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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now, SMS alerts in post offices soon .....A.P circle

HYDERABAD: In a novel initiative, India Post will use short message service (SMSs) alert system to deliver dak to citizens. In the new system, people expecting mail, including Speed Post and Parcels, will now get an SMS alert before the local postman delivers them at the designated address. India Post (Department of Posts) is making all efforts to launch the system from December second week in post offices across the state.
"We have named the new system 'Mee Uttaram Vachindi' (your letter has come). India Post has tied up with National Informatics Center (NIC) recently. A trail run has begun at some post offices and we got positive response to the service. Andhra Pradesh will be the first state in the country to launch the free SMS alert system, Chief Postmaster General, AP Circle, B V Sudhakar told TOI.

With the service fully operational, citizens would not miss their dak or would not have to do the rounds of the local post office. At times, postmen find door lock and return the dak without delivering them. "It has become a headache to postmen to visit houses on more than one occasion to deliver the dak. As a result, dak has been piling up at post offices," he added.

"To avoid these problems, India Post has decided to introduce SMS alert to deliver the dak promptly. However, we will need mobile numbers of both the sender and receiver," the official added.

The postman would send an SMS to the addressee an hour before delivering the mail. After delivering the dak, an SMS would also be sent to the sender stating 'letter delivered.' 

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