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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Role of Postal Assistant in IPPB

Following are the various roles of Postal Assistants after IPPB started its business in Post Offices across the country.

✓ IPPB will provide banking services at counters of HO/SO of DOP through postal assistants along with doorstep banking through GDS/Postman
✓ Postal assistants will be using Finacle to deliver the services which they are already well versed with
✓ PAs will be opening accounts of customers through AADHAAR & other KYC Documents
✓ PAs will be servicing both the customer those which are onboarded through e-KYC and non e-KYC (Counters which are co-located with IPPB Branch)
✓ Postal assistants to convince the walk-in customers who are visiting DoP counters for postal or mail services towards starting relationship with IPPB.
✓ Postal assistants are already working in CBS-Finacle and they will be using the same platform to serve the IPPB customers
✓ There are many similarities between DoP financial products & IPPB products like
Saving account, Remittance.

Role of Postal Assistant in IPPB

Main role of Postal Assistant to provide Banking Services at DoP Counters as a business correspondent for IPPB.

Door Step Banking Services 

Banking Services at Counters

✓ To whom?

o Only for e-KYC Customers o Who have registered mobile number ✓ What?
o Customer Onboarding (Account Opening) o Financial Transactions o Non-Financial Transactions o Customer Servicing 

✓ To whom?

o For e-KYC & non e-KYC Customers (counters co-located with IPPB Branch) ✓ What?
o Customer Onboarding (Account Opening) o Financial Transactions o Non-Financial Transactions 

o Customer Servicing

1. Customer Onboarding

✓ Understand who are your target customer
✓ Aware e-KYC & non e-KYC process
✓ Understand the customer‘s need & accordingly proposes the product
✓ Onboarding process through Finacle
✓ Feeding the necessary information of customer in Finacle

2. Facilitating Transaction 

✓ Postal assistants will facilitate customer transactions from dedicated & shared counters of HO/SO
✓ The incentive for PAs lies in processing of various transactions done by the customers both at counter & self-mode. 
✓ The details of incentive structure have been covered separately in this manual for the benefit of the participants.

3. Financial Transaction

✓ Cash Deposit
✓ Cash Withdrawal
✓ Remittances – NEFT, IMPS, AEPS & Others)
✓ Bill Payment & Recharges

4. Non-Financial Transaction

✓ Information related to POSB
✓ Balance Inquiry 
✓ Mini Statement
✓ Update PAN and nominee details
✓ Seeding AADHAR
✓ Add/ Modify / Delete Standing Instructions
✓ Issuance of QR Card
✓ Generation of Green PIN
✓ Complaint Lodgment ✓ Account Closure Request

5. Selling and Servicing Third Party Products

✓ DoP Products
▪ Other Savings Schemes o Investment Products
▪ Insurance Products - Life Insurance and General Insurance ▪Postal Life Insurance
o General Insurance
▪ Investments Products
▪ Mutual Funds
✓ Loans Products
▪ Loans from Partner Bank

6. Daily Reporting 

✓ Reconcile the cash Given out or Received on behalf of IPPB by DoP
✓ At the end of the day Finacle will provide the list of all debit and credit transactions and the net cash balance will be displayed automatically for the reconciliation of cash.
✓ Postal Assistants will need to reconcile the cash at the end of the day and hand over the cash & any other deliverables at the end of the day to respective DoP officials. 

7. Self Upgradation 

✓ Check yourself what you know and what you want to learn
✓ Approach to DoP Officials and TM/TO from IPPB in case you face any difficulty
✓ Show eagerness to learn new information received from DoP or IPPB
✓ Knowledge helps you to offer IPPB products & services which gets you more
satisfaction and incentives

8. Financial Education to Customers (Spreading Awareness)

✓ Financial literacy & Customer education is a prime element of financial Inclusion
✓ Try inculcating financial awareness among the customers visiting the counter at

9. Incentive & Rewards

✓ Each Postal Assistants need to have an account with IPPB to get the incentive credit. The Postal Assistants can check the accumulated incentive in Finacle at the end of the day.
✓ The pay out of incentive into the agent’s accounts will happen at a pre-defined frequency (currently planned as a monthly pay out).
✓ Commission and incentive paid to the DoP and front-line staff is directly linked to the revenues generated through the IPPB transactions
✓ Incentives to be paid for each revenue generating activity facilitated by DoP 
✓ Additional incentives to be given under target-based schemes
✓ For facilitating opening account of merchants