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Friday, January 24, 2020

National Girl Child Day 2020

National Girl Child Day 2020 is being celebrated today (January, 24). This day creates awareness about girl child rights in India.

National Girl Child Day 2020: This day is celebrated every year on January 24 across the country. Its objective is to provide maximum support and facilities to the girls of the country in every respect. Apart from this, another objective of National Girl Child Day is to raise awareness about discrimination against girls.
It is believed that girls have been facing discrimination and violence in every aspect of life since ancient times. Now, it is time to give them their due rights. The government of India has brought several acts and made several amendments in the constitution to bring equality in society.
History of National Girl Child Day
National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on January 24 in India. It was initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Government of India. In 2019, its theme was “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”.
Significance of National Girl Child Day
The Government of India has started National Girl Child Day to bring equality in society as a campaign. This campaign aims to make people aware of girls across the country. Also, its objective is to tell people that women have an equal contribution to building society. People from all walks of life are included and made aware that girls should also have the right to make decisions.
• There are three major objectives to celebrate National Girl Child Day. First - to raise awareness about the rights of girls.
• Second, to talk about various atrocities and inequalities that girls face in their daily lives.
• Third, to increase awareness about the importance of girl education, nutrition, and health.
Why to celebrate National Girl Child Day
National Girl Child Day is celebrated to improve the condition of girls in society. Women have to face several types of discrimination at their homes, workplaces and in daily lives. Even now, women face gender discrimination in many ways not only in the village but also in the cities. There are several programs and campaigns are organized across the country to create awareness about the conditions of the girls.