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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 (Home Division of the General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS(NFPE)

25th Joint Biennial Divisional Conference of Gudur Division, A.P Circle has been held on 11-11-2012 in D.N.R. Community Hall, Gudur. under the Presidentship of Com.K.Sudhakar (Gr.C), Com.Yazdani Basha (P-4), Com.K.Jublirao (GDS).

Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, Com.K.V.Sridharan, Leader, JCM Staffside, Com.Sk.Humayun, President (CHQ) & Circle Secretary, AIPEU PM&Gr.D/MTS., Com.P.Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) are invited as Chief Guests by Com.M.Ravindra Reddy (Divl. Secretary, Gudur) to the Conference.

Com.D.A.S.V.Prasad, Circle Secretary, Gr.C., Com.S.S.R.A.Prasad, Asst. Circle Secretary, Gr.C., Com.D.Mohanrao, Vice President, Gr.C., Com.B.Sridharbabu, Orgg. Circle Secretary, Gr.C., Com.Chandrasekhar, Divl. Secretary, Gr.C (Tirupati dn.), Com.P.Eswar Prasad, Divl. Secretary, AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) (Tirupati dn), Com.A.J.Anthonay, Divl. Secretary, Gr.C (Nellore Dn), Com.Srinivasulu, Divl. Secretary, P-4.(Nellore dn), Com.N.Penchalaiah, Divl. Secretary, GDS (NFPE), (Nellore dn), Com.K.V.Subbarao, Postmaster, Com.R.Govind Naik, Secretary, SC&ST Welfare Association, Com.B.V.N.Suresh, Secretary, P&T Coop Society, Nellore, Com.Venkatramireddy (CITU) are attended as invitees to the Conference.

A mass rally was conducted from HO to Venue (1 Km) organized by more than 200 delegates with placards and slogans about 12-12-12 strike and demands.

The Conference was inaugurated by  Com.M.Krishnan and a vibrant speech made by Com.K.V.Sridharan about policies of Govt. and its effect on the Department of posts, role of departmental and GDS employees in the changing scenario.

The Chief guests distributed prizes to the participants in sports, athletics, music etc., competitions conducted among the employees in the division. Shri VijayaKumar, well-known Political leader in Gudur town was honoured for their kind contribution and support for the Conference. More than 400 Delegates with large number of Women Delegates witness and graced the Conference.

The Divisional Organizing bodies were elected for Gr.C., P-4., & GDS (NFPE) unanimously. 

The Reception Committee made excellent arrangements for the Guests, Delegates and Invitees. The CHQ, GDS (NFPE) is indebted and  extending its heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all the comrades of Gudur Division.



A joint Biennial Divisional Conference of Gr.C., P-4 & GDS (NFPE) of Anakapalli Division held on 07-10-2012.



A joint Biennial divisional conference of Gr.C., P-4 & GDS (NFPE) of Rajahmundry  held on 21-10-2012.



A joint Biennial divisional conference of Gr.C., P-4 & GDS (NFPE) of Tadepalligudem was held on 04-11-2012.



A joint Biennial divisional conference of  Gr.c., P-4 & GDS (NFPE) of Bhimavaram has been held on 18-11-2012.