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Saturday, April 9, 2016



National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
Phone: 011.23092771                                               e-mail:
       Mob: 9868819295/9810853981                      website:

No. PF-01(e)/2016                                                                              Dated: 09th April, 2016

            All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of All NFPE Unions of UP Circle

Dear Comrade,

            A Joint Circle Working Committee Meeting of P-III,P-IV,R-III and GDS Unions  was held at Kanpur (UP) on 06.04.2016. The meeting was presided by the joint Presidium of P-III,P-IV,R-III & GDS i.e. , Com. R.N. Parashar (P-III), Com. Anil Chaudhary (P-IV) , Com. B.D. Gupta (R-III),  and Com. Akhilesh Singh (GDS). 

All Circle Secretaries of NFPE unions i.e. Com. Subhash Mishra(P-III), Com. Vikram Shah (P-IV) , Com. R.K. Gupta (R-III) , Com. Narottam Lal  Tripathi(R-IV), Com. S.B. Yadav (Postal accounts), Com. J.S. Vajpayee (SBCO) and Com. Promod Kumar Singh (GDS) were  present.

Com. Giriraj Singh President NFPE & General Secretary R-III addressed the meeting and elaborated all the issues related to Pay Commission and staff matters and stressed the need of strengthening of GDS union under banner of NFPE. Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE and General Secretary P-III appealed all to make the GDS union as No.1 union in ensuing membership verification. He also warned to all Divisional and Branch Secretaries that those who will not co-operate in formation and enrollment of maximum members, disciplinary action will be taken against them as per the decision of Federal Executive of NFPE and C.W.C.  of P-III. 

Com. T.P. Mishra, Ex. President P-III, Com. Arvind Trivedi (ITGOA), Com. Sharad Prakash Agrawal, (Confederation C-O-C Kanpur) also addressed the meeting. All Presidents and All Circle Secretaries appealed to all to form GDS union in each division and make it as No.1 union.  

2.         Further in order to maximum mobilization and giving suitable instructions for strengthening of GDS union in each Division, the regional level meetings have been decided to be organized. As mentioned below. All Circle, Regional, Divisional and Branch Secretaries and Circle union office bearers of that particular region are requested to attend the meeting compulsorily on the date fixed for the meeting.

         Region                           Place of meeting                                   Date

1.         Agra                            Agra-1(HO)                                        10.04.2016
2.         Gorakhpur                 Gorakhpur HO                                  17.04.2016
3.         Bareilly                       Bareilly HO                                        24.04.2016
4.         Allahabad                   Allahabad HO                                    01.05.2016
5.         Kanpur                       Kanpur HO                                        08.05.2016
6.         Lucknow                    RCM Office, CPMG Campus           15.05.2016
            With revolutionary greetings,
Comradely yours,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General