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........ Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO - AIPEUGDS & NUGDS) launched phased manner programme on 23 charter of demands ....... All are requested to participate en masse and make all agitation programmes a grand success..... .......

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......... .............. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POSTS OF GDS .............. NEXT HEARING OF THE COURT CASE IN PR. CAT, DELHI IS ON 31st July 2019............Shri Kamalesh Chandra Committee recommendations are being implemented from 01-07-2018 after the Cabinet approval on 06th June 2018....


Dear Comrade newly elected Divisional / Branch Secretaries of AIPEU-GDS -- PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS WITH PIN CODE, MOBILE NUMBER, E-MAIL ID THROUGH SMS TO ..09849466595.. OR BY E-MAIL TO >< IMMEDIATELY................... CRUSADER TO GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS (2nd Edition -2016) is ready and can place indent to AIPEU GrC (CHQ), NEW DELHI-8....... One copy Rs.225/- (560 pages) ..... Send e-MO for Rs.250/- to receive one copy of the Book by Regd. Book Paket..........

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Women's Committee Meeting of CCGEW - 15-10-2016 - New Delhi




As already intimated in the last circular, the National Executive Committee meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held at New Delhi on 16th December 2016 (next day of Parliament March) at 10 AM. Venue: MP’s Club Opp. NFPE office, North Avenue. All National Secretariat Members, Chief Executives of Affiliated organisations (with minimum 500 membership) and General Secretaries of C-O-Cs are requested to attend the meetingWITHOUT FAIL. Please book your travel tickets accordingly.



1st meeting of the newly elected Women’s Sub Committee of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held on 15th December 2016 (on the day of Parliament March) at 4 PM at NFPE office (1st Floor, North Avenue Post office, building, Near Ram Manohar Lohiya (RML Hospital). All Women’s Committee members are requested to attend the meeting in time. List of Women’s Committee Members published below. All Affiliates and C-O-Cs are requested to inform the Women’s Committee members (nominated by them) and ensure their participation in the meeting.

USH BONEPPALLI                         R. SEETHALAKSHMI                             M. KRISHNAN
Chairperson                                  Convenor                                            Secretary General
Mob: 08985971009                       Mob: 09868114355                             Mob: 09447068125


1.      Chairperson                  :    Com. Usha Bonepalli, ITEF (Hyderabad)
2.      Vice Chairperson          :   Com. Monisha Mazumder, Ptg & Stationary (West Bengal)
3.      Vice Chair person         :   Com. K. N. Jayashree Raj, Audit & Accounts (Bangalore)
4.      Convenor                       :    Com. R. Seethalakshmi, NFPE (Delhi)
5.      Joint Convenor              :   Com. Gita Bhattacharjee, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Delhi)
6.      Joint Convenor              :   Com. Saritha Divakaran, Atomic Energy (Mumbai)


7.      Com. A. Manjula, ITEF (AP)
8.      Com. P. Anju, ITEF (Kerala)
9.      Com. Reba Gupta, ITEF (West Bengal)
10.  Com. Mompal, ITEF (Delhi)
11.  Com. Neelu Gautam, ITEF (Uttar Pradesh)
12.  Com. Lalita Surendran, ITEF (Mumbai)
13.  Com. Bandana Bhattacharjee, Audit & Accounts (Assam)
14.  Com. Jaya Jyothy, Audit & Accounts (Chennai)
15.  Com. Rekha Narsikar, Audit & Accounts (Nagpur)
16.  Com. Aparajitha Roy Chowdhary, Civil Accounts (West Bengal)
17.  Com. Barnali Dolui, Civil Accounts (West Bengal)
18.  Com. Kamalesh Kumari, Civil Accounts (Delhi)
19.  Com. Madhuri Sharma, Atomic Energy (Mumbai)
20.  Com. Nirmala Pandagle, Atomic Energy (Mumbai)
21.  Com. Rupali Mohite, Atomic Energy (Mumbai)
22.  Com. Swati Roy Bera, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (West Bengal)
23.  Com. Shalini Bhardwaj, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Punjab)
24.  Com. M. R. Chaitra, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Karnataka)
25.  Com. D. Sarala Bai, AIPEU Group ‘c’ (Karnataka)
26.  Com. C. Lilly, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Kerala)
27.  Com. Rosamma Thomas, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Kerala)
28.  Com. P. Rema, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Kerala)
29.  Com. Angel Sathyanathan, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (Tamilnadu)
30.  Com Ashalatha Devi, Passport Employees Association (Kochi)
31.  Com. Anita Thakur, Postmen & MTS Union (West Bengal)
32.  Com. Tripti Mitra, Postmen & MTS Union (West Bengal)
33.  Com. G. Jamuna, Postmen & MTS Union (Kerala)
34.  Com. A. S. Baby, Sree Chitra Institute Staff Union (Trivandrum)
35.  Com. Mariamma K. E., Sree Chitra Institute Staff Union (Trivandrum)
36.  Com. M. Nalini, RMS. & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ (Hyderabad)
37.  Com. N. Anuradha, RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ (Bangalore)
38.  Com. Stephya Babu, RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ (Kerala)
39.  Com. Aruna C. Pachapur, RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ (Bangalore)
40.  Com. Shakuntala Namdeo, RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ (Indore)
41.  Com. Meera Vithal Kamble, RMS & MMS EU Mail Guard MTS (Mumbai)
42.  Com. T. Bakyavathy, Pondicherry State Govt. Employees Association (Pondicherry)
43.  Com. Swapna Rani, ISRO, NRSA Employees Union (Department of Space) (Hyderabad)
44.  Com. Manishi Chaudhary, Postal Accounts Employees Association (Telangana)
45.  Com. M. Rajalakshmi, Postal Accounts Employees Association (Telangana)
46.  Com. S. Jyothi Naidu, IBM Employees Association (Nagpur)
47.  Com. Kanij Gauri, Ground Water Board Employees Association (Rajasthan)
48.  Com. H. G. Sumithra, AIPEU-GDS (Karnataka)
49.  Com. A. Janaki, AIPEU-GDS (Kerala)
50.  Com. Shyamala Gopu, ICMR Employees Association (Tamilnadu)
51.  Com. Jasmine Jalal Begum, SBCO Employees Association (Tamilnadu)