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Friday, November 9, 2012


         CHQ: Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Road, New Delhi - 110008

President:               Bijay Gopal Sur                                                        E-mail :
General Secretary: P. Pandurangarao                                    Website:

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrades,

We are receiving number of phone calls from various Divisions and Circles about the formation of branches of our Union and at the first instance I am recording sincere thanks to all.

We are growing and I am very happy to say that within the short span of 3 months we formed 11 circle Unions viz., , Karnataka, Assam, Bihar, Kerala, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. The Circle Conference of Tamil Nadu is scheduled on 02-12-2012 at Namakkal. The Circle Secretary, P3, Gujrat informed that he is hosting the GDS conference on 15-12-2012. In Chattisgarh, all the P3 Divisional Secretaries have assured to form Circle Union within a fortnight. More than 800 comrades of Raigarh Division in Chattisgarh Circle have already joined our Union and formed the divisional branch.

The formation of Circle Union in North East is scheduled on 24-12-2012 at Agarthala. The comrades of Rajasthan sought the dates of Secretary General, NFPE and P3 General Secretary to form the Circle Union in the month of December, 2012. The Circle Union of J&K has already been finalized and formed by the P3 Circle Secretary, Com. Kuldip Raj Sharma. As only lesser number of GDS employees in Delhi, the Circle Union can be formed at anytime. Thus the formation of Circle Unions in major circles is being completed.

In respect of Maharashtra Circle, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand, the Secretary General, NFPE is evincing all efforts to form the branches. Even though many individual comrades and branches desired to form circle branches in those circles, this has not been encouraged and awaiting for the joint response of P3 & P4  Circle Unions in the initial formation of Circle Union in order to avoid any conflicts at any level.

The General Secretary, P3 appealed all his Branch / Divisional Secretaries for formation of the Branches at Divisional level. We also made an appeal to P3 & P4 Divisional Secretaries for the earliest formation of Branches at all levels. The process of formation of branches at base levels should be completed before 31-12-2012 as we are expecting the fresh reverification of membership at anytime due to the vertical split of AIPEDE Union at Amaravathi. The first All India Conference of our Union will be held at Chennai (Tamil Nadu) during March 2013 with a record number of delegates and visitors not less than 2000 from all 22 circles.

All of you aware, in December, 2008 strike when all of us were under AIPEDE Union, and also NFPE declared solidarity strike, the strike percentage was about 70 – 80% all along all the three days. Now during the recent strike organized by Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah, the overall percentage of participation was in between 20 -25%.  Despite the fact that he is claiming the other unions like FNPO have voluntarily participated in the strike. It shows that after the split, our Union is controlling more than 50% of the GDS in our fold (i.e) with NFPE.

During the adventurist strike period, we never attempted to sabotage the strike by furnishing the real position prevailing in each and every circle. It is further learnt that in some circles the P3 divisional secretaries have were fully supported his strike due to the silent position taken by its Central Head Quarters.

Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah, who is so notorious in suppressing the facts always and misleading the innocent GDS for his personal gains has uttered many lies which are far from truths and provoked the sentiment of GDS during the strike period not for the settlement of GDS demands but for ensuring his own survival.

On 16th Oct, 2012, he issued the statement as follows : “ 2.7 lakh GDS are going on indefinite strike started from 16-10-12 morning all over the country and Com.S.S.Mahadevaiah reported that 1,29,442 BOs stand closed”. It recollects the Goabels, who was famous for issue of such false statements during second world war to project Hitler, Nazi Army. The actual participation on the first day was about 40,000 GDS (out of 2,86,000) and around 18,000 closure of BOs. The exact figure will be furnished after the receipt of information from the Department.

On 17th Oct, 2012 he declared that “only one voice is reaching CHQ of AIPEDEU, that is do not withdraw strike, we are ready to fight till the settlement” but what happened ?  Is there any settlement of demands even on the 7th day ?

After knowing his inefficiency and inability to continue the strike, he started maligning as follows : “There are forces around us working against the interest of GDS, they are not hesitating to sabotage the strike, they are trying to disrupt the movement".

From the above, you can understand that he is preparing ground to throw blame on others even though the NFPE, FNPO and their affiliated unions including our Union never commented about his strike during those days and never acted against the strike.

Further on 19-10-2012, he mentioned that "the Dept of Post is cheating again and again and giving  false assurances and therefore, this time they have decided to fight till reasonable settlement". But you could have seen that he submitted a letter on 22-10-2012 to Director (SR) without having  any meeting with any Senior Officers or any concrete assurances that itself show his double standard in cheating the GDS. He is continuously making false propaganda and hopes among the GDS cadre just to keep his cadre intact with his fold.

After making a full claim that he withdraw the strike on assurances, he withdrew without any settlement and caused irreparable damage to the cause of GDS comrades. It seems we are not against any strike as per the policy being adhered by the NFPE over decades; we were silent during the strike period and not exposed his dramas cleverly enacted unnecessarily rousing the sentiments of GDS. The strike, he conducted has nothing as if he is stated that it was for his own survival and not for the GDS.

Only the united struggles can wipe out the tears of GDS. After the formation of our Union, we submitted  a clear cut proposal for the departmentalization of GDS and also insisted the NFPE to include this item as one of the charter of demands in the ensuing 12-12-2012 strike. Com.S.S.Mahadevaiah’s strike is nothing but to sabotage our program of joint action consisting of all Central Govt. Employees and all cadres of the Postal Department.

He described me as “puppet” in the hands of NFPE comparing Mahabharatha and described the NFPE leaders as Dhuryodhana and others, which itself proves how he stooped to that level due to frustration and isolation.

So, Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah has proved his weakness due to lesser participation the strike and exhibited  the real split in AIPEDE Union and the position of joining of majority of members in our Union. Hence we are having all justification for reverification of membership as per the Department orders. We are expecting reverification soon. Therefore, I request all our comrades to be vigil in organizing branches and divisions at all levels at the earliest.

We suggest the following:-

(i)           Meet all the members and all the BOs and explain that united struggle under the banner of NFPE will alone settle the genuine demands of GDS.
(ii)         Enroll their membership and advise them to withdraw their membership from AIPEDE Union.
(iii)       Organize general body meetings and form volunteers to obtain declarations from all GDS. Remember, that there are more than 50,000 GDS who were not members in any Union in the last verification.
(iv)        Send list of office bearers of all divisions, their telephone numbers and full address for communication to CHQ before 31-12-2012.
(v)          Need not antagonize  any one and our fight is not for posts, it is only for the proper finding of GDS leadership at all levels and work fraternally with P3 & P4 divisional unions under NFPE.

Dear comrades, the time is very short. Unless we act swiftly and seriously, we cannot achieve our task. We require immediate formation of branches before the reverification is ordered.

With my folded hands, I am appealing all the GDS comrades of the entire Nation to come and join AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) and strengthen the joint functioning of our Union for the Departmentalization and emancipation of GDS.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,
(P. Pandurangarao)
General Secretary