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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Is it a respectful agreement or respectable agreement? TO WHOM ?
Is it an achievement or deceiving the GDS?

               After reviewing the situation in all the circles, our CHQ is strongly protesting the agreement reached with AIGDS Union  for accepting a separate committee for GDS. The claim of representing the 2.63 lakh GDS by the so called recognized GDS union is a farce and the said indefinite strike is only partial and it could not reflect the decision for that union to reach an agreement with the Dept. betraying the ambitions and willfulness of the GDS for civil servant status and inclusion in 7th CPC.

            To our knowledge, never in the past, such an agreement was made by any union before announcing the pay commission. All are waiting for the decision on terms of reference proposed to the Govt. Decades after, all the Central Govt. employees including Railways, Defense came on one platform and with the successful efforts of the Confederation leaders and inclusion of the issues of GDS in 7th CPC  has been accepted and proposed in the terms of reference for 7th CPC.

               Railway federations & Defense federations wrote letters to the Govt. to include GDS in 7th CPC. One round of discussion was held with JCM leaders. Our Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) wrote to the Prime Minister and the letter is forwarded to the Department of Posts for their consideration. Confederation and FNPO conducted two days strike on 12th & 13th Feb on 15 point charter of demands including GDS demands. And the postal JCA has already decided to go an indefinite strike if the GDS are not included in the 7th CPC.

            In this background, the AIGDS Union started indefinite strike with their demands including the demand of ‘inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC’. But at the conclusion of their strike the General Secretary reached an agreement with the Dept. in such a manner attempting his right to claim the sentiment of all GDS for accepting a separate committee and deviated from their strike demand.

AIGDSU may accept it as a “respectful agreement”.  
What way it is respectful? Or it is respectable? to whom? by whom?
What it is the necessary to go to such agreement alone for one demand? 
What is the meaning in it? 
Can’t that Union question the Dept. where  it is proposed for a separate committee with retd. Judge as the CPC is also headed by a Judge, what is the necessity for two separate judge’s recommendations for the employees working in one Dept.? 
Even in the discussions held on 17-2-14, it is clearly mentioned to review the matter after the terms of reference decided by the Govt.,  
Further Dept. also wrote to DoP&T to include ‘GDS in 7th CPC becomes possible’. 
why showed necessary hurry to go for an agreement?

Reaching such an agreement is not a mandatory because the Govt. did not finalize the terms of reference and the decision of inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC is still pending and did not disclosed anywhere and anybody. The Dept is not yet concluded its decision for constituting a separate committee for GDS.

               The so called respectful agreement is only to skip off from their indefinite strike as it is proved a fragmented one, the response to the said strike is recorded only 25% (average) all over India. 
          Or any other threatening  by the administration or any obligation with the department?
               We doubt that the AIGDS union has no other chance to go further struggles on this issue and decided to conclude like this by creating confusion among the GDS.
                 At the time of last pay commission (6th CPC) also, all the postal organizations decided to boycott the officer’s committee, Com.Mahadevaiah followed his independent  & unilateral decision and accepted it which resulted in the modified rules denying civil status to GDS and kept them separate with GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules. 
              This time also he deviated from the general concept of the cadre and bows his head before the Dept. and reached with such agreement by leaving all the GDS in chaos.
              Again he wrote to the department claiming the inclusion of terms of reference as was proposed for 7th CPC. How funny? Are all GDS are innocent and unaware of the tactics of that leadership?

              AIPEU GDS (NFPE) & NEPF along with FNPO continues our struggle to the last mile to include the GDS in 7thCPC. The details of all our programmes will be intimated from time to time.
General Secretary