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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Circular No.o8                                                                                                      Dated:06-06-2014

Dear Comrades,
General Elections are over and a new Government has come to power. The UPA Government which has not done justice to GDS employees and the common people of the country and faced a humiliating defeat. Now it is the turn of Shri Narendra Modi Government.  New Communications Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad has taken charge. People of the country have high expectations about the Govt. As the Govt. has only just taken charge, from our earlier experiences, coming to any sudden conclusion about the Govt., may not correct.
 7th Central Pay Commission & GDS :
Even before the terms of reference of the 7th CPC is declared by the Govt., the recognized GDS Union has signed an agreement with the Department accepting separate Committee. Naturally, the Govt., excluded GDS from the Terms of Reference of 7th CPC. NFPE, AIPEU GDS (NFPE) & Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers conducted two days strike on Feb 12th & 13th 2014 demanding inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC. The recognized Union cheated the GDS. As election was declared during April & May we could not conduct any further agitation during the said period. As per the call of NFPE & Confederation, we conducted intensive campaign against the anti-GDS stand of the UPA Govt., and also against the cheating of the recognized GDS Union.


You are well aware that NFPE & AIPEU GDS (NFPE) filed a Writ Petition in the Supreme Court, requesting :

(1)   Implementation of the 1977 Supreme Court Judgment and grant of civil Servant status and all  benefits of Departmental employees  to GDS.
(2)   Scrap the GDS (Conduct & Engagment) Rules 2011, as they are invalid and unconstitutional.
(3)   Inclusion of GDS under 7th CPC.

The case came up for hearing on 07-05-2014. Advocate for the Govt., of India, Department of Posts appeared in High Court and requested six weeks extension of time for filing their reply statement. The High Court granted six weeks time for Govt., and also time for filing additional reply statement, if any,  by our Advocate. Next hearing of the case is on 19th September, 2014, the anniversary day of 1968 Sept 19th strike and 19th September 1984 which was the first one day strike only for the cause of GDS Employees.


As the new Govt., has just taken charge, it will not be appropriate on our part to go for an agitation immediately. Further such a sudden agitation may not get public support also. Hence the CHQ has decided to submit a mass memorandum signed by maximum number of GDS about two lakhs to the Prime Minister of India & Communications Minister in the month of July 2014.
The copy will be supplied to all concerned Branches & Divisions by the CHQ.
Proforma of the Memorandum will be published in the web sites also. Please obtain maximum signatures of GDS in the Memorandum and submit to CHQ before 15-07-2014 to the following address :
General Secretary
AIPEU GDS(NFPE)                                                             
Dada Ghosh Bhawan
2151/1, New Patel Road
New Delhi – 110 008
Mobilization of membership for struggle programme will start in the month of July 2014 if the Govt., takes a negative stand or delaying tactics. As Seventh Central Pay Commission has already commenced its work, we can not wait indefinitely.

July 2014
Submission of Mass Memorandum signed by GDS 
about 2 lakhs to the
Hon’ble Prime Minister & Communications Minister

 FIRST PHASE  :                                        16-07-2014
One day mass dharna infront of all Divisional Offices.

SECOND PHASE :                                    05-08-2014  
One day mass dharna in front of all Chief PMG &  Regional PMG Offices

THIRD PHASE :                      from 15th to 19th September 2014
Relay hunger fast in front of all Chief Post Master General Offices

FOURTH PHASE:                            October / November 2014
                 Massive Parliament Dharna and March
(Dates will be decided after the announcement of the dates of Parliament sessions)

If the Govt., still refuses to concede the demands of GDS, the CWC of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) shall meet and Trade Union action including indefinite strike will be decided. In the mean time the decision of the Delhi High Court may also come.

All Circle / Branch / Divisional Secretaries are requested to make the above programmes a grand success.

Our CHQ has requested all the General Secretaries and Secretary General, NFPE to direct the respective Unions from Divisional level to extend full support and cooperation for the success of all the struggle programmes including participation with GDS cadre.

The GDS are enlightened now and well aware of the very facts and analyze which is better and who is safe guarding the interests of the cadre. Being the member of an NFPE union is our tradition and let us continue to march together.

Yours fraternally
General Secretary