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... AIPEU GDS 4th All India Conference on 8th & 9th October 2022 in Kasaragod - Kerala......... All GDS representatives of all Divisions in all Circles are heartfully welcomed .... Participate in large number and make it a grand success ....... Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO ..09849466595.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Friday, March 8, 2013


Dear Comrades,

You are well aware that our 1st All India Conference scheduled on 21st & 22nd March, 2013 in Chennai city and is just 13 days ahead.

Esteemed leadership of all ranks are being invited to grace our AIC in a very delightful manner.

The AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) Union is advanced in such a way and established its flag in 18 Circles till today is very much enthusiastic and encouraging.

The information received by our CHQ that there are more than 350 divisions and many more branches in Postal and RMS formed under the banner of AIPEU - GDS (NFPE) out of 444 postal divisions in 22 Circles.

The Reception Committee for AIC is being prepared for all arrangements to hoist the occassion in a historic manner.

All the Circle Secretaries, Division / Branch Secretaries of GDS (NFPE), leaders of NFPE affiliated unions of all Circles are requested to intimate the details regarding delegate's attendance, arrival & departure well in advance to the Reception Committee to proceed their means of all arrangements to save time and avoid all inconveniences occurred to one and all. 

All the Divisional Branch Secretaries and well wishers of GDS (NFPE) are once again requested to cooperate with the Reception Committee's appeal on the contributions for financial assistance to this 1st AIC.

Yours fraternally,


Standardization of Nomenclature of Mails Offices

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Mail Business (Development & Operations) Division
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

No.12-1/2013-D                                                                            Dated: 28.02.2013


Sub: Standardization of Nomenclature of Mails Offices and Rationalization of number of Mail Business Centres (MBCs)/Business Post Centres (BPCs)

The matter relating to standardization of nomenclature for various categories of mail offices as well as the need for rationalization of number of Mail Business Centres (MBCs)/ Business Post Centres (BPCs) was under consideration of the Directorate. This was necessitated by operational complexities being faced on account of functional overlap between mail offices and increased possibility of misrouting of mail due to lack of standardized nomenclature.

2. After a review, the following instructions are issued with respect to standardized nomenclature for mail offices and rationalization of number of BPCs/MBCs.

(a) The nomenclature of mail offices across the county would be as follows:

(i) Sorting mail offices located at Railway station: XXX RMS (e.g. Lucknow RMS)

(ii) Sorting mail offices located at Airport premised/near the airport: XXX APSO (e.g. Chennai APSO, for Chennai Airport Sorting Office)

(iii) Sorting mail office not located at Railway Station or Airport premises/near the airport: XXX Sorting (e.g. Panvel Sorting)

(iv) Transit Mail Office (TMO) located at Railway Station: XXX RSTMO (e.g. Hazrat Nizamuddin RSTMO)

(v) TMO located at Airport/near Airport: XXX APTMO (e.g. Chennai APTMC)

(vi) TMO located at Bus Stand/Station: XXX BSTMO (e.g. Bangalore Bus Station TMO)

(vii) Automated Mail Processing Centre (AMPC) wherever such centres exist/to be set up: AMPC XXX (AMPC Delhi).

(viii) Book Now Pay Later (BNPL) Processing Centres for Speed Post with direct bag closing facility for Sorting hubs: BNPL SP Hub XXX (e.g. BNPL SP Hub Kashmiri Gate, BNPL SP Hub BPC Anna Road)

(ix) The existing nomenclature for Paper Sorting Offices PSOs) would continued as XXX PSO (e.g. Chennai PSO)

(b) Name of the city/town should be suffixed to the name of the office so standardized for clarity in case of offices not having the name of the city. Standard nomenclature should be used on bag labels, manifests/mail lists, correspondence etc. The signage/name board of the mail offices/TMO should also carry standardized nomenclature and should be prepared in accordance with guidelines contained in the Corporate Branding Manual of the Department.

(c) Mail office would no more be called Mail Business Centre (MBC). Wherever mail offices have been named as MBCs, the name of such offices should be restored as “XXX RMS” or “XXX Sorting” as the case may be. All MBCs opened in the past in addition to the BPCs may be closed/merged with the BPCs concerned. Delivery of mail to the bulk addressee may be done through Speed Post Sorting Hub/Intra-Circle Hub for Speed Post, through CRCs for Registered mail and through mail offices for unregistered mail wherever necessary. Accordingly a list of mail offices and BPCs may be sent in the form of ‘MIS on mail operations’.

(d) The number of Business Post Centres (after closure/merger of MBCs) may further be rationalized by the Circles in order to eliminate/minimize fragmentation in processing of such mail.

Receipt of this O.M may be acknowledged to Shri M.B.Gajbhiye, ADG (MO). An action report on standardized nomenclature, with a list of all mail offices (including BPCs) may be sent within 60days of receipt of this memo.




AIPEU-GDS(NFPE CHQ conveys its heartfelt greetings and congratulations to the All India Postal Savings Bank Control Organization Employees Association (AIP SBCOEA) on getting Recognition for their All India Association after a legal battle.

Sub: MP No. 1/2011 in WA No. 1262/2011 filed in Madras High Court by All India    
         Postal SBCO Employees Association V/s UOI and others.

D.G. Posts No. 16/75/2010-SR dated 27th February, 2013.

            In compliance with order of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras passed on 03.09.2012 in the WA No. 1262 of 2011,  the concerned Heads of Circles were asked to review the membership of the Unions/Associations in the SBCO Staff category and furnish the information of membership as on 25.06.2010. As per the revised results, the All India SBCO Employees Association could secure 16.20% membership which is more than the minimum percentage of membership (i.e. 15% membership required for recognition.

2.         In the light of above, the competent authority has decided to grant recognition to the All India Postal SBCO Employees Association. With the issue of this communication, the association is entitled to avail the facilities of a recognized association as permissible under the CCS (RSA) Rules,1993.
(Arun Malik)
Director (SR/Legal)