cheques to customers upon maturity of their deposits in small savings schemes, National Savings Certificates and public provident funds. The move is aimed at encouraging customers to transfer these funds to post office savings accounts.

An official in the Department of Posts, however, said there was no directive to force people to open savings accounts in post offices. Customers were being encouraged to withdraw money from automated teller machines (ATMs) so that they didn’t crowd post office counters, he added. “There are many senior citizens, etc, who come to withdraw their money at the end of the quarter or the year. So, it is better to withdraw from ATMs.”
Postmasters could be encouraging those who didn’t have accounts to open those, as this didn’t involve costs and the money was automatically transferred to the savings account on the same day, the official said. “So, it is easier and faster.”
Customers, however, argue managing multiple accounts was inconvenient. They also reject the perception that adopting CBS is leading to non-issuance of cheques. “The argument given by the postal department is since it has moved to CBS, it cannot issue cheques. However, banks that have had CBS for several years are still issuing cheques using the same technology platform, Finnacle,” said Rajesh Kumar, a post office customer from Assam. According to RBI guidelines, withdrawals exceeding Rs 25,000 have to be carried out only through cheques or transfers to savings accounts.
India Post plans to network 25,000 urban post offices by the end of this year and open 2,800 additional ATMs by March 2015. Better last-mile connectivity would help it strengthen its case for securing a bank license.
Private sector entities such as Reliance Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bajaj Finance, Muthoot Finance, Religare Enterprises and Shriram Capital have also applied for bank licenses.
The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is planning to move the Cabinet to seek approval for the funds required to India Post’s banking operations, in case it secures a licence. Though the ministry has urged its finance counterpart to allot Rs 623 crore to finance the proposed banking debut, the funds have not been approved yet.



Yet an another initiative our comrades of  NFPE KERALA CIRCLE has launched a website  to cater the need of aspiring PA/ SA candidates to face the exam with full of confidence .

The main features as they planned to provide:

1. Model Questions & Answers
2. Frequent Updates
3. Current Events
4. Tips & Tricks.
5. Miscellaneous Information

                I am extremely happy to learn that National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) Kerala Circle is creating a website for the benefit of those who aspire for a career in the Dept of Posts. 
                 The Dept of Posts offers its employees great opportunities for serving the society. India Post with its wide spread and reach and customer coverage is unique in its capability to touch the lives of people and offer them services in the all important area of communications.
                 The youth of today are a veritable repository of energy and capacity to work and serve. But they have to be made aware of their boundless capabilities and opportunities around for growth and fulfillment. I wish NFPE Kerala Circle all success in their noble attempt to help the young in harnessing their potential. Technology meets its mission only when it spurs the growth of the society. May the web site that is designed now serve numberless young aspirants. May this turn out to be a blueprint for the building of a group of young people habituated to achieving and in the process, serving society.
                                                                                  Indira Krishnakumar
                                                               Member of Postal Services Board(Retd)

                National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) is touching the lives of about five lakhs Postal & RMS employees in one way or other during the last more than one hundred years ie; from the very day of its inception as a Recreation Club at Kolkata GPO during the British raj.  It is not only an organization fighting for the cause of the Postal & RMS employees, but takes care of every aspects of the day to day life of the employees, like a mother caring her child.  The coaching for the candidates who applied for the PA/SA posts is one such venture to help the candidates to face the competitive examination with confidence.

                          I wish that all the candidates will wholeheartedly welcome this voluntary service and endeavour of NFPE and let this blog guide them to success and thereby to become a member of postal family and also the glorious organization, NFPE.
Sincerely yours,
M. Krishnan,                                                                                                                         
Secretary General, NFPE,