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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Letter to Department of Post by PJCA



No.PF-PJCA/2015                                                                          Dated: 08.12. 2015

            The Secretary
            Department of Posts
            Dak Bhawan,
            New Delhi – 110001


            It is seen that the Postal Services Board has not been treated fairly in the recommendations of the 7th CPC. While all the other similarly placed Boards like CBDT/CBEC/Railway Board have Members in the Apex scale, Members of the Postal Services Board have been denied the same. Historically, all these  Boards have been at the same level and while the logic of historical parity has been agreed to for some cadres, in case of the Postal Services Board, the same has not been taken as justification enough.

            The Postal Services has staff strength of 4.59 employees and has 1.54 lakh post offices which are being IT enabled and post offices are   frequently being used to offer various new services by the Government like CBS, Post Bank and E-commerce etc. The Unions therefore demand   that the Members of the Postal Services Board should also be placed at the Apex level like all the other similarly placed Boards.
Yours faithfully,
(R. N. Parashar)                                                         (D. Theagarajan)
         Secretary General                                                     Secretary General        
NFPE                                                                                         FNPO

    (R. N. Parashar)                                                                               (D. Kishan Rao)  
General Secretary                                                                                General Secretary
   AIPEU Group ‘C’                                                                                NAPE Group ‘C’

 (R. Seethalakshmi)                                                                               (T. N. Rahate)      
General Secretary                                                                                 General Secretary
AIPEU Postmen, MTS/Group ‘D’                                       NAPE Postmen, MTS & Group ‘D’

(Giriraj Singh)                                                                                  (D. Theagarajan)
General Secretary                                                                         General Secretary
AIRMS & MMS EU Group ‘C’                                                             R3  -FNPO

(P. Suresh)                                                                                              (N. Ramappa)
General Secretary                                                                           General Secretary      
AIRMS & MMS EU MTS & MTS/Group ‘D’                                         R4 - FNPO

(Pranab Bhattacharjee)                                                                 (O. P. Khanna)
General Secretary                                                                           General Secretary
AIPAOEU (Admin Union)                                                               AIPAOA (FNPO)

 (T. Satyanaryana)                                                                              (G.P. Parate)
General Secretary                                                                           General Secretary          
AIPAEA (Postal Accounts)                                                                     AIPAOA               

(Virendra Tewary)                                                                                                                        
General Secretary                                                                                   --------------

 (S. A. Rahim)                                                                                      (K. Sivadasan)
Gel Secretary                                                                                   General Secretary
AICWEA (Civil Wing)                                                                            NUCWEA

(P. Pandurangarao)                                                                   (P. U. Muralidharan)
General Secretary                                                                         General Secretary
AIPEU-GDS (NFPE)                                                                            NUGDS