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Friday, November 25, 2016

A Tree In Pakistan Was Arrested Years Ago, And Is Still In Chains

New Delhi: We have heard, and seen in movies that most dangerous criminal are clad in heavy iron-chains, but, in a bizarre twist, a tree in Pakistan has been put in iron-chains for the last 118 years.
This would have surely surprised you. The questions, how and why a tree is locked in chains must be boggling your mind? Certainly, such news is unusual and weird as well. 
A Tree In Pakistan Was Arrested Years Ago, And Is Still In Chains  
According to Pakistani media, the tree had been punished by a British officer who pronounced this punishment to the tree. Since 1898, the tree at Army cant, Landi Kotal, Pakistan, is locked with heavy chains. The story behind this punishment will take you by surprise.
Once, a British officer, James Squad was drunk and passing by the tree. All of a sudden, he felt that the tree was following him. Scared, the officer called his men and ordered to arrest the tree and put in chains. Since then the tree is locked.
A board is hung on the tree that reads, ''I am under arrest.''
Now, the question is, even 70 years after the British left, why is the tree under arrest?

Actually, Pakistan administration decided to exhibit the level of atrocity of British rule which did not spare even a tree. So, the tree is still standing as a prisoner and the area is marked as a tourist spot.      


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