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Thursday, April 7, 2016

GDS Committee proposed to select two BOs from each Circle suggested by Federations / Unions

Dear Comrade CHQ office bearers & Circle Secretaries,

GDS Committee is proposed to conduct a socio-economic survey on Branch Post Offices and GDS for collection of information reflected the nature and conditions of GDS in the Circles/Divisions.

It is proposed the Federations / Unions to suggest two BOs from each circle to include in the sample survey.  

Hence it is requested the concerned circle representatives of AIPEU-GDS, please send names of two  BOs from the circle to forward to the notice of GDS Committee on or before 14-04-2016.

Please send your suggestions to the following e-mail address of our CHQ :

Please treat this as most urgent, important and respond at the earliest.

The following letter is addressed to the Federations / Unions by the GDS Committee through e-mail and favour of information.

Copy of the letter :

Dear Friends,

            The GDS Committee is proposing to conduct a socio-economic survey of selected Branch post offices and Gramin Dak Sevaks to collect the information.  For the purpose, a sample size of 1500 Branch Post offices have been identified, with proportionate representation, with the help of the Circles.

Since the Committee considers Federations / Unions as important stakeholders in the entire process, it is decided that approximately 10% of the BOs which will be surveyed should be identified by Federations / Unions. 

In view of the above, it is requested to kindly send names of two BOs from each Circle (maximum 50) to include them in the sample size.  The BOs selected should be representative of the overall existing conditions of BOs in the country. The names should reach us by 14.4.2016 in the following format, as we have planned a work shop for nodal officers from the Circles on 19.4.16 at RAKNPA. 

Name of the BO
Name of the division and region
Name of the Circle

Tanweer Qamar Mohammad
Secretary GDS Committee
Malcha Marg Post Office
Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110021
Mob: 00918800233411