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Saturday, May 29, 2021


GDS ::P3 CHQ writes to Secretary, DOP - regarding Regarding review of Compassionate Engagement cases of dependents of deceased/missing Gramin Dak Sewaks which were rejected by the Committee on Compassionate Engagement (CCE) between the period 2005 and May 2017.


SoP for PMJJBY End User ....... Revised Premium rates ......



GDS - Karnataka Circle :: Corporate Group Health Insurance for GDS by "Go Digit" private Insurance Company .........


MHA :: Containment measures - remain in force up to 30th June 2021.......


POSA :: Facility available for credit of TD/MIS/SCSS interest in to account holder's PO Savings Account or Bank Account .....


Regarding Vaccination Registration facility provided through PO-CSCs & BO-CSCs .....


PLI - RPLI :: Payment of Incentive for PLI / RPLI business procured in the month of February 2021 & March 2021 ........


PLI / RPLI :: Standard Operating Procedure for Customer ID Merging for PLI/RPLI Policies



Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for handling of ‘Claim Cases’ arising out of loss and fraud cases and introduction of ‘Simplified Standardized Claim Form’.


DoP :: Issues faced by the member of public due to restricted functioning of Post Offices ..............


Monday, May 24, 2021

Observe BLACK DAY on 26th May 2021 -- CCGEW


Clarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 pandemic period .




  • There are several positive orders issued by the Directorate and also provided in the Volume III. While drafting defences we are not given due credence to those instructions.
  • Department of post is such a big organisation with multifarious functions spread over the country with enormous procedures, manual and volumes. This kind of huge volume of manuals, rules are not available in any Government departments other than the Postal Department.
  • Even in the absence of updated manuals, guides, the new entrants were forced to produce declarations at the time of their appointment as if they have studied all the rules and regulations including the conduct and disciplinary rules which is not practically feasible. The intention of the Government is nothing but to place them with the responsibilities in case if anything goes wrong.
  • In other organizations, like banking sectors, millions of amount is being written off as a loss due to bad debts. Even in Postal, the power of written off any quantum of amount is vested with the Postal Board with certain conditions; this has not been implemented only in the case of operative side officials.
  • Crores of rupees are being spent on experiments by the officers on various projects, Melas, functions etc. But the Postal bureaucracy is very keen to recover even a single paisa from the employees under one pretext or the other by misusing the provisions of the contributory negligence. The introduction of air carrier to North East resulted with the loss of crores. But none was identified as an offender. The Unions at the initial stage itself pointed out that it will result only loss.
  • There was a dacoity taken place at Munger HPO in Bihar and around 35 lakhs were looted out from the treasury by breaking the locks in the strong room during the period when the curfew was clamped. There were 11 armed guards deployed and brought on rotation to watch the PO. However, the poor Postmaster and APMs were proceeded with the charge sheets on flimsy reasons for keeping excess cash on the previous days without liabilities etc and the department attempted to recover the loss sustained to the department.
  • In another case, the SPM who has been provided with post attached quarters residing in the upstairs was held responsible for the burglary since he had not taken bed in the office on the date of burglary by misquoting the old and obsolete orders issued many decades before. Out dated rulings and orders emanated during the British raj are being very conveniently misused by many officers in the cases of recoveries imposing against the innocent officials.
  • Earlier, the Postmasters are personally responsible for transit entries and watch over the remittances as per the rules. Whether the same is practically possible to the Head Postmasters who have been now entrusted with many business related additional works? When any fault occurs anywhere in the sub office, the Head Postmasters are being brought under the net by citing the rules without minding the other extenuating factors.
  • If the Postmaster is responsible for the works mentioned in the manuals and guides, he can attend only those works and could not do the other works now newly introduced? Who will care all these when something goes wrong?
  • Even the Postmasters, APM Accounts were being proceeded under these rules for non-receipt of bank scrolls and recovery inflicted for the frauds committed by some others. Seven years before in Tamilnadu circle, recoveries are being resorted in lieu of SB minus balances. The recoveries are being ordered even for the period, the officials who had not practically worked.
  • The failure on the part of the administration of a prompt agreement of SB balances has simply been ignored. Many innocents were being proceeded on this core. The power vested with the Postal department under Rule 18 of PO SB General Rules 1981 to recover any excess amount paid to the depositors as arrears of Land revenue has never been taken due note of before ordering recoveries from the innocent officials.
  • However, because of the Circle Unions effort in many divisions the minus balance to the extent of lakhs were written off. That was possible because the case was properly taken by the circle union.
  • Even the interests paid to TPF accounts despite clear orders are being recovered in the Bhimavaram division by issuing charge sheets at the time of retirement. However due to the intervention of CHQ, the recovered amount had been refunded during my period to the extent of sixty lakhs.
  • The frauds committed by SAS Agents are also being brought under this net of contributory factors and recoveries are being ordered in many places against innocent counter PAs and the APMs/Postmasters.
  • But one thing we have to accept that our present generation does not show any interest to possess the knowledge of departmental rulings and to exercise some restraints in the work which the officers capitalise to impose the punishment of recovery without much difficulty.
  • We should understand the implication of rules and the ruling knowledge can alone save us from many actions unilaterally unleashed by imposing the contributory factors under the existing shortage of staff.
  • What is the reality prevailing at the ground level now? Whenever an officer asks the officials to give a statement, without hesitation the officials are giving the statement and in most of the cases it was as per the dictates of the officer who is obtaining the statement.
  • They are not even checking first whether they were on duty that particular day. They are not confirming whether the work was performed by them. They are not referring the rules before giving statements. One has every right to ask time to give statement.
  • As per law, nobody should be forced to testify against himself and refusal to give statement could not be construed as misconduct. Whenever seeking statement, one should demand to see the vouchers or records. After confirming one’s role, he should consult with the knowledgeable persons before giving such statements.
  • One should never give statements as per the dictates of the officers who came to him only for the purpose to entangle him in the case and not to save him. In the circumstances, what will be the role of the divisional unions and the activists?
    • An official can be punished for his fault but he should not be suffered due to the misconduct of another.
    • Trade unions should play an effective role to plead for the innocents.
    • Efforts should be made to recover the loss from the main offender by confiscating his properties.
    • Educate the members and guide them to be cautious to prevent such frauds.
    • Numerous orders were issued by the Department to protect the innocents. Those should be popularized.
    • A team of well-trained comrades on disciplinary/Staff rules must be pooled in each division to counter the attacks.
  • When a fraud came to notice, the divisional administration did not evince any interest to confiscate the property of the BPM who committed the frauds and later it proposed to recover the amount under the contributory factors.
  • The divisional union, Prakasam division in Andhra circle conducted a series of programs including March to revenue office and finally the entire loss was made good by confiscating the properties of the BPMs. It is possible. The divisional unions should evolve strategies and programs according to local situations for which the knowledge and prudence are a must. 

 Thanks to Mr. K.V.Sridharan

Courtesy :


Scheme for compassionate appointment - Relaxation of guidelines in the wake of COVID situation.


CLICK HERE  for details & copy (3 pages)

Seeking relaxation in the provisions of National Savings Recurring Deposit Scheme (NSRD) ...


Small Savings Schemes :: Renewal of agency system in relation to Small Savings Schemes ........ consider about the relaxation conditions


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Press Statement from Central Trade Unions (CTUs)

20th May 2021


The Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) has given a call to observe 26th May 2021 as a Black Day For Indian Democracy. That is the day Narendra Modi Government took oath of office in 2014 and then again on 30th May in 2019. 26th May is the day when the Chalo Dilli Kisan Andolan completes 6 months. It is also the day when the All India Strike called by the Central Trade Unions becomes 6 months old.

The call to observe that day as a Black Day is because the Modi Government that has been in office continuously for the past seven years has not only failed to deliver on the tall promises made while assuming office, but is actually acting against the wishes of the toiling people with impunity. It is acting in a blatantly irresponsible manner in the face of the terrible second wave of the Corona pandemic, all on the basis of a brute majority in the Lok Sabha.

• It has simply disowned its responsibility in tackling the Corona pandemic and asked the States to provide medical help to the bewildered population: shortages of vaccine doses, oxygen, hospital beds, even cremation facilities are alarming, with irresponsible announcements of vaccinating the 18-44 age group, only to be withdrawn subsequently, shows that the Government is completely in the dark about what needs to be done in this hour of grave crisis.

• The Government is actually using the pandemic period to push through legislations that are tailored only for the benefit of the Corporates, be it the three Farm Laws or the four Labour Codes or privatisation of everything in the Government or Public Sector.

• It is the toiling people in the unorganised sector, including migrant workers, who need life saving support in terms of food grains, cash subsidy and employment. It is the duty of the Government to mobilise resources for this gigantic task : using FCI stocks, taxing the rich, insuring front-line fighters, providing funds for MNGREGA, bringing in similar employment guarantee scheme for urban areas, and so on. The Government has become paralytic on all these fronts.

• The Government is passing laws that nobody has demanded, be it Farm Laws, Labour Codes, CAA, New Education Policy, pursuing blanket privatisation policy and so on, while refusing to concede any popular demands such as enactment of a law guaranteeing Minimum Support Price for the Farm Produce, bringing Petrol/Diesel under the GST regime, etc.

• While the Government has no funds to tackle the Covid pandemic, it is shamelessly going ahead with "Central Vista Project", costing Rs.20,000 Crore, supposedly to rebuild a new Parliament Building, floating non-transparent funds such as PMCARES, Electoral Bonds, while, in practice behaving in the most undemocratic way – for example, arresting anyone for criticising the Government, refusing to hold tripartite consultations, blatantly using Constitutional Agencies to frighten and browbeat any opposition, as seen from the use of CBI, ED, NIA, Supreme Court, RBI, Election Commission, State Governors against political opponents, engineering defections and undermining elected state governments with the use of money power and use of these Agencies.

This list can be added to. It is time to call a spade a spade. We begin by observing 26th May as the Black Day for Indian Democracy, wearing black badges, putting up black flags.

We resolve on this day, not to rest till we achieve our demands, not to rest till a message is driven home that the toiling people will not remain passive bystanders, watching the Modi Government do as they please.

 We demand:

- Free vaccine for all

- Immediate help to all unemployed people in terms of free food grains and cash subsidy of Rs.7500/- per month

- Repeal 3 Farm Laws, withdraw Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2021, enact law guaranteeing MSP

- Withdraw 4 Labour Codes and convene Indian Labour Conference immediately

- Put a stop to policy of privatisation/corporatisation.




IPPB ::: Extrension of tenure of the engagement of all GDS working as Territory Officers for One Year in India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) ...


Performance Highlights of PLI & RPLI ....


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

DoP :: Setting up of Covid Isolation Units in Circles / Residential complexes & at Training Institutions ....



PLI - RPLI :: Interim measure for the implementation of Digital Data Management Retention Policy for PLI / RPLI ...


Issuance of revised Postal Manual Volume-VI - Part-III (Provisional) ...


Com.Santhosh kumar amar rahe .....

Santhoshkumar former CHQ President of Postal Accounts Employees Association has passed away due to an accident fall in Kothagiri that left him with a head injury and unconscious. Despite surgery performed in Coimbatore City, where he was brought immediately, he breathed his last around 10.30 P.M yesterday night. 

Comrade Santhoshkumar had served as the former Circle Secretary of Chennai DPA unit of Postal Accounts employees. He retired recently from service only. His untimely demise is an irreparable loss to all of us. 

Red Salutes to his fond memories and sacrifices!

On behalf of AIPEU GDS CHQ paying tributes to the departed soul of Com.Santhosh Kumar and condolences to the bereaved family members.


Sunday, May 16, 2021


COVID -19 :: Financial Claim to Departmental Staff/ GDS/ODPS in Delhi Circle ....

 Government of India

Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Office of Chief Postmaster General
Delhi Circle, New Delhi-110001

No: Welfare/DPCWB/2021-2023 Dated: 15.05.2021

1. The General Manager (Finance)
2. Director NDHO/ Director Foreign Post Office
3. All Heads of Postal/ RMS Units, Delhi Circle
4. All Group Officers, Delhi Circle

Sub: Financial Assistance to the staff of Delhi Circle (Including GDS/ODPs) who succumbed to COVID-19


This is with reference to minutes of meeting of Delhi Circle Welfare Board dated 10.05.2021 issued vide letter no: Welfare/29-17/2021-2022 dated 11.05.2021.

2. As per the Para 7 (II) of the ibid minutes of meeting, it has been decided that Financial Assistance of Rs. 3,00,000/ (Rs. Three lacs only) will be provided to the family of the deceased employees who succumbed to COVID-19. Out of this, Rs. 200000/- would be provided as immediate relief [through cheque in the name of applicant (s)] and the rest Rs. 100000/-will be invested in any of the SB schemes available in PO with the aim of securing the future of the family (through cheque in the name of the concerned postmaster, where the applicant wish to invest). Any of the schemes may be opted by the claimant keeping in view their requirements.

3. This financial assistance is specifically for the employees/GDS/ODP, who died due to COVID-19 and a documentary proof i.e. death certificate/COVID-19 report/certification of death by COVID-19 by the respective medical authority, are required to establish the same. 

HoUs should ensure this crucial aspect while recommending the claim at their end.

4. In this regard, you are requested to send a complete claim by the legal heir of the deceased employee/GDS/ODP duly recommended by the Head of Unit to Welfare Section, Circle Office as per the information required in the prescribed formats attached through email latest by 22.05.2021. The death certificate of the employee/GDS/ODP and COVID-19 positive report should be attested by the HoU.

Enclosure: as above

Assistant Director (PO & Coord.)

Anbudan Kayveeyes (KVS) New YouTube Channel for Postal Employees, Departmental Rulings, Study Materials, etc.,

It's introduction to the new Youtube Channel named 'Anbudan Kayveeyes'.



AIIMS doctors provide guidance on Medication and Care for Mild COVID-19 Patients -- PIB

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

AIIMS doctors provide guidance on Medication and Care for Mild COVID-19 Patients

Posted On: 15 MAY 2021 1:47PM by PIB Mumbai

 New Delhi / Mumbai, May 15, 2021

The commonly observed symptoms among COVID-19 patients are fever, dry cough, tiredness and loss of taste or smell. Irritation in throat, headache, body ache, diarrhea, rash on skin and redness in eyes are also observed in rare cases. If you observe any of these symptoms, you should immediately isolate yourself from others. This was informed by Dr. Neeraj Nishchal of AIIMS Delhi, during a webinar on “Medication and Care in Home Isolation”, for patients who are tested positive for COVID-19. The webinar was organized by The Centre of Excellence of the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry.

80 per cent of infected patients experience very mild symptoms. If the RT-PCR test comes out to be negative, but symptoms are present, it is recommended to go for another test. Whether hospitalization is required is to be decided based on the intensity of the disease.

The medications are to be taken in proper quantity and at accurate timing. Knowing about the medicine is not enough; patients should also know how and when they are to be taken, only then would it prove to be beneficial, said Dr. Neeraj.

The decision of home isolation for patients above 60 years and with co-morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, chronic ailments related to kidneys and lungs, should be taken only after consulting doctors.

Here are some measures COVID-19 positive patients need to take, as part of managing the infection.

Regular medicines should be taken, requirements for sanitization and cleanliness should be met.  Medical grade masks should be stocked in advance. We should plan for daily essentials and prepare list of contact numbers for health-related information, health workers, hotlines, etc. Along with this, contact numbers of friends, other family members and neighbours should also be kept handy for emergency situations. Proper care and planning should be done also for the children in the family.

Mild and asymptomatic patients should be kept in home isolation.  Such patients should take utmost care to keep safe distance from other family members, especially children. Medicines required frequently should be easily accessible by the patients. Proper and regular communication between caregiver and doctor is necessary. Positive patients should always wear three-layered mask. Masks should be discarded after proper sanitization every 8 hours. Patient and caregiver both should wear N-95 masks while interacting with each other.

Pulse Oximeter should be used to monitor oxygen levels in body, very carefully. Artificial nails or nail polish should be removed before use and patient’s hand should be warmed if it is cold. Take rest for at least five minutes before testing. If the observation is constant for five seconds, the figure indicates oxygen level in your body. Remdesivir should never be taken at home. Positive attitude and regular exercise are a must for patients in home isolation, said Dr. Neeraj.

If the oxygen level goes below 94, patients should be admitted, said Dr Manish of AIIMS Delhi, speaking about “Revised Guidelines for Mild COVID-19 patients during treatment’. While checking oxygen level, age of the patient and other chronic disease should be kept in mind.

Informing about the use of Ivermectin, Dr. Manish said that its use depends on the immunity level and other patient-specific conditions. The same holds for the use of Paracetamol. Hence it one should only the medication advised by doctors.

While informing about Fabiflu, he said, Maharashtra government’s guidelines regarding COVID-19 treatment mention use of Fabiflu. The recommendation is based on the research done by Glenmark on 150 patients but Ivermectin is not included in the guidelines.

Many patients insist on the use of Azithromycin, but the guidelines clearly discourage the use of these tablets. Same instructions are given about Revidox. It is not recommended to use Revidox in home isolation, said the doctor.

During the discussion, both experts clearly said that no medication should be taken during home isolation, without consulting doctors     

(Release ID: 1718783) 


Friday, May 14, 2021


CAG :: Clarification regarding absence during COVID-19 lockdown period ....

Gap between two doses of Covishield Vaccine extended from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks based on recommendation of COVID Working Group -- PIB

 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Gap between two doses of Covishield Vaccine extended from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks based on recommendation of COVID Working Group

Posted On: 13 MAY 2021 4:28PM by PIB Delhi

The COVID Working Group chaired by Dr N K Arora has recommended extension of the gap between the first and second doses of COVISHIELD vaccine to 12-16 weeks. The present gap between the two doses of COVISHIELD vaccine is 6-8 weeks.

Based on the available real-life evidences, particularly from UK, the COVID-19 Working Group agreed for increasing the dosing interval to 12-16 weeks between two doses of COVISHIELD vaccine. No change in interval of COVAXIN vaccine doses was recommended.

The COVID Working Group comprises of the following members:

  1. Dr N K Arora- Director, INCLEN Trust
  2. Dr Rakesh Agarwal, Director and dean, JIPMER, Puducherry
  3. Dr Gagandeep Kang, professor, Christian Medical College, Vellore
  4. Dr J P Mulliyal, Retd professor, Christian Medical College, Vellore
  5. Dr Naveen Khanna, Group Leader, International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology  (ICGEB), JNU, New Delhi
  6. Dr Amulya Panda, Director, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi
  7. Dr V G Somani, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Govt of India

The recommendation of the COVID Working Group was accepted by the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC), headed by Dr V K Paul, Member (Health) Niti Aayog in its meeting on 12th May 2021.

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also accepted this recommendation of the COVID Working Group for extension of the gap between the first and second doses of COVISHIELD vaccine to 12 -16 weeks.



(Release ID: 1718308)