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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) indefinite strike from 6th May 2015

The demand of  NJCM, Confederation, Postal JCA & even the Department's letter to MoF on reconsideration for
‘ inclusion of GDS in the purview of 7th CPC’ 
rejected by MoF.

Department of Posts Proposed to constitute a separate committee for GDS.

With this again we are going to face the dark age of another span of 10 years.




just few days ahead for our battle


our GDS demand is justified

we are struggling for the right cause of GDS


intensify the mobilization of rank and file to make the indefinite strike by Postal JCA a historic success


Besides --

Government and Postal board are totally negative and insensitive towards the demands of five lakhs Postal and RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks and Casual, Part-Time Contingent employees.

Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sewaks under 7thCentral Pay Commission and grant of civil servant status
Rejected. Government decided to appoint separate committee.
Casual Labour regularistaion
No progress
Cadre restructuring of Postal, RMS, MMS, Admin, Postal Accounts employees
Long pending in the Directorate. No improvement.
Merger of DA with Pay
Rejected by Government
Grant of Interim Relief
Rejected by Government
Date of effect of 7th CPC from 01.01.2014
Government not ready to give any direction to 7thCPC.
Scrap New Pension Scheme.
Rejected by Government
Remove 5% ceiling for compassionate appointments
Government not ready to remove the condition.
GDS Medical reimbursement scheme
Pending for last six years
MACP anomalies including promotees case
Rejected inspite of several CAT/Court Judgment
Postmaster Cadre related issues including permission to write IP/PS Group ‘B’ exam and parity with LSG, HSG-II regarding service length for promotion.
Still pending. Attitude of the Department is totally negative.
System Administration case
Rejected. Not ready to consider the demands on its merits.
RTP service regularization
Rejected. Inspite of CAT orders not ready to issue general order
SBCO related issues
Rejected on flimsy grounds.
Postmen related issues
No progress
Parity in cash handling allowance
Counting of Accountants special Allowance for pay fixation on promotion
Computer and Technology related several issues
No progress. Situation worsening day by day. Employees are suffering. Public agitated
Harassment of staff on account of CBS & CIS
Still continuing
Allotment of funds for sanctioning all pending Medical, TA, OTA and RPLI/PLI incentives
No progress. Bills pending for months together
Overtime allowance revision
Pending for 27years
Circle processing centers (CPO) of PLI/RPLI at CO/ROs and stop redeployment of posts
Sunday, Holiday compulsory working
Still continuing in certain circles
Office Building and staff quarters cases
No progress. Situation worsening. Staff are suffering
MNOP related issues
Suggestion of staff side rejected
Quality of uniforms, Chapplas and kit-items
No improvement
Chennai Postal Accounts victimization
Still pending
Stop Postmen/MTS open market outside recruitment
Still pending. No progress
Filling up of all vacant posts including canteen employees
Slow progress
Creation of justified new posts
Total Ban imposed on creation of new posts
Prompt convening of Monthly meeting, Bi-monthly/four monthly meetings, JCM Regional Council meeting, JCM Departmental Council meeting, Formal meeting with Secretary (Posts)
Periodicity is not maintained. In many divisions. Circles no meeting is held for months together
Prompt holding of Departmental promotion committees (CPCs)
No progress

Let us fight for the right cause of GDS   … unitedly …. To erase the ambiguity over GDS by the Dept & Govt.