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Sunday, June 30, 2013

GDS data collection Form for "Health facilities Scheme to GDS''

Reports received by our CHQ that the Form (Annexure) for data collection from GDS under health facilities scheme is yet to be supplied in many Divisions in all the Circles.

As per the Directorate instructions issued on the subject vide its letter dated       28-05-2013, all the data collected from GDS should reach Directorate by 30-06-2013.

It is being detained for the reasons well known and the Divisional Secretaries, Circle Secretaries, Office bearers are requested to provide the information available to all GDS in their respective units and enroll them in the scheme with in the stipulated period.

(The detailed letter of the Directorate is published in our website on 18-06-2013)

Format of the Form (Annexure) is published here under for ready use of GDS:

Worker Name (GDS Name)


Minority ( as per State List) indicate yes/No

Gender (indicate Male or Female)


Fataher’s Name

Phone No.

Present Post held

Name of District

Mandal name:
Sub District or Tehsil or Taluka or Block name may be given

Panchayat Name:
Panchayat Name in case of Panchayat Village or rural areas
Ward No. in case of village where Gram Panchayat does not exist – Village name ( No. of Ward)
Name of Municipal Committee in case of urban areas i.e. Name of Municipal Committee (MC) or Town Council (TC)

Village Name
Village Name in case of rural areas
Ward Number in case of Urban areas – Ward (No.)

Present Residential address

Permanent residential address

Beneficiaries dependent details

with GDS




Date of regular appointment to the GDS Post :
            This is to certify that the particulars mentioned above are true to the best of my knowledge and the beneficiaries dependent details mentioned above are only related to my members of family as defined in Rule 3 (h) of GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011.

Signature of GDS Beneficiary

  Dated :……………

After a long gap of decades, Railways, Defense & Confederation of Central Govt. Employees came on one platform and decided to fight against the anti-employee policies of the Govt. 

The leadership of NFPE & CCGEW rightly focused the justified demand of GDS "Regularization" and well placed in the common Charter of Demands for the ensuing series of struggles.

Now a unique opportunity for GDS to reach the demand of regularization by raising our voice along with the entirety of Central Govt. Employees; Railways, Defense & Confederation of Central Govt. Employees.

All GDS are requested to  take a firm decision for the unity and move to march ahead with a united trade union movement. Ours is ..... a union which is ready to fight jointly with NFPE ........ a union which believes in the unity of regular employees and GDS ......... a union which believes that policies of the Govt. is the main enemy of GDS ........ a union which believes that NFPE alone can lead the battle for emancipation of GDS.

If such determination took place in the intellect minds of GDS.... 
we shall over come - - - - - - 
we shall over come - - - - - - - - - 
We shall over come - - - - - - - - - - - -  this time.

Please follow the Circular :

(Central Head Quarters)


Dear Comrade,
            The representatives of AIRF, AIDEF, Confederation met at AIRF Office today under the Chairmanship of Com. Umraomal Purohit. President, AIRF. The following Comrades were present.
Com. U. M. Purrohit, President AIRF
Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, AIRF
Com. S. N. Pathak, President AIDEF
Com. C. Srikumar General Secretary AIDEF
Com. J. S. Sharma, Org. Secretary: AIDEF
Com. S. K. Vyas, Advisor, Confederation.
Com. K. K. N. Kutty, President, Confederation.
Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation
Com. Virigu Bhattacharjee, Finance Secretary Confederation.
            The meeting decided to forge a Joint Council of Action to pursue the enclosed Charter of Common Demands of CGEs. Com. Umraomal Purohit President AIRF will be the Chairman and Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra will be its Convenor. The following shall be the members of the Council.

1.         Com. U.M. Purohit – AIRF
2.         Com. Shivgopal Mishra-AIRF
3.         To be nominated by AIRF
4.         Com. S.N. Pathak – AIDEF
5          Com. Sree Kumar –AIDEF
6.         To be nominated by AIDEF
7.         Com. S.K. Vyas – Confederation
8.         Com. KKN Kutty – Confederation
9.         Com. M. Krishnan- Confederation

The following demands were included in the Common Charter of demands:

1.    Set up the 7th CPC and frame its terms of reference after consultation with Staff Side.
2.    Merge DA with pay for all purposes.
3.    Scrap the New Contributory Pension Scheme.
4.    Regularize (a) Gramin Dak Sevaks of Postal Department.(b)Daily rated workers , (c) Contract Labourers:
5.    Remove 5% Ceiling on Compassionate appointments.
6.    Settle all 6th CPC anomalies raised in the National Anomaly Committee and implement the Arbitration Awards.
7.    Remove Ceiling of Rs. 3500 on computation of Bonus.

            All organizations may include the department –specific and other demands in Part B of the Charter and seek settlement thereof with the appropriate authorities.

            The meeting also decided to submit the Charter of demands to the Cabinet Secretary and seek negotiated settlement.

            The Council will meet again in the first week of August 2013 to decide upon the date of National Convention and other programmes of action in pursuance of the Charter of demands.

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General

Wednesday, June 26, 2013








NFPE Takes the lead
indefinite  strike  -- if gds are not included in viith cpc -- historic decision of 9th federal council
               Once again NFPE has taken the lead for the emancipation of three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks.  Everybody knows that upto 1999 one after another GDS employees achieved certain benefits including the GDS package after the Justice Talwar Committee recommendations, though distorted to a great extent by the Govt, only through the united struggle conducted under the leadership of NFPE and JCA.  Separate GDS union was formed in the year 1999 by NFPE, to further strengthen the united struggle and to advance further, by compelling the unwilling Govt. to implement the recommendations of the Justice Talwar Committee including grant of Civil Servant status.  Unfortunately the leadership of the GDS Union hijacked the new union from NFPE and joined the anti-NFPE lobby.  They concentrated in attacking NFPE, forgetting the fact that it is not NFPE but the policies of the Govt. which is the main enemy.  An atmosphere of hatred between regular employees and GDS was created.  NFPE was not allowed to take up or discuss GDS issues as the leadership of GDS union objected it and they want to be the sole champion of GDS.  The result was bitter.  Govt. took the opportunity to snatch away all the hard-earned benefits of the GDS one by one. Every hope of the GDS for a better tomorrow was shattered.  Thus the period from 1999 to 2012 was marked in the history as dark days for the GDS.
               As the saying goes - “at the end of every tunnel, there will be light”.  The formation of the new GDS Union, viz. AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) in the year 2012, rekindled their hope.  It heralded a new era in the history of the Postal and GDS movement.  A union which is ready to fight jointly with NFPE, a union which believes in the unity of regular employees and GDS, a union which believes that policies of the Govt. is the main enemy of GDS, a union which believes that NFPE alone can lead the battle for emancipation of GDS, was borne.  The dark days are over and after a horrifying experience of about 13 years, a ray of hope appeared, and within a short span, it spread like anything and the darkness disappeared.
               For the first time after a very long gap, about twenty representatives of AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) attended in the 9th Federal Council of NFPE held at Hyderabad and participated in the deliberations.  All the delegates gave a patient hearing and extended full support to the cause of GDS.  Finally, the Federal Council adopted a historic resolution in which it was clearly declared that the entire Postal and RMS employees including GDS shall go on an indefinite strike, jointly with other Federations if possible, if the demand for inclusion of the GDS under the purview of the Seventh Central Pay Commission is not accepted by the Govt.   Thus once again NFPE has taken the lead to fight for the emancipation of GDS.
               To translate this historic decision into action everyone of us should start serious planning and campaigning not only among the employees but also among the public.  We should be ready to jump into action, if situation warrants.  The message of the Hyderabad Federal Council should reach each and every GDS.  Our task is not easy, but it is not impossible.  Battle lines are already drawn.  “Kurukshetra” is calling us once gain.  Justice shall win once gain.
*   *   *

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Our CHQ received encouraging and enthusiastic reports from the Circle Secretaries & CHQ office bearers that the Dharna call given by AIPEU-GDS(NFPE CHQ is successful. Reports received from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Gujrat the dharna is successfully conducted with the total support, cooperation of the affiliated unions of NFPE with the participation of leadership in their respective circles.  In Karnataka circle it is detained due to heavy rainfall and report from remaining Circles are yet to be received

AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) conveyed its heartfelt thanks and greetings to all the Comrades made their contributions to the program of action "DHARNA" a grand success.

Detailed Report of each Circle and photos will be published on their receipt to the CHQ.

General Secretary

The Higher Authorities in the Department are very keen to introduce Rural ICT in the BOs & seeking the information on GDS vacant posts from the Circles :



KV School Fee Structure 2013 – 
Fee Structure (Per month) with effect from 1.4.2013

A premier organization in India administering 1093 schools as on 01.05.2013 known as ''Kendriya Vidyalayas'' with 11,29,481 students as on 01.10.2012 and 56,445 employees on rolls as on 01.10.2012. Since inception in 1965, the Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) have come to be known as centres of excellence in the field of secondary and senior secondary education promoting national integration and a sense of ''Indianness'' among the children while ensuring their total personality development and academic excellence...

Admission Fee
Rs. 25.00
Re Admission Fee
Rs 100.00
Tuition Fee
Class IX & X (Boys)
Rs 200.00
Class XI & XII Commerce & Humanities (Boys)
Rs 300.00
Class XI & XII Science (Boys)
Computer Fund
Class III onwards wherever Computer Education is being imparted
Rs 100.00
Computer Science Fee. (for elective subjects) + 2 stage
Rs 150.00
Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi (Classes I - XII)
Rs. 500.00


Monday, June 24, 2013

Uttarakhand tragedy
confederation appeals to all central govt. employees to donate one day wages to
prime minister’s relief fund
               Excessive and unexpected rainfall resulting in furious floods has battered beyond measure, the Himalayan hill state of Uttarakhand.  Whole villages, stretches of roads and communication links have been affected.  More than 1000 persons met with tragic death.  Thousands, including those from other parts of the country who were undertaking pilgrimages to religiously significant temples in the region, remain stranded.  Hundreds of houses and buildings along the banks of Alakananda and the Bhagirathi has been swept away in Rudraprayag district alone.  Thousands have become homeless.
               As the magnitude of the tragedy caused in Uttarakhand continues to unfold, Prime Minister Sri. Manmohan Singh has issued an appeal for generous donations to support the victims who have suffered extensive devastation.  Prime Minister appealed that - “At this moment, the affected people need our help to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them, to survive and to rebuild their lives.  I request all citizens of India to stand with our distressed fellow countrymen, and actively participate in the national effort to support them at this difficult time”.
               It is needless to say that the Central Govt. Employees have an urgent and important role to play in helping the flood victims and we shall have to rise upto the occasion, as in the past when such national calamities occurred.  The National Secretariat of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers calls upon the entireity of Central Govt. Employees to donate one day’s salary to the Prime Minister Relief Fund and extend our full support to the flood victims to rebuild their lives.
          All the Affiliates of the Confederation, State Committees (C-O-Cs) and CHQ Office bearers are requested to make maximum efforts to collect and remit the donations to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General, Confederation



Comrades, this is the high time to go for series of struggles to achieve our genuine  and long pending demands. 

All the Circle Secretaries & CHQ office bearers of AIPEU-GDS NFPE are requested to mobilize the members from all the divisions in their  respective circles to make the  program a grand success.

NFPE has already endorsed the program and directed / instructed all the Circle Secretaries & office bearers of affiliated unions to extend solidarity & support the program of action by GDS NFPE and make it successful.


The recommendations of the Committee constituted (Sri Gopinath committee) to modify the negative recommendations of One man committee i.e., Nataraja murthy committee is positive to GDS…........

The recommendations of the Committee constituted (Sri V.P.Singh Committee)  for modifying the work load norms for GDS / BPMs is positive….........

The recommendations of the Committee constituted ( Sri Alok Saxena Committee) for evaluation of Bonus ceiling for GDS is positive…......

But the Govt. & department denying to implement the recommendations made by those committees for which they have constituted purposefully.

The GDS becomes the symbol of exploitation since the British regime and in the independent India too. We are further being exploited by the bureaucrats. Our genuine demands are being rejected and neglected in one pretext or the other.

Let us take a firm decision for a continuous struggle till we are declared as Govt. employees by departmentalization.

1.    Departmentalization of Gramin Dak Savaks and all benefits of Departmental employees extended to GDS as recommended by Justice Talwar Committee.
2.    Constitute 7th CPC and refer GDS wage revision also to the consideration of Pay Commission; Merger 50% of DA with TRCA for all purposes.
3.    Restore the historical prorata wage structure of GDS MD and GDS BPM on par with Postman and Sorting Postman pay scales respectively as recommended by the 6th CPC by rectifying the mistakes committed by the Nataraja Murthy Committee.
4.    Withdrew the new GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011 and restore GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001.
5.    Ensure minimum statutory monthly pension of Rs.3500/- to GDS and grant other retirement benefits like gratuity etc., based on the formula applicable to departmental employees and under Gratuity Act 1972 besides family pension facility to GDS.
6.    Enhance the bonus quantum ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- and end the discrimination.
7.    Reduce cash handling norms from Rs.20,000 to 4,000 and also stamp sale norms.
8.    Ensure full protection of existing TRCA when there is fall in the work load. TRCA should not be reduced under any circumstances.
9.    Remove the outside recruitment quota for Postman Recruitment and 100% Postman vacancies be given to GDS.
10.  Remove the 50 points compulsory conditions and provide compassionate appointment for all eligible dependents in the families of deceased GDS.
11.  Introduce a medical reimbursement scheme for GDS.
12.  Grant full trade union facilities including special casual leave and Foreign Service facilities to GDS Union Representatives.
13.  Enhance to 6 months maternity leave to female GDS instead of 3 months and grant child care leave.
14.  Grant full transfer facility to GDS and ensure protection of the existing TRCA on transfer.
15.  Grant revised TRCA slabs up to 125 points to BPMs based on the workload as on 01.01.2006.
16.  Grant three time bound financial up gradations to all GDS on 10th, 20th and 25th year.
17.  Grant all advances to GDS at par with Regular departmental employees.
18.  Stop combination of duties of GDSMD with that of BPM as it will result in restriction of business hours of BO thereby causing loss of revenue.
19.  Enhance age limit for the departmental examination for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistant from GDS at par with Postman cadre.
20.  Modify date of superannuation of GDS as the last working day of the month.
21.  Remove the ceiling limit of Rs.50 for cash allowance for conveyance of cash from BO to AO and vice versa.
22.  Grant of LTC and home town LTC facilities to GDS.
23.  Remove the discrimination in grant of welfare assistance to GDS in respect of prolonged illness, Book awards, educational assistance etc,.
24.  Provide norms for MNREGS work at per with SB transactions and also cash conveyance from BO to AO and vice versa.
25.  Relax the embargo of fixing of minimum TRCA in respect of new appointees, Minimum should be the entitled TRCA drawn by the earlier incumbent. No fresh statistics need to be compiled.
26.  Fix norms for  all new items of work entrusted to GDS and until then grant enhanced incentives.
27.  Payment of rent for BO to be borne by the department and till that time grant enhancement of Office Maintenance Allowance (OMA) @ Rs.500 per month.
28.  Redeployment of GDS should not be done beyond 5 kms and full protection of TRCA should be given; in case of redeployment from one post to another, eligible women GDS working as GDSMC/MD/Pkr will be given opportunity to the posts of GDS BPM when fallen vacant in the name of transfer.
29.  Prompt issuing of SDBS cards to all GDS employees.
30.  Grant Children Educational Allowance and small family incentive to all GDS.
31.  Fill up all GDS posts in RMS and convert all GDS MM posts as MTS.
32.  Make an early payment of RPLI incentive and remove the minimum condition and the maximum limit in the grant of NREGS incentive.

Let us carry forward our struggles and make all the programs successful.


Friday, June 21, 2013


Sub: - Sanction of Rs.200/- per month under SDBS for the GDS officiating in postman & MTS short term vacancies – Reg.

Respected Madam,

It is brought to our notice that in many Divisions, the GDS are performing the duties in the vacant Postman & MTS posts in short term vacancies. The TRCA is being sanctioned for the post of GDS and drawn in favour of the substitutes for the said period.

The instructions laid down under Service Discharge Benefit Scheme, a sum of Rs.200/ per month is sanctioned every month to the GDS who has drawn monthly TRCA for that month. The particular GDS performing the duties in the vacant posts of Postman & MTS in the divisions may not be enrolled in the list for sanction of Rs.200/- as the TRCA drawn for that month is in the name of the substitute, there by losing their provision for that particular period/month.

It is pertinent to mention that the GDS working in vacant places of Postman & MTS are getting the benefit of notional increment though the TRCA is drawn in favour of substitute for that officiating period. On the same analogy, the sanction of Rs.200/- under SDB Scheme may be made to the GDS who is on leave for the purpose of officiating in the vacant places of Postman & MTS in the divisions.

It is requested to consider and cause necessary instructions on the subject.

Sub: Computing unregistered articles handled in the BOs – Reg.

Respected Madam,

While fixation of TRCA to GDS BPMs, the computation of unregistered articles handled per day is being taken after obtaining two days test figures in the middle of the week for every 25 unregistered articles for 1 point.

It is learnt that many BOs are receiving a considerable number of unregistered articles everyday and mere calculation of two days test figures for computing 1 point for a month for 25 articles on an average is not justified and does not reflect the right position. The average figure of registered articles & accountable articles are taking into account for every  22 articles for 1 point of workload handled during the month.

There is every justification for computing total number of unregistered handled during the month and an average will be taken into account for computing 25 articles for  1 point instead of 25 articles for a month with I point of work load.

Eg. Total number of regd. & accountable articles handled in month = 220.
On an average for every 22 articles for I point = 10 points.

Total number of unregistered articles handled in a month = 500
On an average for every 25 articles per day for 1 point = 20 points

Instead of 20 points, it is being computed on the basis of two days test figures for 25 articles for one (1) point for that month.

It is therefore requested to kindly  issue necessary instructions to the authorities concerned to reiterate the instructions issued on the subject by taking into consideration of the total unregistered articles handled during the month instead of two days test figure which will reflect the real business of the BOs.

Sub:-   Release of amount accrued in SDB Scheme to the nominees of deceased GDS officials.

Respected Madam,

It is reported from many quarters that the retirement benefits viz., Severance Amount / Amount accrued in SDBS has not drawn to the nominees of the deceased GDS officials in the divisions.

It is a well known fact that the PRAN cards to the applicant GDS opted under SDBS have not  been received. Many GDS are unaware of their enrollment under the SDB Scheme till date. Repeated requests  to the Divisional authorities are in vain.

Claim cases are pending in the Divisions for the determination of enrollment under SDBS and other reasons best known to the authorities.

It is therefore requested to issue suitable and necessary instructions to all the concerning authorities to dispose all the pending cases and effect payment of the amount accrued in SDBS or eligible Severance Amount to the nominees of the deceased GDS officials at  the earliest.

Further, it is requested to issue necessary instructions to intimate the position of enrollment of each GDS under SDBS there by further enrollment of eligible GDS in every division would be optimized.

Sub:- Computation of revenue generation in BOs – Reg.

Respected Madam,

While computing revenue generation from the BOs as cost/establishment norms fixed on certain items of work viz., stamp sales, MO commission, SB/RD/TD transactions only.

7 / 20 portion of sale of stamps
28% portion of MO issue commission
34% portion of MO paid commission
Rs.1.70 ps for SB/RD deposit
Rs.2.70ps for SB with drawls etc are in practice.

In the recent past, there is a considerable number of accounts are being opened in BOs for POSB, PORD, RPLI schemes under the business activities. It is learnt that the department is in receipt of revenue on the live accounts of POSB, PORD, POTD, MIS for 3 years from the Govt. No honorarium / incentive has been paid to such work to GDS.

An apportioned amount of that Receipt may also be taken in to account by considering the number of live accounts standing in the BOs. There by decrease the loss incurred by BOs can be justified and will be resulted in the upward revision of TRCA to the BPMs and the post establishment of that particular BO will be sustained.

It is requested to take necessary action for taking such new accounts for subsequent deposits for comparable workload as well as revenue of the BO.