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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Short Notes on IPPB (MCQ on IPPB - India Post Payments Bank)


Products available in IPPB

1. Saving Account

2. Current Account

1.Saving Account

There are three category in Saving Account

i)  Digital Savings Account  :: account can be opened instantly from home, which means banking anytime, anywhere.But KYC formalities can be done by visiting any of the access points or with the help of the GDS/Postman within 12 months from the date of opening. Account can be opened with ZERO balance.

ii)  Regular Savings Account :: Account can be opened at the bank’s access points and your doorstep. Account can be opened with ZERO balance. Interest rate of 2.75% p.a.  paid quarterly. No commitment of minimum balance and no monthly average balance required to be maintained.

iii) Basic Savings Account :: All features of Regular account apply to Basic account except in limit of withdrawals. Basic Saving Account allows only four withdrawal in a month.  

2. Current Account

It offer the facility to small merchants/ kirana stores and individual businessmen. The current account can be opened at the Post Office Counters or at your doorstep through our Postman/GDS with ZERO balance. Nominal monthly average balance required to be maintained. Unlimited cash deposits and withdrawals. There is scheduled charges for transactions. 

 Services available in IPPB(India Post Payments Bank)


Mobile Banking

By linking your registered mobile number with  IPPB account Mobile banking can be enabled.

3 mandatory input required

  • Account number
  • Customer ID (CIF) and DOB
  • Registered mobile number
  • Mobile banking User ID will be MPIN.
  • SMS Banking (Not enabled)
  • Missed Call Banking (Not enabled)
  • Phone Banking/IVR Banking (Not enabled)

Digital Life Certificate for Pensioner

Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan) is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners. Pensioners of central or state government, Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation or any other government organization whose pension disbursing agency is live for DLC can take benefit of this facility. A nominal fee of Rs. 70 (inclusive of GST/ CESS) will be charged.

Domestic Money Transfer

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has already made Money Transfer products like IMPS, assisted UPI, NEFT, RTGS available for IPPB customers and interoperable AePS for non-customers.

Doorstep Banking

IPPB gives you the opportunity to enjoy banking facilities at your home with Doorstep banking services. IPPB wide network of post offices and postal employees will make banking accessible to the remotest corners of the nation. Can open a bank account, transfer funds, deposit and withdraw cash, recharge or pay bills and accomplish much more with our Doorstep banking services, at nominal charges.

Bills Payments and Recharge

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), give  access to multiple channels for easy, safe and quick payment of bills

  • At Post Office counters
  • Doorstep banking services
  • Mobile Banking App

can pay bills to all major billers and utility service providers in the following categories

  • Mobile and DTH recharge
  • Mobile postpaid, landline and broadband bill payments
  • Electricity, water and gas bill payments
  • Insurance premiums payment

Remittances & Fund Transfers

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) customers can choose from a variety of payment options to transfer money to their family and relatives

  • Immediate Payment Service or IMPS
  • National Electronic Fund Transfer or NEFT
  • Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS
  •  Aadhaar Enabled Payment System or AePS

Direct Benefit Transfers

The Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme was launched in 2013 by the Government of India with an aim to reduce leakages by cutting out middlemen and transferring benefits/subsidies directly to the beneficiary’s bank account

DoP Product Payment

  • Sukanya Samriddhi Account
  • Public Provident Fund
  • Recurring Deposit Account
  • Loan Against Recurring Deposit


IPPB RuPay Virtual Debit Card

Debit cards are one of the most popular instruments these days for cashless transaction & already a prominent mode for payment adopted in India. With growing business of Ecommerce/ Online services in India, usage of debit card on ECOM/ Online merchant transactions are increasing significantly, day by day.

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) presents RuPay Virtual Debit Card to promote Government of India’s digital payments mission and encouraging customers / merchants to shift towards digital payments mode.

 IPPB help line number

  • 155299
  • 155229
  • 152999
  • 155999

  2 .    The following is not a product of IPPB

  • Regular Saving Account
  • Digital Saving Account
  • Basic Saving Account
  • Pension Account


3.  QR card will not be supplied

  • a)Regular Saving Account
  • b)Current account
  • c)Both account
  • d)None of the above


4.   Frequency on Interest Payout on Regular Saving account is

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-Yearly
  • Yearly

5.    A digital Saving Account is subject to closure if the KYC is not submitted

  • a)Within a month from the date of account opening
  • b)Within 12 month from the date of account opening
  • c)Within 6 month from the date of account opening
  • d)Instantly

6.  Monthly average balance required to be maintained in

  • a)Regular Saving Account
  • b)Digital Saving Account
  • c)Basic Saving Account
  • d)Current Account


7.  The feature of automatic swipe out will happen when the amount

  • a)Reaches One lakh
  • b)Above One Lakh
  • c)In both case
  • d)None of these


8 .The following service is not offering by IPPB

  • a)Mobile Banking
  • b)SMS Banking
  • c)Missed-Cal Banking
  • d)None of the above


9. Which of the following cannot be possible through DOOR-STEP Banking

    • a)Regular Saving Account Opening
    • b)Account Closure
    • c)Deposit
    • d)Bill paymen


  • 10.  Payment to which DOP product can be possible through IPPB Mobile App
  • a)PPF
  • b)SCSS
  • c)MIS
  • d)NSC/KVP


  1. 155299
  2. Pension Account
  3. None of the above
  4. Quarterly
  5. Within 12 month from the date of account opening
  6. Current Account
  7. Above One Lakh
  8. None of the above
  9. Account Closure
  10. PPF

Monday, February 22, 2021


RPLI :: Bonus Rates for FY 2021-2022 w.e.f.01-04-2021


PLI :: Bonus rates for FY 2021-22 w.e.f. 01-04-2021


BharatNet Project :: Providing wi-fi in Gram Pranchayats


Postinfo Mobile application - updated on 18.02.2021


Download / Update

Postinfo - Department Posts Android Mobile Application

Postinfo, the citizen centric android Mobile application of Department of Posts developed by Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology .

The app provides the following facilities:

1) Tracking
2) Post office search
3) Postage Calculator
4) Insurance premium calculator
5) Interest calculator
Brief description of each facility is given below;
The tracking facility is made available on this mobile app for the following types of mail items.
• Speed Post • Registered Letter • Insured Letter
• Value Payable Letter • Insured Value Payable Letter • Registered Packets
• Registered Periodicals • Registered Parcel • Insured Parcel
• Value Payable Parcel • Insured Value Payable Parcel • Business Parcel
• Business Parcel COD • Express Parcel • Express Parcel COD
• Electronic Money Order (e-MO)


PLI :: 14 Functionalities Deployed in CIS on 20.02.2021 | CEPT PLI


Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers : Appeal in connection with Farmers' Agitation in Delhi


Dated : 22.02.2021


Though the National media had been persistently distorting the issues connected with the farm enactments that led to the biggest ever agitation of the Indian farmers in recent times, the stir that began two months back had been gaining momentum every day.  The Government characterised the movement as anti-national, backed by the terrorist outfits etc. and exhorted the peopleof the need to halt the ill-advised movement, but  every segment of the society came forward to express concern, support the movement and express the  need for a fruitful dialogue.  The tractor rally organised jointly by several Kisan organisations being unprecedented caught the attention of the Indian people though very many attempts were made to tarnish the image of the leaders of the movement as also the movement itself.  No doubt many in the country felt that Republic day being the most solemn and important day of the Nation, what was stage managed at the Red Fort ought not have happened.  The agitation caught the attention of the world media and there had been innumerable comments from all over the world of the need to address the issue with a view to reach a settlement.  The abject surrender of the Indian Press and the so called free channels to the ruling dispensation was a pathetic sight reminding of the emergency days. The famous comment of Shri L.K. Advani about the Indian Press in those days that they decided to crawl when asked to bend came vividly to one’s mind.    Democracy as we all know can survive as a form of governance only when it is ensured that its dominant pillar, the media is really free, fearless and impartial.

          Despite the untold repression and imposition of UAPA on many leaders the farmers movement could not be cowed down.  Every trick in the book of chicanery was employed but the farmers stood firm, unflinching, scorning at the powers in governance; determined in their pursuit to victory.  Had there been a micro-part of the courage and conviction demonstrated by the farmers, the Central Govt. employees could have written a glorious page of struggle when the promise held out to them in 2016 was not only honoured but discarded with disdain by the Government.  Our weakness, amply demonstrated by our inaction naturally must have emboldened the Government to take away the dearness compensation in April, 2020 when the employees wanted it most. 

The sale of National Assets, commenced decades back has continues unabated.  The 2021 Budget has proposed to sell out the most profitable public enterprise, the Life Insurance Corporation of India. The sale is not for any strategic reason or advantage but only to reduce the fiscal deficit to comply with the terms imposed by the world lending agencies when the country adopted the neo-liberal economic policies. Even during the pandemic days, when the whole of the population suffered immeasurably, when all economic activities came to a grinding halt,  the increase registered in the wealth of 100  Indian millionaires was of the order of Rs. 12.97,822 Crores. According to the Oxfam report, a worker in the unorganised sector will take 10000 years to earn the income generated by  Mukesh Ambani in an hour. During this period the corporate tax was reduced to 22% from. 34.61%.  India thus joined into the privileged club of the very few countries, where the corporate taxes are the lowest.   The concessions extended to the Corporates cost the exchequer 1.45 laksh crore in tax revenue this year. The corporate taxes as a share of GDP came down from 3.5% to 2.2%, whereas the indirect taxes which affects every Indian citizen including the poorest of the poor rose to 5.1% of GDP in 2020-01. In 2020-21 It is expected that the privatisation of  Bharat Petroleum, Air India, Shipping corporation, IDBI, Container Corporation, IDBI, BEML. Pawan Hans, Neelpal Ispat Nigam etc. would be completed. 

The greatest impediment the farmers face today in going ahead with their just and peaceful agitation is the financial stringency.  We feel it is the bounden duty of each and every citizen of the country to help them out to win the war; help them financially by collecting funds and donating it; extend the solidarity and support by organising demonstrative actions and do whatever that is needed to be done.  We, therefore, appeal our affiliates, State COCs, all friends and admirers of the farmers movement to collect funds and remit the same to their respective CHQs who will remit to Confederation HQ. Confederation HQ will donate to the Farmers Organizations. 

With greetings,

                                                                                        Yours fraternally,                             

                                                                R.N. PARASAR
                                                                 Secretary General.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GDS :: Computing of marks for engagement of GDS in light of the Grading System Introduced by CBSE ... clarification


 No.PF-1(e) 2021                                                               Date: 17th February-2021



All General Secretaries / NFPE Office bearers

All Circle / Divisional and Branch Secretaries of NFPE Affiliated Unions


             NFPE Federal Executive meeting was held at Bangalore on 13.02.2021. The meeting begins after paying homage to the departed leaders com. M.S.Raja, R. Seethalakshmi, S.S.Roy, R. Sivanarayana, T. Narasimhan,N R Malviya  and Ex President of India Sri. Pranab Mukherjee, and other eminent personalities who lost their life during this period.

 Com. P. V. Rajendran President NFPE presided over the meeting. Com. R.N.Parashar presented the report. All General Secretaries except Com. Venkata Subbu G/S Admin Union (Represented by com. S. Bhaskaran ) and all office bearers attended the meeting. Com. C.C.Pillai Ex S/G and Com. Girirajsingh Ex President were also present. All the items of agenda proposed were discussed in detail and following resolutions adopted unanimously and decided to organize phased programme of action for settling the issues.


1. Withdraw the orders freezing the DA and DR of CG employees and pensioners and impounding of arrears till 30.06.2021.

2. Scrap the New Pension Scheme and Restore OPS. Grant compensation for non deposit or delayed deposit of contribution under NPS.

3. Settle all Covid related issues. Grant special CL for the Covid treatment/quarantine to the departmental as well as GDS employees. Include Postal employees in priority list for Covid vaccination.  Regularise the absence due to lockdown as work at home as per the directions DOPT. Grant compensation of Rs.10 lakhs to the family of the deceased due to covid-19.

4. Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including HSG11&HSG1 by relaxing the recruitment rules.

5. Settle the net work connectivity issues in POs, RMS and other deptl offices.

6.Settle the issue of denial of increment after 180 days to those officials who opted the fixation on promotion/financial upgradation etc. 180 days may be treated as 6 months as done in other cases.

7. Implement all left out recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra committee report like financial upgradation, insurance coverage etc. to GDS employees.

8.Implement cadre restructuring in all left out categories without further delay.

9. Stop harassment of officials in the name of unscientific business targets and compelling the officials to work on Sundays and holidays for melas etc.

10. Withdraw the Rule 365 of Postal manual volume 1V regarding yearly examination in sorting for granting annual increment for SAs in RMS.

11. Withdraw the Dte orders regarding denying federations from taking up the issues of GDS employees.

12. Resume all transit sections of RMS whenever the trains starts operation. Allow minimum 50 seats in all sections to get 2 doors for mail exchange.

13. Stop opening of unscientific CSC in POs, especially in single handed POs. Stop outsourced postal agent system. Discuss with staff before implementation of all new proposals and schemes.

14. Stop merger/closure of L2 mail offices. Strengthen L2 offices by introducing parcel and speed processing in L2 offices. Fix norms for the work in CRC, PH, SPEEDHUB  etc.

15. Conduct membership verification by check off system for deptl employees. Verification of GDS unions also be carried out without any delay.

16. Conduct physical periodical meetings with staff unions in time at all level.

17. Stop decentralization of Postal ACs. Repatriate all officials who have been transferred to PAO Vijayawada against their option.

18. Stop harassment in the name of contributory negligence in SBCO. SBCO may be brought under the control GM PA&F with change in nomenclature.

19. Absorb PTCL/FTCL against GDS/MTS vacancies . Issue directions for implementation of Dte orders for payment of wages with arrears.

20.       Maintain separate identity of all Cadres i.e. PA CO and PA SBCO etc.

Following programme of actions decided by federal executive for settlement of the demands:

1.    First phase= Massive Dharna in all divisions during April 2021. Vigorous campaign should be organized by the division unions to educate the members about our demands and the attitude of Dept due to the anti-worker policies of the NDA Govt. Before the first phase of action, organize general body meetings, conventions, printing leaflets and campaign through social media.

2.    Second phase= Day long dharna in front of all circle offices  during May 2021. All circle office bearers and division secretaries of affiliates must participate in the dharna.

3.    Third phase= Dharna at Dak Bhavan during May 2021. Circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers of all affiliated unions must participate in the dharna.


 All India convention for declaring further course of action including strike will be held at New Delhi during June 2021.

  Dates of the above programmes, revised charter of demands after in- corporating the resolutions adopted in the federal executive meeting and quota for participation in the All India convention  from circles and affiliated unions will be fixed and intimated soon.

Other important decisions of federal executive meeting are given below:


 Hectic campaign should be organizedfor increasing the membership in all divisions in the forth coming membership verification. Fix a target for the increase of membership and work hard for attaining the target. Ensure maximum membership for AIPEU GDS with the help of P3, P4, R3 and R4 unions and to ensure  AIPEU GDS as the number one in membership.


 3. Decided to go ahead with the appeal filed in the High Court against the exparte judgement of CAT regarding the regularization of GDS employees.

 4. Thorough discussion and review was held regarding the 26th November strike. Even though there was no physical campaign and last minute withdrawal of FNPO, strike was success in majority of the circles. Federal Executive conveys red salute to all comrades who participated in the strike and worked for the success of strike. It was also decided to rectify the weakness happened in some parts by the concerned unions and to build up and strengthen the unity for future struggles.


 Federal Executive meeting decided to organize study Camp/Work Shop to educate and built up new layer of leadership during the month of August 2021 in two zones. South zone camp will be held at Kerala and North Zone will be held at Delhi Circle and division secretaries of all affiliates should participate in the camp. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Odisha and Maharashtra circle will attend South Zone Camp and all the remaining circles will attend north zone camp. More details of the study camp will be informed later.

With revolutionary Greetings

                         Yours Comradely,

                                                                                                         (R.N. Parashar)  
                                                                                                      Secretary General