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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

AIPEU GDS :: Letter addressed to DG Posts on Dharna programmes & Demands (28-02-2022)


No.AIPEUGDS/CHQ/DTE/DHARNA/2022                                                        Date:28-02-2022


The Director General
Postal Services
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi - 110 001

Respected Sir,

           Sub:- Agitational programme of AIPEU-GDS on long pending GDS issues - reg.

            We are very much constrained to brought this to the kind notice of our Hon'ble Director General, Postal Services, Department of Posts, the CHQ of AIPEU GDS launched an agitational programme on GDS issues in two phases viz., Day long Dharna in front of Divisional Offices on 04-03-2022 and Day long Dharna in front of Regional / Circle Offices on 15-03-2022. The decision has been taken in the Federal Executive meeting of NFPE held on 19th February 2022 in New Delhi. All NFPE unions are obviously and unanimously agreed and extended their support and cooperation to this GDS agitational programmes.

            After experiencing with all the unbearable situation, we are inevitably stand on road to show our resentment and dissatisfaction towards the attitude of administration at all levels in our Department. Not a single satisfactory measure had been taken up for the welfare of staff and could not create such a peaceful atmosphere at all work places. Maintenance of cordial relation and human relation with the lower level staff is totally deviated and fearsome situation is being prevailed.

          For the last 4 years i.e., after initiating the implementation of Kamlesh Chandra Committee  recommendations, we are demanding all the positive recommendations have to be implemented in a stipulated period. Even though, we lost few benefits viz., calculation of arrears from 2016, enhancement of ex gratia gratuity, enhancement of CGEGIS benefit and we hopefully expecting the benefits viz., weightage to seniors & ACP Scheme, Medical Insurance facility, 180 days leave encashment etc., is said to be still under process as there is more than 3 years of time is already lapsed. A considerable number of GDS who fought for the cause of implementation of positive recommendations, during this period, have been retired and deceased pathetically. Aggrieved with more and more problems at field level, we are prepared to step-in the agitation programmes individually and collectively.

::Membership Verification in GDS cadre::

          The department is playing a strategic role with regard to conduct the membership verification process in GDS for the last 6 years.  Having more and more patience our Union is waiting to seek the opportunity to participate in the membership verification process. Knowingly, the involvement of expenditure, sufferings, time factor in case of membership verification process, conducted during September 2017, after completion, that notification was cancelled without assigning any reason. It results in favour of some quarters, suspiciously, the department had provided the advantage and opportunity.

          The department is categorically escaping from the implementation of its own framed rules, deviated and violated, dragging the situation for this long period of time, from 2016, keeping the situation, still under process. We are demanding the department for expedite the process immediately for conducting membership verification in GDS cadre.

:Recent Order on the arrangement of substitutes in GDS vacancies:

          The instructions issued in the recent OM dated 11-02-2022 with reference to arrangement of substitutes in GDS vacancies created much ambiguity and confusion among the Staff. There are provisions for availing the leave for GDS at certain instances, the said instructions issued is totally curtailed the benefit of availing of any kind of leave viz., LWA, Paid Leave, Emergency Leave, Officiating Leave to departmental cadres viz., MTS & Postman, Deputation to IPPB, Special Leave on certain occasions etc., more over the period of leave in the post of regular GDS is being treated as 'vacancy' and categorized as 'short term & long term' which is totally unjustified. This remembers the situation prior to Savoor Committee (1987). The hard earned benefits of leave provision to GDS, drawn from the sustained struggles for decades, now totally curtailed with this OM. We are demanding the Department to reiterate the instructions accordingly, to avail all kinds of leave, as of now for GDS, should be restored as it is besides engagement of substitute for the period of leave.

:Stop imposing the impracticable & unscientific targets on BOs/GDS:

          We do agree, without target, we cannot move ahead.  Here in our department, the situation is particular and peculiar. Inadequate training, unawareness about the schemes, lack of marketing skills, improper after-service and updation, net-work problem etc., are the prime lacunae and is clearly visible to the public. Without agreeing the bold facts, simply creating and fixing targets will become farce. We are all well aware that the mounting pressure on Gramin Dak Sevaks is increasing day by day to meet the challenges of the Department. Without considering the basic needs and practical difficulties being faced in day to day work and services in the BOs & SOs, GDS are forcibly prone to psychological stress, positively. Even after introduction of many number of schemes and operations under technological adoption, it is very much pain to say that no interaction with staff about their importance and need of hour to go through all those things, is imaginary, except to fix the targets and create fearsome atmosphere among GDS is the situation going on now.

          Days, weeks, months, somehow years passing away, adequate supply of basic amenities viz., net work, infrastructure, stationery, training to the field staff, redress of grievances etc., etc., are in blind fold. The proposed targets on BOs happen to be vague and no scientific reason to coordinate with the demographic picture and economic potentiality of such rural populace, is not in observation by the department at any level.

           The poor GDS could not digest the day to day rulings, knowledge updation, clarifications on orders issued instantaneously and are tight-lipped; except due efforts to meet the very purpose of the administration. The expectations of the department is more on certain areas of GDS system, simultaneously, due consideration about the other side of the coin also to be observed. Hence, we are demanding the department to fix the targets to the BOs/GDSs scientific, practical and in a progressive way. 

::Implement the positive recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee::

          It was an agreed proposal after 16 days strike to implement some other positive recommendations also in due course of time. Weightage to the senior GDS; during the fixation of TRCA, anomalies were found and caused the dissatisfaction of senior GDS. The department had formed a Committee during, 2019 to set right this, collected information from divisions by Directorate, till date it was not materialized, the reply is 'under process'. Medical Insurance benefit Scheme is another one, some meetings were held with Federations and GDS unions in Directorate for the feasible implementation of the scheme, but no final conclusion arrived yet resulted in detaining very purpose of the benefit during the pandemic corona for poor GDS. It was proposed to agree the benefit of 'Leave Encashment for 180' for GDS is also not yet ordered and said to be under process. Hence, we are demanding the department to implement all the positive recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee within a stipulated period.

          Further it is requested to take all necessary measures to reiterate the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance for sanction of Rs.10 lakhs to the bereaved family of GDS died in harness during pandemic corona.

          Our AIPEU GDS is prepared to stage Dharna programme peacefully on 4th & 15th March 2022 in front of Divisional Offices and Circle/Regional offices and requested the cooperation of Departmental Unions also. It is requested our Hon'ble Director General, Postal Services, Department of Posts to redress the grievances of GDS by issuing suitable and necessary instructions to the Authorities concerned in favour of Gramin Dak Sevaks.

With profound regards,

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary