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Saturday, July 6, 2013


The JCM Staffside submitted more or less 100 items for discussion with the authorities of the Department of Posts. Besides about 70 pending items were also noticed to the Department.

Com.K.V.Sridharan, Leader, Staffside & Com.Girirajsingh, Secretary, Staffside along with other leaders of NFPE & FNPO take part in the discussion on all the items.

The following items related to GDS are being taken up in the ensuing meeting of JCM (DC) is extracted from the minutes and published here under for favour of information. 

17. Modification in the revised Postmen/Mailguard recruitment rules :

As per the previous recruitment rules, 50% of the Postmen/MG vacancies were reserved as Group D promotional quota ( 25% seniority and a 25% merit ) The unfilled Group D promotional quota vacancies were offered to GDS under merit quota. But as per the revised recruitment rules the 25% seniority quota of MTS is removed and the unfilled Group ‘D’ quota vacancies are offered to open market recruitment. This has adversely affected the promotional chances of senior Group D staff and also the GDS. This is in violation of the understanding reached with the staff side. It was assured that there will not be any open market recruitment of the post of Postmen/Mail guard cadre.
Further in the previous recruitment rules, out of the 50% Postmen/MG Vacancies earmarked for GDS, 25% were under seniority quota and 25% under merit quota. But in the revised recruitment rules entire 50% vacancies are earmarked for merit quota only, thus curtailing the promotional chances of senior GDS.
It is requested to review the Postmen/Mailguard recruitment rules to remove open market recruitment and also to restore seniority quota promotion.

22. Denial of relaxed standards to GDS in the appointment of Postal Assistants in the revised recruitment rules - regarding.

In the Recruitment Rules for the Postal Assistants communicated vide Directorate letter No.60-9/2009-SPB-1 dated 8/5/2012, the process of applications for admission to write the examination for the unfilled vacancies of LGOs by the GDS to PA/SA, the minimum mark in the Plus Two examination has been prescribed as 50% of all communities including SC/ST whereas in the open competition for the direct recruitment through examination it was fixed as 45% for SC/ST applicants. This is an utter violation of the spirit of the constitution of India and defeat the very purpose of reservation in the appointments. It should have been fixed at least as 40% for such categories.
It is therefore requested to kindly cause immediate action to amend the recruitment rules accordingly at the earliest

31. Creation of MTS Posts to the tune of vacant GDS MM and Temporary Status Casual Labourer Posts in RMS :

Consequent upon the issue of Directorate Orders for keeping the GDS MM and Temporary Status Casual Labourer posts in RMS wing unfilled, the work load of the MTS staff in particular has increased manifold. The Circle, Regional and Divisional Administration have taken advantage of the said orders to keep the vacancies of all such GDS MM and Temporary Status Casual Labourer unfilled. They have not taken any effort to assess the actual work hours to be performed by those vacant GDS posts to create necessary Multi Tasking Staff posts.
It is requested to kindly issue suitable instructions to all concerned to immediately assess the total hours of work pertaining to the vacant GDS MM and Temporary Status Casual Labourer posts in RMS and take measures to create appropriate posts of Multitasking Staff in order to mitigate the problems of staff and the RMS services.

32. Request for filling up of 25% vacancies of Mail Guard posts by promotion by selection cum seniority of Multitasking staff :

The posts of Mail Guard under 25% by promotion by selection cum seniority of Multitasking staff, have not been filled up in RMS, in many Circles despite clear instructions were issued by the Directorate. The eligible officials were denied of their promotion in the vacant selections under the scheme of 25% by promotion by selection cum seniority of Multi Tasking Staff. Unfortunately, the new recruitment rules issued for filling up of 25% by promotion by selection cum seniority of Multi Tasking Staff for the years 2009 2010.2011& 2012 was not observed in many Circles through clear guidelines are issued.

It is requested to cause suitable instructions in this regard and also to fill all the MG Vacancies in accordance with the instructions contained in Directorate memo No 44-2/2011-SPB-I dated 27.01.2011. and No. 45-2/2011-SPB-I dated 18.10.2012.

52. Revision of Syllabus for Departmental Exams:

As the only avenue open to the cadre of Postman / MTS for higher promotion is that Postal Assistants through competitive examinations. The Department opted for revision of syllabus and pattern of examinations and the Staff Side to agree to it. It was told to us that the revision of syllabus and pattern of examinations would go a long way to help more candidates get through the examination to avoid many vacancies go unfilled after every examination. It took a long time for finalizing the syllabus and new method of examination introduced for LGO exam. However it is found that contrary to what was told by the Department the examinations of LGOs as well as the examinations from GDS to Postman and MTS have become so tough that it has become extremely difficult to answer many questions. This has led to a situation wherein the candidates could not get through these examinations and a large number of vacancies remain unfilled after the examinations.

90. Arbitrary imposement of recovery from APM Accounts for excess drawal of Bonus to GDS in AP Circle.

The Directorate caused orders to recover the excess Paid bonus to GDS from the APM Accounts/Postmasters instead of recovering the amount from the concerned GDS or appealing against the Court decisions for non recovery of the excess paid amount. The Court did not specify that the amount should be recovered from any one. One Head Postmaster has been proceeded Rule 14 on the date of his retirement and converted as Rule 9 and did not get the retirement benefits for the reason of excess drawal of Bonus to GDS. This is arbitrary, unjust and against to the orders on the subject. Suitable orders may please be issued to withdraw the earlier instructions to fix responsibility on APM/Postmasters and the amount may be recovered from the officials to whom it is paid.

92. Conduct of Postmen exam – request modification :

(i) Despite the introduction of objective type, the questions are being set above the standard of state board syllabus in matriculation.
(ii) As the exam is conducted on a regional basis, the GDS is forced to spend huge amounts for journey, stayal etc. to write the exam.
(iii) As the answers are asked to be written in white papers instead of OMRs, there are several corruptions in the valuation as well as in the exam centre. There is scope for quo replacing the answer papers and it will lead to major corruption.
As such it is felt that earlier practice of divisional wise exam is better and it should be conducted on OMR method and answer sheet should be in the prescribed sheet supplied by the Department with some identification work and not white paper.

93. Impact of down gradation of ED SOs in to ED BOs – request to provide manpower:

After the down gradation of EDSOs and converted them as BOs, the following works were added to the class II and class III offices.
(i) Issue and payment of money orders, supervision of delivery works, closing and opening of a mail bag, account bag and cash bag.
(ii) Work related to MPKBY agents attached to EDSOs are translated to account office as MPKBY agents cannot be attached to EDBOs.
(iii) Pass books of all new accounts opened in EDBOs has to be issued by account office apart from the incorporation of SB/RD/TD deposit and withdrawals in ED BOs.
All the works mentioned above are being managed single/double handedly besides the work of their own.
It is therefore requested to provide adequate manpower either redeployment or by means of compensation etc., to the single/double handed offices.