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Sunday, April 9, 2017

An important note to the members of AIPEU-GDS

Dear Comrades,

The Membership verification in GDS cadre had conducted during May 2010 and the recognition for GDS Union (then AIPEEDU) awarded (after one year) during April 2011 for a period of 5 years.

After a vertical split in the AIPEDEU during April 2012, more than 60% members of that Union have withdrawn their membership and joined with AIPEU GDS (NFPE) and continuing in it for the last five years. Gradual increase in the divisions taken place after withdrawal of membership.

The name of AIPEDEU  has been changed as AIGDSU and continuing with the recognition earned in the name of AIPEDEU till now. The five year period of recognition has been lapsed by 14-04-2016 for that so called recognized union.

The process of membership verification has been commenced by calling applications to participate in the verification of membership in GDS cadre vide Lr Nos.13-1/2016-SR dated 02-03-2016 &10-03-2016. Last date was 31st March 2016. AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) submitted application in the name of AIPEU-GDS with all formalities according the procedure & rules laid down by the Directorate.

The department called for the applicant unions to submit the list of Authorized Representatives of the respective/applicant unions to sign on the ‘Authorization letters’ collected from the GDS in the divisions vide letter No.13-1/2016-SR dated 19th May 2016 by giving last date as 15th June 2016.

Accordingly, AIPEU-GDS submitted the list of more than 390 (out of 446 divisions about 25 Divisions are Metro Divisions with least number of working GDS) names of ‘Authorized Representatives’ with name, official address, phone number etc. No other applicant union in GDS cadre submitted the list of Authorized Representatives to the Directorate, further requested for extension of date for submission of the lists.

Again the date of submission of list of Authorized Representatives had been extended vide lr dated 19-07-2016 and again lr. dated 07-09-2016 as 30th September 2016 the last date.

It is learnt that the 9th All India Conference of the so called recognized GDS union has been conducted (during Sep’16) after a lapse of 27 months and our union made a complaint to the Directorate and requested to issue the notification for verification of membership with its continuation of process from March 2016.

To our dismay, the Department is not ready to continue the process which commenced during March 2016 instead recognition has been granted to the so called recognized GDS union by overlooking the EDA (RA) Rules 1995. Reasons are best known to the parties concerned.

It is a routine process according to the RSA/RA Rules to collect declarations from new entrants / change over of membership etc., during the month of April every year. In this process, our CHQ observed that for the last four years there was no change of membership or switch over from AIPEU-GDS to other unions has not taken place in the divisions. More over, withdrawal of membership from the so called recognized union has been taking place and the formation of AIPEU-GDS is increased in the Circles.

Instead of demanding Membership Verification in GDS cadre to meet the challenges of the other Unions in GDS, the so called recognized union taking advantage at the mercy of the concerning authorities to continue its survival with the so called ‘recognition’ and requesting GDS to join with them by opt declarations during this April, 2017 also.

AIPEU GDS is always ready to bear with the situation in the verification of membership with any kind of process as demanded by the GDS union/s or adopted by the Department, confidently & successfully.

It is requesting that any member of AIPEU-GDS need not seek the membership to any other union and aware that the others need not expect the members of AIPEU-GDS to change their franchise from AIPEU GDS.
General Secretary