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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


         NFPE & AIPEU GDS (NFPE) union has taken a firm stand on the demand of inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC and pave the way for struggle to the last inch. You might have well aware that the traditional sentiment of GDS is departmentalization and civil servant status. Our union created history within a short span of time with effective struggles organizationally and proceed to the Apex Court legally to reach our goal. Our demands charter is never changed or modified.

            We had bitter experiences with all the Pay Committees in the past. One might not forget about the instances that took place at the time of Justice Talwar Committee and much more bitter experience with the next One Man Committee. How long it will continue to go for bitter experiences with GDS pay committees?

          We tried our level best to consolidate all unions in NFPE and in Confederation after enlightening the genuine demands of GDS cadre and convinced them to go for a unanimous understanding along with the issues of GDS  to consider in the ensuing Central Pay Commission. We became successful and our GDS demand has been included in the Terms of Reference of all Central Govt. Employees proposed to the Govt.

     Our prayers  
(i) Civil Servant status by implementing the Judgment (1977) of the Apex Court &
(ii)to scrap the GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules 2011 
-- have been accepted by the Supreme Court and the case is under process in Delhi High Court.  

         On the other side, this time all the Central Govt. employees’ sections are in support for our NFPE GDS Union to build pressure on the Govt. to accept the genuine demand of inclusion in 7th CPC. The Terms of Reference is still under consideration and for final decision.

           To our ill fate, hurried decision of the so call recognized union from the bitterness of their immature call for indefinite strike caused all the GDS in the country, emphasizingly claiming of their own union thrown in to dark future and decided to evolve another bad period till next Pay Commission.

Which is the right decision? (members can analyze .... !)

Whether to fight for inclusion in 7th Central Pay Commission?
Whether reaching an agreement with the Department for separate pay committee? 
(an inappropriate way)

Whether demanding civil servant status in the ambit of 7th CPC?
Whether continue with Conduct & Engagement Rules? 
(even a Judge for separate committee will consider only the previous committee’s recommendations under the policies of the Govt.)

          Instead of recollecting the past experiences and harsh situations faced for the last many years, the leadership of the so called recognized union exposing their impatience, intolerance, prejudices continuously and unfairly. They forget decency and decorum as they claim they are in higher forum.

            Some leaders are still in the opinion that they are only doing good by forgetting that which is good and what is the good to do. They are defending themselves that they have done good but the members know the quantum of good offered to the cadre.

          Destruction started from their side and destructed all that they want and remained as precipitate. Instead of reconstruction, they started obstruction to many as they are totally submerged. The nature of destruction is still stimulating them to go for a total destruction on their own with many contradictions.

           Totally deviating from the normal decency and common trade union policy, exposing themselves to all as a chattered one and not watching the words. Who is doing good and whether had done any good ….. now people are counting on them.

We does’nt want to make any confusion.

We will wait uncomplainingly; bear with any circumstances with all accepted facts.

General Secretary