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........ CITIZENS DUTY & SLOGAN ::: It shall be the duty of every Citizen of India to defend the Country and render National service when called upon to do so ... SLOGAN ::: "That loyalty to the Country becomes ahead of all other loyalties. And this is an absolute loyalty since one can not weight it in terms of what one receives" (Lal Bahadur Shastri) ..... face book page link for 4th AIC of AIPEU GDS ... ......... .......

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......... .............. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POSTS OF GDS ..................... 4th All India Conference of AIPEU GDS - 8th & 9th October 2022 -- Kasaragod - Kerala ......


... ... Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO .. 6294343737 / 9748659815.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Friday, November 29, 2019

Payment of Gratuity to GDS for the period from 01-01-2016 to 30-06-2018 - Clarification

Postal Relief Fund / Voluntary contribution fund in Postal Circle -- not allowed


FROM 25th TO 27Tth NOVEMBER-2019
Com. P.V. Rajandran , R-III Kerala
Work President
Com.U.K.Tiwari.P-III (Bihar)
Vice President -1
Com.K.K.Sharma,.R-IV Delhi.
Vice President -2
Com. S B Yadav , O/o DAP , Lucknow (UP)
Vice President -3
Com. A.Sree Niwas,R-III.Karnataka
Com. R.N. Parashar- P-III ,Mathura (UP)
Dy. Secretary General
Com.D.B.Mohanty.,P-IV Odisha.
Assistant Secy. Genl.-1
Com.Janardan Majumdar P-III.West Bengal
Assistant Secy. Genl.-2
Com. S.Veeran.,P-III Tamilnadu
Assistant Secy. Genl.-3
Con. Com.BalKrishna Chalke, P-IV Maharashtra
Financial Secretary
Com. Ashwini Kumar, P-IV Delhi.



Brief Report Federal Council

11th Federal Council of NFPE was held at Shreeji  Bawa  Ashram, Bhuteshwar, Mathura (UP) from 25.11.2019 to 27.11.2019 . Federal Executive meeting was also held at te same place on 24.11.2019.

Federal Council was commenced with Flag hoisting at 10.30 A.M. at the Venue. National Flag was hoisted by Com. KKN Kutty, President, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. M. Krishnan Ex. Secretary General of NFPE & Secretary General Confederation. After that Floral Tributes were paid to the Martyrs by all the Leaders, Federal Councillors and Visitors.

The Inaugural Session started at 11A.M.  on 25.11.2019. Com. Giri Raj Singh , President , presided  over the meeting. Homage was paid to all leaders and Union activists and common man who expired during the period under review.

The Federal Council was inaugurated by Com. KKN Kutty, President , Confederation of CGE&W, who elaborately described the present political & economic situation of the Country and the working  class in general and Central Government employees in particular. He deliberated about the issues related to 7th Pay Commission and criticized the policies of government who is going ahead on the path of Corporatization and privatization in various Government sectors and Public sector undertakings.

Other Leaders including Com. M.S. Raja, Working President, Confederation & Ex. Secretary General –Audit & Accounts Association , Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Treasurer, Confederation and Secretary General Ciivil Accounts Employees Association, Com. CC Pillai, Ex. Secretary General –NFPE ,  and Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex. Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary AIPRPA addressed the inaugural session..

Postmaster General , Agra, Shri Ambesh Upamanyu also greeted the Federal Council  as representative of the Department of Posts. He was accompanied by Shri Umrao Singh SSPOs, Mathura, Shri Sengar, ADPS RO Agra and Sr. Postmaster, Mathura, Shri Arun Kumar Yadav

On behalf of Reception Committee Cm. V.B. Pachauri & Circle President P-III (UP) ,welcomed all the leaders guests, Federal Councillors and Visitors.

Com. R.N. Parashar  gave an introductory speech  about the functioning of NFPE and he also welcomed  all guests , leaders , Federal Councillors and visitors on behalf of the NFPE.

Open session ended at 2 P.M. on 25.11.2029 .

Vote of thanks was given by Com. Shesh Mani Tripathi Circle Secretary P-III UP.

The delegate session was started at 4 P.M. in the evening 25.11.2019. Com. Giri Raj Singh, President  presided over the session.  After composing the house with the Federal Councillors and Federal Executive Members by the President first of all the agenda was approved by the house.

Com. President asked Secretary General to present triennial report and to initiate the discussion. Com. R.N. Parashar , Secretary General presented the triennial report , Audited  Accounts and initiated the discussion on agenda items.

After that deliberations was started by the Federal Councillors. About 36  delegates took part in the discussion and they raised the issues related to their sectors.

Delegate session continued from 25.11.2019 After noon to 27.11.2019 A/N.

‘In between the delegate session Com. K.V. Sridharan, Ex. General Secretary P-III and Com. M. Krishnan  Secretary General Confederation also delivered  their speeches.

After deliberation of Federal Councillors , all General Secretaries of affiliated unions and NFPE  Office Bearers also spoken on the agenda.

At last Com. R.N. Parashar , summed up the discussion and replied the queries and questions raised by the Federal Councillors and also told about the functioning of Departments and the policy offensives being unlashed on the Department in the wake of lo-liberal economic  policies . He assured all that every efforts will be made to redress the grievances which come before the employees. He appealed all to make the 8th January-2020 Strike a grand success in Department of Posts.

Besides this he declared agitational programmes in phased manner as follows refelecting the trend of the debate by the Federal Councillors, .

1.         Submission of Memorandum on the problems prevailed in the Department  by making a Charter of Demands in the month of December,2019.

2.         Divisional Level Dharna in the month of January-2020.
3.         Circle level Dharna in the month of February-2020.
4.         All India Dharna in Delhi in the month of March-2020.
5.         After that Strike will be called for if the demands are not met.

            Dates will be finalized in Federal Secretariat Meeting to be held soon.

Com. Janardan Majumdar Convenor, resolution Committee presented resolutions on important subjects which were approved by the house unanimously.

Com. Balwinder Singh , Convenor , Credential Committee presented   the credentials.

Com. President called all the Federal Councillors in  the house and after that  election of office bearers was held for next three years term.

The following office bearers were elected unanimously:

Com. P.V. Rajandran , R-III Kerala
Com.U.K.Tiwari.P-III (Bihar)
Com.K.K.Sharma,.R-IV Delhi.
Com. S B Yadav , O/o DAP , Lucknow (UP)
Com. A.Sreeniwas,R-III.Karnataka
Com. R.N. Parashar- P-III ,Mathura (UP)
Com.D.B.Mohanty.,P-IV Odisha.
Com.Janardan Majumdar P-III.West Bengal
Com. S.Veeran.,P-III Tamilnadu
Con. Com.BalKrishna Chalke, P-IV Maharashtra
Com. Ashwini Kumar, P-IV Delhi.
Work President
Vice President -1
Vice President -2
Vice President -3
Dy. Secretary General
Assistant Secy. Genl.-1
Assistant Secy. Genl.-2
Assistant Secy. Genl.-3
Financial Secretary

After election felicitation was given to the out going office bearers i.e. Com. Giri Raj Sigh , President, A. Manoharan, Working President, R. Seethalakshmi, Dy. S/G & Com. S. Ragupathy AS/G by the Reception Committee by garlanding and presenting shawls and Mementos.

The Federal Council ended with the Presidential speech.

Vote of thanks was given by the Secretary General.



Sunday, November 24, 2019

08-01-2020 : Nationwide one day strike - Confederation Circular dtd.18-11-2019

D O letter of Secy (Posts) to all CPMsG regarding target allotted to Department of Posts during 2019-20


UIDAI : Reward Scheme to Postal Employees .............


Nationwide strike on 8th January 2020 ....

India Post Mobile Banking FAQs

  1. What is the link for DOP Mobile Banking?
    Below is the Google Play store link to download the DOP Mobile Banking app for Android phones.

  1. What are the pre-requisites for availing DOP Mobile Banking?
  • Valid Active Single or Joint "B" Savings account
  • Should have been opted of Internet banking.
  • Provide necessary KYC documents, if not already submitted
  • Active DOP ATM/Debit card
  • Valid unique mobile number
  • Email address
  • PAN number​
  1. How to register for DOP Mobile Banking?​Download the channel application form from the below path & submit the application at home branch Post Office along with required documents and Post Office will register for DOP Mobile banking.

  2. How to activate my DOP Mobile Banking?​After registering for DoP Mobile Banking as mentioned in point 3 above, download India Post mobile banking app from Google play store and use the option Activate mobile banking and follow the pre-defined steps after 24 hours of registration​
  3. What is my User ID?​User ID is the CIF ID printed on the first page of your Passbook, if channel login credentials of mobile banking is not changed by you in Update channel login ID option under My Profile section in internet banking
  4. What is the permissible limit for wrong login/transaction password attempts?​Permissible limit for wrong login is 3 attempts and 5 for transaction password.​
  5. What if I type my M-PIN or transaction password wrong and how many wrong attempts are permitted?​In case, M-PIN is entered wrongly for 3 times, your user ID will be disabled from logging in. In case, transaction password is entered wrongly for 5 times, transaction rights will be disabled​
  6. What is the procedure to get DOP Mobile Banking login enabled and transaction rights enabled, if disabled?
For enabling DOP Mobile Banking login, use Activate mobile banking tab and provide the required information sought by the application for enabling the disabled login. If, transaction rights are disabled, please address the issue by mentioning the CIF ID/User ID to dopebanking from your registered email ID with the issue details​
  1. What if I forget my M-PIN?​For resetting of M-PIN in Indiapost Mobile Banking app, use Activate mobile banking tab and provide the required information sought by the application​
10. What if my transaction password is expired while performing transaction?​DOP Mobile Banking application will prompt you to change the transaction password.​ ​
  1. Whether my user ID can be changed?​Yes, the user ID can be changed only once through internet banking login under My profile > Update channel login ID option​
  2. What if my user ID is forgotten?​Please address the issue by mentioning the CIF ID printed on the first page of the passbook to dopebanking from your registered email ID with the issue details​
  3. Can I transfer funds and make deposits?​Funds can be transferred from one POSB account to another POSB account either self-payee or third-party payee.
    Deposits can be made from your SB account to your own RD account, Repayment of RD half withdrawal, PPF account and Loan on PPF​​
  4. What if some of my Post office accounts are not visible in my DOP Mobile Banking login?​Please visit the home branch PO of that account to change the customer ID/CIF ID with the eBanking/​m-banking registered CIF/Customer ID​
  5. What type of accounts can I open through mobile banking?​You can open either RD or TD accounts which is available under Requests option in Home tab.​
  6. What type of account can be closed in mobile banking?​No option is available for closing of accounts in DOP Mobile Banking. However, in internet banking login, RD and TD accounts can be closed or pre-closed as per the existing POSB norms​
  7. Can I register a stop cheque request?​Yes, it can be done, under Cheques > Stop cheque in the main screen.​
  8. Can I change transaction password?​Yes, it can be changed in internet banking only under My Profile > Change Passwords option.
  9. Can I change M-PIN?​Yes, it can be changed using Activate Mobile banking tab.
  10. What if I forget transaction password?​Please login into DoP Internet banking, use forget password and reset the transaction password by answering the security questions.​
  11. Can I take PPF withdrawal through mobile banking?​No, there is no such option available in DOP Mobile Banking. However, it can be availed in internet banking for the eligible amount as per POSB rules.​
  12. Can I repay RD half withdrawal (Loan)?​Yes, RD half withdrawal repayment can be made.​
  13. How can I disable my DOP mobile banking?​Approach home branch PO for disabling DOP Mobile Banking​
  14. How do I get the passbook for RD / TD accounts opened through DOP Mobile Banking?​The customer should approach the home branch (where the CIF ID is attached), identify himself and provide the account number(s) opened online, to get the passbook(s).​
  15. How can I get support from DoP for any issues regarding DOP Mobile Banking operations?​Please call our customer care toll free number 1800-425-2440 between 9 AM to 6 PM for any assistance or you can write to us on our email

S.No.FunctionalityMobile Banking
1Account Balance & Details – Saving, RD, LARD, TD, PPF, Loan Against PPF, NSCYes
2Transaction History -- Saving, RD, TD, PPF, Loan Against PPF, NSCYes
3Mini Statement – Saving, PPFYes
4Fund transfer between Own Savings accounts and Other Users Savings Accounts within DOPYes
5Fund transfer from Savings account to Own/Linked RD and Own/Linked LARD AccountsYes
6Fund transfer from Savings account to Own/Linked PPF  (Subscription and Loan on PPF) AccountsYes
Service Requests
7Requesting for RD account openYes
8Requesting for TD account openYes
9Requesting for Stop cheque(s)Yes​




Friday, November 22, 2019

Confederation Circular dtd 18-11-2019

No. Confdn/NS/2016-19                                                                              Dated-18.11.2019
 1.        All National Secretariat Members (CHQ Office Bearers)
 2.        All Affiliated organisations
 3.        All General Secretaries of C-O-Cs.
(including Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual/Contract Workers)
th DECEMBER, 2019.
*        Strike to be organised on 10 points Charter of demands of Confederation (attached herewith) and also the common demands of workers adopted in the National Convention of Workers.
*        First and most important demand to be emphasized is “SCRAP NPS AND RESTORE OPS”.
*        Each affiliated organisation should independently chalkout intensive campaign programmes to mobilise their entire membership to participate in the strike.  Campaign tour programmes of leaders of each affiliate should be chalked out immediately.  This is most important and urgent.
*        Campaign tour programmes of National Secretariat Members of Confederation will be published shortly.
*        Draft copy of the pamphlet to be distributed among all the Central Government employees will be published in the Confederation website shortly.  C-O-Cs and Affiliates at state/district level to bring out pamphlets in respective vernacular, with additions/modifications if necessary.
*        State C-O-Cs should publish Posters with Confederation Charter of demands.
*        Strike notice along with Charter of demands will be served on 12th December, 2019.
          Confederation Central Headquarters will serve strike notice to Cabinet Secretary.  All Affiliated organisations should serve strike notice to their respective Departmental heads.  Copy of the strike notice should be submitted to all lower level authorities also at State/District/Divisional level with mass demonstrations and gate meetings.
*        Affiliated organisations should send copy of the strike notice served by them to their Departmental heads, to all their lower units and also publish the same in their websites.
*        State/District C-O-Cs should plan their own campaign programmes and mobilisation meetings.
*        Confederation Central Headquarters has already written to the Secretary General of Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisation (CCGGOO) requesting to participate in the 8th January 2020 strike.
*        Message of the strike and strike demands should reach each and every Central Govt. employee including Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual, Part-time contingent, daily-rated and Contract Workers.
*        All Affiliates and C-C-Cs should ensure maximum participation of Central Govt. employees in all the campaign and mobilisation programmes of Joint Action Council of Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations also.
*        As in the past, Government may issue circulars, threatening the employees who participate in the strike.  Ignore all such circulars and join the strike with courage and determination.  Don’t believe in rumours.  All information related to the strike will be published in Confederation website
*        Mass dharna at all important centres and also at State/District/Divisional headquarters may be organised on 20th December 2019, with maximum participation of Central Govt. Employees.
*        Give maximum publicity through local media, social media and websites.  Send photos and reports by whatsapp or Email to Confederation Headquarters.
*        Central Government Pensioners Associations may be requested to particpate in all mobilisation programmes and also to organise solidarity programme on 8th January, 2020.
          Remember, all our existing benefits and rights are achieved through struggles and sacrifices only.  No strike action will go in vain.  No sacrifice will go in vain.  We will fight and we will win.
II.       National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers:
          As already informed to all in the Circular dated 01-08-2019, the next National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held at NAGPUR (Maharashtra) on 07-02-2020 and 08-02-2020 (7th & 8th February 2020; Friday and Saturday).  Delegate fee per head is Rs.1,000/- (Rs. One thousand only).  In addition to delegates, visitors are also allowed to attend the Conference on payment of Rs.1,000/- (Rs. One thousand only) per head.
          All Affiliated organisations and C-O-Cs are requested to ensure maximum participation of delegates and visitors in the National Conference, including maximum Lady delegates and visitors.
          Please book the travel tickets of the delegates and visitors well in advance.  Last minute, confirmed tickets will not be available.
          C-O-C, Vidharbha Region, Maharashtra, Nagpur, is hosting the National Conference.  Contact Number: Com: Nilesh D Nasare, General Secretary, C-O-C, Vidarbha Region, Nagpur & All India Organising Secretary, Confederation CHQ, Mob: 09850354898.
          Women’s Sub Committee of the Confederation will be re-constituted in the Conference and New Office Bearers will be elected.
          The names and mobile numbers of leaders, delegates and visitors attending the National Conference may be intimated to the Reception Committee on or before 31-12-2019.  This is required for arranging accommodation.
          C-O-C Mumbai, C-O-C Nagpur and nearby states C-O-Cs may ensure participation of more delegates/visitors/lady comrades.
          Formal notice of the National Conference will be issued shortly.
          Number of Delegates and Quota Remittance:
          Number of eligible delegates of each Affiliated organisation and C-O-C is decided based on the quota remitted.  The National Secretariat meeting of Confederation held at Hyderabad on 19th October 2019, has decided that the subscription/quota dues list of affiliates will be placed in the Comnfederation website by the Financial Secretary shortly and all will be once again asked to pay out the arrears by 20-12-2019.  On the basis of remittances received thereupon, voting rights will be compiled and exhibited in the website.
          Contact number of Com.Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Financial Secretary, Confederation CHQ - 09868520926 and 09013163804.
          All the Affiliated organisations and C-O-Cs are once again requested to remit the subscription/quota dues on or before 20-12-2019 without fail and ensure participation of maximum delegates and visitors in the National Conference.
          Fraternally yours,
          M. Krishnan,
          Secretary General,
          Mob: 09447068125
1.      Scrap New Contributory Pension scheme (NPS).   Restore Old defined benefit Pension Scheme (OPS) to all employees.  Guarantee 50% of the last pay drawn as Minimum Pension.
2.      Honour assurance given by Group of Ministers (GoM) to NJCA leaders on 30-06-2016.  Increase Minimum Pay and Fitment formula.  Withdraw the proposed move to modify the existing time-tested methodology for calculation of Minimum wage.  Grant HRA arrears from 01-01-2016.  Withdraw “Very Good” bench mark for MACP,  Grant promotional heirarchy and date of effect from 01-01-2006.  Grant Option-I parity recommended by 7th CPC to all Central Govt. Pensioners.  Settle all anomalies arising  out of 7th CPC implementation.
3.      Stop corporatisation/privatisation of Railways, Defence and Postal Departments.  Withdraw closure orders of Govt. of India Printing Presses.  Stop proposed move to close down Salt Department.  Stop closure of Govt. establishments and outsourcing.
4.      Fill up all six lakhs vacant posts in the Central Government Departments in a time bound manner.  Reintroduce Regional Recruitment for Group B & C posts.
5.      (a)     Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of Civil servant status.  Implement remaining positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee report.
          (b)     Regularise all casual and contract workers including those joined on or after 01-09-1993.
6.      Ensure equal pay for equal work for all.  Remove disparity in pay scales between Central Secretariat staff and similarly placed staff working in field units of various departments.
7.      Implement 7th CPC Wage Revision and Pension revision of remaining Autonomous bodies.  Ensure payment of arrears without further delay.  Grant Bonus to Autonomous body employees pending from 2016-17 onwards.
8.      Remove 5% condition imposed on compassionate appointments.  Grant appointment in all eligible cases.
9.      Grant five time bound promotions to all Group B & C employees. Complete Cadre Review in all departments within a time-frame.
10.    (a)     Withdraw the anti-worker wage/labour codes and other anti-worker Labour reforms.  Stop attack on trade union rights.  Ensure prompt functioning of various negotiating forums under the JCM Scheme at all levels.
          (b)     Withdraw the draconian FR 56 (j) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension Rules 1972.