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Monday, January 31, 2022

Com.M.Krishnan :: Commemoration poster released in Kerala circle ...

Hon. Minister for Education and Labour, Kerala, com. V. Sivankutty released the poster of the book publishing in commemoration of  our departed leader  com. M. Krishnan,  in his face book page. 

All comrades are requested to share/like  the face book post of Hon. Minister and share the poster given  above in our own  fb page and as whattsapp  status.

Rajendran. P. V.


The unique and distinctive leader of the   confederation of Central govt Employees and postal Employees, com.M. Krishnan passed away from us on 1st March last year due to Covid.

In reminiscence of the organizational activities and struggles  carried out by Com. M Krishnan, Confederation State Committee is  publishing a book in February, inclusive of the collection of his inspirational speeches, struggles, articles and the personal recollections from many leaders including Chief Minister, Ministers of Kerala State and Trade Union Leaders etc., named as  "Samara Chakravalangalil". The honourable Minister for Education / Labour, Com.V Sivankutty will release the poster of the book through his Facebook page today  (31st January) at 6 pm.

All of  comrades are requested to Post / Share / Like on Shivankutty's Facebook Link. They also requested to be given maximum publicity by posting on their Facebook page and WhatsApp status.

The poster will be posted in all groups after 6pm today  and may be shared to all organizational groups so that its message reach as many people as possible.

With Greetings  
V. Sreekumar, President
P V Rajendran,  General secretary,
Confederation Kerala State committee.

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Friday, January 28, 2022


Strike mobilization meetings in A.P Circle -- Meetings conducted by C-C-C NFPE (Gr.C., P4 & GDS)

26-01-2022 :: Vijayawada Region 

27-01-2022 :: Kurnool Region 

28-01-2022 ::  Visakhapatnam Region

Online meetings held with the Branch / Divisional Secretaries of Gr.C., P4 & GDS under the Chairmanship of Com.CH.Vidyasagar, Chairman, Circle Coordination Committee, NFPE, A.P.Circle. Com.B.Sridharbabu, Convener, CCC organized the meeting. Com.P.Pandurangarao, G/S, AIPEU GDS attended as invitee....

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Message from CHQ ....

Dear all CHQ Office bearers,
Circle Secretaries,

Please direct all our Divisional & Branch Secretaries to serve strike notice in all units jointly with our NFPE unions.. And also to participate in all agitation programs / meetings for strike mobilization...


P. Pandurangarao,


Regarding action taken on Delinquent Officer for delinquencies noticed during conduct of Financial Transactions at the Post Offices .... (19-01-2022)